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    We received a book authored by Sid Roth, entitled Ten Amazing Jews: They Thought for Themselves. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK! Sid Roth is a missionary for Jews for J, and his book reflects his views.

    Please pass on this message to everyone you know!


    publisher: Messianic Vision PR

    a quote from the first review on amazon:

    “there wasn’t a single chapter about an amazing Jew, they were all about sad and pathetic Jews who only had amazing lives once they converted to Xanity.”


    Jews for J really bother me. At least pick a consistent side. Don’t waffle under “I’m a Jew and I believe in J.” [not that I’m advocating Christianity, but this just really bothers me]

    Thank you for the warning 🙂


    There is a similar group called Isiah53 (they have a website of the same name) that has been targeting Kew Gardens Hills this summer. They’ve done mailings, phone calls (erev Shabbos no less), and have an ad in a bus shelter right near Brachs.

    To be honest, if that same ad was in on a bus shelter in certain neighborhoods in Brooklyn, it would have been demolished by now. I’m disturbed that this community has been so complacent.


    Jews for J really bother me. At least pick a consistent side. Don’t waffle under “I’m a Jew and I believe in J.” [not that I’m advocating Christianity, but this just really bothers me]

    i dont believe this is what they are. they are full-fledged Xans in their minds. they only use their previous Jewish identity as a ploy to attract Jews.


    Mod-80, I’m not 100% sure. I was once eating lunch in a nearby park and an Israeli guy came over and started talking to me (I look obviously Jewish LOL). Anyway, it took me a few minutes before I realized who he was. He still really identified with Judaism as well (at least from what he told me – I can only take him at face value).


    We are not getting into the council of jerusalem, etc. here, I hope.

    The point has been made, I don’t see any reason to keep it open.

    Perhaps it should be made sticky for a while, please?


    Just an FYI: Sid Roth is NOT the group Jews for J. He has his own group (or as he calls it “ministry”) called “Its Supernatural!”. Just to give an idea about the mental stability of the man, this comes from Roths own website.

    “Sid Roth, a former account executive for Merrill Lynch, was raised in a traditional Jewish home. Yet, religious tradition provided no answers when he hit rock bottom in 1972. With his life out of control and his marriage in shambles, Sid was set free from demonic oppression through a SUPERNATURAL (emphasis mine) encounter with Jesus. Immediately, he began to boldly proclaim Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.”

    How Jewish is this ministry? Well, they loudly proclaim to be a member of EFCA. What is EFCA? Their mission statement says “Founded in 1979, ECFA provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, fund-raising and board governance.

    Jews for J was run by another meshumad until he died a few months ago. Moishe Rosen.


    did u ever try arguing with those guys? it’s so funny when you corner them and then they change the topic

    minyan gal

    I highly recommend the literature and books available from the wonderful organization Jews for Judaism. They ‘rescue’ people who have been conned by the messianic groups and put them back on the right track. They are very active in Toronto. Several years ago, they opened an office right next door to a messianic church (they, of course, call them synagogues) and were chatting up people going into the services. They were there every Saturday morning saving Jews until the church got so fed up that they closed. These organizations particularly target Russian Jews who have little Jewish background and many believe that they are actually attending a synagogue. Rabbi Skobec and his organization – which is world-wide truly deserve a Yasher Koach for their wonderful work – and greatfully accept donations.


    Minyan Girl, the problem is funding. These Jews for J type groups have massive funds behind them, some from evangelicals, some from who knows where. While there are some terrific Jewish groups out there, it’s like saving one tree is a huge forest (which isn’t doesn’t diminish the value of that tree, it just means it’s a drop in the bucket).

    We need to keep these people out of our communities where they’re able to confuse unknowledgeable Jews with their misquotes. Where are our activists?


    These missionary groups are massively funded. in fact, to join a “jews” for j “congregation”, one must also join a local baptist church. The baptist church has a huge budget aimed at converting jews. You will never see a missionary in front of a large yeshiva. They know they cant fool someone with even a modicum of jewish education. They prey on the (jewishly) undeducated immigrants from the former soviet union and similar places. It is why supporting yeshivos that educate those less knowledgable is vital. It is one of the most effective ways at combating missionaries. Knowledge IS power.


    a close family friend who happens to be a dayan in an OOT community once mistakenly opened the door for such people thinking it was a shayla. He has a very distinguished look, a very long grayish white beard, and striking eyes. He smilingly said to them, “i think you’ve got the wrong address/ do you really think you’ll change my mind” they smiled and walked away. If you know this rav, than put together, it’s really a funny story.

