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    I heard that Bed bugs are infesting N.Y. What about Boro Park, are they here yet?


    Boro Park has a special kedusha that keeps them out.


    The only bed bugs I have is when my younger siblings decide to join me…




    For us men it’s not a problem, they get killed when we enter the Mikvah along with all the other germs that attempt to harm us.

    Also those who sleep with Rabbeinu Tams & Na-Nach Yarmulkas

    are pretty much covered.


    Oregano either crumbled old leaves or pure Essential Oil is a repellent for bedbugs. They don’t like the scent, and it is strong enough to snuff bedbugs.


    Good Jokes above, BUT bed bugs ARE a serious problem all over New York (including B.P.!!!)

    Going to the mikveh wont help.

    They don’t live on your body, they live in/on your mattress (and can spread to infest rugs and other furniture), and come out to bite you at night and they live on your blood (like mosquitos).

    If you have the problem, these bubba-maaiseh remedies will not work. You need professional help. Call a heimish exterminator and ask for some kind of warrantee or at least clarify what your fee is covering – because with this problem, there is a good chance you will need at least one re-treatment!


    @AinOhdMilvado Oregano is not a bubba-maaiseh it actually works. How do I know this, because we had a bedbug problem, and we crumbled Oregano Leaves on the infested area. Bedbugs were found dead in the crumbled Oregano. The Essential Oregano Oil is more concentrated, then the Crumbled Leaf. For that one would need to fill a Spritzer Bottle of water and add so many drops of EO. to the bottle, depending on the amount of water added. Besides I would rather not add Exterminator Insecticide in my Daled Amos.


    you people are scaring me, i live in flatbush, but what im most scared about is that i’m dorming this year in my yeshiva in kensington, im so afraid that there will be bedbugs, is there any way to prevent it


    b”h we don’t have such problems. The only advice i can give is DAVEN!


    The Yeshivas in Kensigton had them last year already


    HIE- nothing to be SCARED of. I hope none of us ever have them, but it’s not life threatening!


    yttytvcbbklyn: are you sure about that, im not so sure, if it would have happened in my yeshiva i would have known about it, NO i dont go to YTT B”H, i go to the other one in kensington


    How would I know if I have them? Are their bites are like other bites-the itchy annoying stuff?


    I actually found this website called

    You fill out the form real quick and within minutes you’ll have around 3 LICENSED exterminators calling you up giving you quotes.

    I have used the site to find exterminators for some of the property that I own.


    bedbug bites are always in a cluster or a line; you don’t get them one at a time. they are itchy as heck, so u dont’s have to check – if u have them. (the first two slant-rhymed by mistake so i thought i’d have fun rhyming the other two.)

    take it from an experienced camp nurse’s aid.


    From where do they come?

    Doesn’t P.E.T.A. have a problem with insect extermination?



    Bed bugs are present on all countries and in every continent. Though there was a significant lowering of bed bug infestations in the developed world during the second half of the twentieth century, recently that trend has been reversed.

    Bed bug infestations can start from various sources. One of the most common forms of infestation is through contacts with infested furniture in hotels, motels, and other places of temporary accommodation. In fact a recent increase in bed bug infestations may have a direct link with the increase in the number of people who travel. Bed bugs are carried around in clothes and the luggage of travelers. However, it is rare to detect bed bugs in the clothes people are actually wearing at any given moment. Clothes that are carried in bags facilitate bed bugs to travel and spread. Another source of bed bug infestation is through the exchange of furniture or garments between people.

    Once bed bugs enter a building they will spread throughout it. In buildings where there are multiple housing units, such as apartment blocks or condominiums, all of the units may become infested. This happens through the medium of common areas, as well as through holes and crevices in the walls used by utilities such as plumbing. Material used for separating housing units has a significant impact on the speed at which bed bugs spread through the complex. Buildings that have concrete separators have the least tendency to spread bed bug infestations through them.

    Bed bugs feed on blood not on trash. As such, cleanliness does not arrest the spread of infestation directly. The idea that dirt causes bedbugs infestations is a misconception. However cleanliness, by depriving the bed bugs some of their hiding places, does slow down the infestation.

    Because bed bugs have flat bodies they can hide in all sorts of unlikely places unseen. It is their ability to hide so completely out of site that has given arise to the second misconception; that bed bugs are so small that they cannot be seen unaided. Bed bugs can in fact be seen since they are about 4 mm in length. Even their eggs, which are about 1 mm in length, can be seen.

    In order to stop the spread of bed bugs, infested households should act to eliminate the bugs as comprehensively and as promptly as possible when they are detected. If possible they should take the advice of professional pest control experts for this process. By taking prompt action and by acting as responsible householders and neighbors, bed bug infestations can be managed and controlled, and eventually eliminated.


    Thanks alot for the education on this and many other topics!

    You really are well informed



    You are welcome, but all I did was google, cut and paste.


    HIE –

    You’re dorming? Bed bugs are the least of your concerns. Here’s what will really be the questions you need to be asking yourself:

    Should I go to VIP cholent or Shnitzi?

    Should I play ball bein hasdorim, or take a nap?

    Should I daven at Landaus (to see the chevra) or Ashkenazi?

    Should I go home midweek (for decent food) or order from Dougies?

    These are the pressing issue of the next 10 months! (Besides, saturating your body with Coors will keep those nasty bugs at bay)


    BP totty-

    Your kids sure have themselves a chilled out pop.


    then I guess you should call yourself WellinformedGoogleYid



    I don’t know everything I know from google but I do find that google is very helpful.


    “a chilled out pop”

    Funny you should say that. They tell me my wardrobe is just steps away from Kensetonia, and if not for having super-cool yeshiva kids, I’d be run out of town. And to add insult to injury, they further tell me that if not for their super-cool mother, they would have no sense of style at all.

    Oh, and the next car, will need (NEED!) to have leather seats. But thanks, I really try to keep my finger on the pulse. That, and not too long ago, I was living dorm life (unless you think 20 years ago is a long time)


    BP Totty; You mean

    “Should I play ball WITH bein hasdorim, or take a nap?”


    Ha! Good line!


    Any updates? Does anyone know anything positive or negative about Park House Hotel or Plaza Hotel? Thanks


    i have a phobia of bedbugs so i did a lot of research

    if u think u have bedbugs place a bowl of water under each leg of ur bed and if there are little floating bugs in the morning in the bowl- congrats u have visitors (shudder)

    also when in hotels keep ur suitcases zipped at all times and check the beds b4 u go to sleep

    when u get home from a hotel wash everything in hot water

    (i feel very crawly and itchy right now)


    be carefull for the people you let into your homes…you never know what they bring with them! One of our family member’s nurse moved from an infested apartment and one year later our member’s house was infested. It was no picnic but we got rid of the bugs and the person who was the carrier. Yes, it was in Boro Park.

    An acquaintance of ours who lives in a mini 8 apartment building watched as the bugs craweled from a neighbor to her. She B”H caught them in time and was spared unecessary aggravation.

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