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    I was wondering if anyone can explain, why a one way airline ticket sometimes costs more then a round trip ticket?


    Because they know you’re flying back on a different airline 🙂


    how far in advance did you book the one way ticket? the roundtrip?


    apy – whats the difference?


    I’ve pondered the same thing, real-brisker.


    Because the 9-11 hijackers bought one way tickets…


    i found this

    i found it at yahoo answers

    Round-trip tickets are often discounted. One-way tickets are almost never discounted. Airlines price tickets to get business travelers (who have to fly at very specific times and are willing to pay for the privilege) to pay more, and discount tickets for pleasure travelers (most of whom are willing to fly on different dates or even to different destinations to get a better deal – so you can’t make them pay much more or they’ll go elsewhere). That’s why they usually require advance purchases and Saturday night stays for a discount round trip. If they had discount one-ways, that would let people get around all of the restrictions on round trips, and would defeat the airlines’ whole pricing model designed to ensure that business travelers pay more and only pleasure travelers get the discounts.


    Mod 80 – So why not get a round trip ticket for a one way trip?


    if you googled it you cheated but thank you for the answer


    sure i googled it

    cheated? i didnt realize it was a test


    real brisker

    dont ask ME


    mod 80 – sorry


    “So why not get a round trip ticket for a one way trip?”

    People actually do that. Another trick is to get a cheap flight to some not-very-popular destination that involves a change of plane at the popular destination you really want, and throw away the ticket for the second leg of the trip, when the ticket to the popular destination is much more expensive. Airlines hate people who do these things.

    A Heimishe Mom

    You can by red-flagged if you miss too many flights.

    Pac / Man

    I’ve gotten round-trip tickets for one-way trip. (Actually I used another airline for the reurn. It was cheaper that way.)

    On a slightly different issue, I did read in the WSJ that some airlines won’t let you fly back on the return if you bought a ticket with a stop-over and just skipped the last leg of the trip (since you just needed it to get to the “transfer city” and it was cheaper that way.)


    anymore explanations?

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