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    Is there anyone who’s following up on the science news to know about the honeybee crisis? And I’m not talking about animal rights here, because if bees go, we’re in serious trouble, because bees pollinate a large amount of our food crops.


    Just to clarify: “Apis mellifera” is the scientific name for the honeybee – “apis” means bee, “melli-” means honey, and “-fer-” means to produce. Thus, “Apis mellifera” – “honey-making bee.”


    Is that the latest?


    Bumblebees, genus Bombus, have also been hit.


    By the way, Mishpacha magazine in America ran an article on CCD this week. Did anyone read it?


    Parasitic fly hijacks bees and causes them to abandon hives, could explain colony collapse disorder: study

    The study is another step in ongoing research to find the cause of colony collapse disorder. The disease, in which all the adult honey bees in a colony suddenly disappear, continues to decimate hives in the U.S. and overseas.

    The latest study by researchers at San Francisco State University was published Tuesday in the science journal PLoS ONE.

    It says the phorid fly was found in bees from three-quarters of the 31 hives surveyed in the San Francisco Bay area. Scientists say the fly deposits its eggs into the bee’s abdomen, causing the insect to walk around in circles with no apparent sense of direction.


    Wednesday, January 4 2012, 2:30 PM)


    So maybe the bees want to spray themselves with Raid.



    They’re allergic. It gives them hives <ducking>


    Hi Give Me a Break.

    I may be wrong and I apologize if I am, but why downplay animal rights, which is common in our circles?

    We should be proud that the Creator was an animal rights activist and put into our Torah more concern for animals than the world has for humans in many cases.


    BTguy – “I may be wrong and I apologize if I am, but why downplay animal rights, which is common in our circles?”

    Who ever downplays animal rights? But animal rights don’t trump our Torah. If the Torah says it’s humane to Shecht an animal for eating, then who are these liberals to disagree?

    (“It’s gotta be stunned first!”)

    Did they create animals like a Hashem?

    Your post reeks of liberal Anti-Torah views. This might not be your Kavana, but it’s certainly theirs!


    Hi Health.

    Whoever downplays animal rights? YOU DO! lol

    Your little footnote of “But animal rights don’t trump our Torah,” is exactly why I said what I said.

    I dont know why so many people in our community, like you, are conditioned to have to “remind” people of something they dont need to be reminded of. Really? It does not trump the Torah? Ya think? lol

    You went on to give a typical, cliche reaction to my post, as expected.

    I am not going to ask you where my alleged liberal, chas veshalom anti Torah views are in my post because are not there and I am not in the mood for your clay-like remolding of what you say in order to save yourself, which is more transparent than you realize.

    Health, I didnt realize you were still smarting from our last “interaction”. I want to say clearly, any intellectual difference of view or opinion between us is sincere and not personal at all.

    I am mochel you for whatever degree of aggression I sense from you.


    BT guy- Sorry for being Choshet you, but there are a lot of even “Frum” people who put their liberal Shittos before the Torah.

    They want to change Shechita & Mila from the way it’s been done for thousands of years!

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