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    YW fan

    Did anybody say Baruch Dayan haemes when Obama won? And if u did did u do it with or without has hems name? B) does one tear kriya because Obama won?




    You know, it would be prudent to remember that we as Jews live in this country at the will and mercy of non Jews, and that we still have to have respect for the President of the United States, whether we like, or appreciate his attitudes, or morals, or not. Putting this sort of vitrole online for all to see is wrong.

    YW fan

    HELLOOOO! anyone home?!? Im interested in hearing what people did after they heard Obama was reelected!


    PuhLease: And the Jews in Iran have to respect the President of Iran whether we like him or not. Putting vitrole against him online for all to see is wrong. Same principle applies to him as you applied to Obama.


    Protesting against Obama isn’t wrong as much as it is a complete waste of time and energy. Protesting against someone who is actively trying to kill you generally isn’t.


    I tore kriya and put on sak vaefer. That was the psak that I got. Why don’t you consult your local orthodox rabbi, because that’s what I did.


    1) Why is protesting against Obama a complete waste of time? The cumulative protests can effect a change in behavior.

    2) How is protesting online against someone who wants to kill you going to help. Online screeds will not change his mind.



    Not disagreeing. One should have respect for the president of the country in which they live. Their fates are in his/her hands.


    PuhLease: Sure. If you could go back in time,I’m sure you’ll have the utmost respect for Hitler, Stalin, and all the rest.



    Not disagreeing. One should have respect for the president of the country in which they live. Their fates are in His hands.



    Guys, how do you get bold and italics? I don’t seem to be able.


    Obama may be annoying from a lot of perspectives, but we’ve seen a lot worse. Indeed, most Jews voted for him, and his party (the party of Greenfield, Hikind, etc.) is still the dominant party in the frum community. His economic policies are very good for large families and persons with limited incomes (such as kollel families). His impact on Eretz Yisrael is probably minimal (Ha-Shem and the Jews living there will decide their destiny – not the Americans). His views on moral issues are reflective of those of the non-frum Jews and of most New Yorkers (and note that most frum Jews choose to live in New York in spite of it being the leading city when it comes to immorality).

    Obama’s win may be bad, but it is hardly the end of the world.


    Derech Hamelech: Exactly right.


    Actually Romney was worse. That’s why all he did was run negative ads about Obama, because he himself had nothing to offer.

    Song of Blessing

    We said “oy vey” and “moshiach must be on his way”


    ybrooklynteacher- Italics- Put “em” on each side of your statement Surrounded by <>

    and for bold put the word “strong” surrounded by <> on each side

    YW fan

    I feel honored to see my thread on the list again! 🙂

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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