    Sister Bear

    And missionaries (I don’t care what type) don’t ever leave your house. They once went to a friend of mines grandmother’s house and refused to leave they even sat on her lawn. That is until she turned on the sprinkler. 🙂

    Thanks for the warning!


    I used to enjoy “messing” with missionaries. About 18 years ago I was handing out anti missionary literature in Brighton Beach for Beth Shifra. Along came a cheerful missionary with rapid fire questions “what about psalm 2, jeremiah 31, isiah 7 and 53” and so on. I asked him to open up and show me what it says and what it is supposed to teach me. He started reading from his king james bible and I stopped him. The original hebrew I told him, or don’t bother.we got to discussing a passuk in melachim and I told him I would like to offer him an interpretation. I read a few psukim in hebrew and told him this is a very imprtant prophecy for the 20th century. It says: a babe will be born and he will build a cathedral in the bronx. He will smite 60 four baggers in a season and subdue all his enemies. They will call him the sultan of swat and his sale will forever curse those pagan red sox.

    He told me “that’s ridiculous” and I told him, on what do you base that statement? You can’t read hebrew let alone understand it. You want to sell eternal salvation to these people based on alledged proofs from these verses and you can’t even read the words. That’s more outrageous and insane then the interpretation I just offered. He walked away.


    I think this says so much about Yiddishkeit. We dont need to “lower the competition” to “raise us up”.



    sometimes i argue with them for fun. i know i’m not going to change their minds, because they keep changing the topic when you prove them wrong. but you shouldn’t argue with those creeps unless you know Hebrew very well, and you need to know some New Excrement too. (the ressurection story is a good place to start because there are so many stupid mistakes………..)


    Arguing with missionaries is fun, until you meet one who knows how to read hebrew and understands it. It is very important to understand tanach and have a good hebrew vocabulary to be able to debate them. Otherwise they will make mincemeat out of you. If not for the time I used to volunteer with anti missionary groups I would never have learned most of sefer melachim, yeshaya, yirmiyah, tehillim and much of trei asar.

    Maybe these groups exist so that yeshiva guys are forced to learn sifre nach. Just a thought 🙂


    For those traveling through Newarks Penn Station beware that a group of missionaries has set up a table in the station. Its best to ignore them, they were rather confrontational when I politely declined their handouts.


    I’ve seen the Isaiah 53 ads in Manhattan as well.

    We should all learn Nach better so we can better counter missionaries. The more time we can spend with them, the less time they will have to influence less learned Jews who might be vulnerable to their propaganda.


    When I was in college J4J showed up. But we knew about it in advance, so we packed the room with the Hillel hardcore. As soon as the speaker started his talk we all walked out. It was described by one campus insider as the most effective protest she had seen on campus after 25 years there.


    That walkout not only made a point, it also defused an argument used by missionaries. People tend to get all worked up in an argument with them and they always remain calm, which further riles up some people. The missionary then argues “see someone with the peace loving yashka in their heart is always calm, and you, why you are all worked up”.


    This ad has come up when I read the Jewish Press online. I protested to the JP but have had no response.


    btw i think the ramban in his argument with a priest disproves their Isaiah 53 false interpretation. Honestly missionaries know that their religion is full of holes which is why they jump at stuffing their ideas into random pesukim in nach and pretending that they have something substantial


    a babe will be born and he will build a cathedral in the bronx. He will smite 60 four baggers in a season and subdue all his enemies. They will call him the sultan of swat and his sale will forever curse those pagan red sox.

    That is a mighty fine prophecy to make! But the last part is false, so the entire prophecy is out the window.

    I’m guessing this was before the ‘pagans’ beat the curse.

    ☕️coffee addict

    btw there are ads for isiah 53 in flatbush too

    I love arguing with them

    Just start out what do you believe JC is, the son of G-d, G-d himself or the messiah

    to whatever answer you can just mop the floor with them


    Whatchoo tawkin about Willis? You questioning my pshat? 🙂


    Its been almost a year since I visited the site last time I saw the site they had a sefer called “sefer HaVikuach” which if memory serves me is the Rambans writings on his famous disputation that got him kicked out of spain. If that’s not what it is, then they have another sefer which is the rambans writings on this disputation and seer havikuach is another sefer written by a different rishon that throughly refutes xtianity and its beliefs as well as its “proofs” from tanach.

    In general, there are some fascinating seforim that are available to be learned (and I think downloaded) at that site.


    Ramban’s account of the Disputation of Barcelona has been translated into English and is available in paperback.

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