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    Soon after the massacre on October 7, 2023, I stopped listening to all music.

    My intention (Bli Neder) is to not listen to any kind of music,
    until all the hostages are free, and returned to their homes.

    I hope they are freed very soon, even today.
    I don’t know how long I can maintain this resolution.

    Nobody told me to do this.

    But enjoying myself by listening to music just does not feel right,
    when so many hostages and their families are suffering.
    And also the suffering of the injured and widows and orphans.

    You can do whatever you want, but I feel that I must do this.

    Sam Klein

    Your showing Hashem that your taking part of the important middah of being nosei b’ol your brethren suffering in klal yisroel and this is a very high level of care and showing Hashem our loving father and king of Kings.

    May it be a zchus for you and also for all of klal yisroel to show Hashem that we should be deserving of the coming of Mashiach already bkarov and openly confess with love to Hashem our doing of serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP like one loving nation


    It is quite the commitment, and as an Israeli, I am touched by your gesture. This is not for everyone, but as Sam Klein said, you are being Noseh b’Ol Chaveiro in a way that is meaningful.

    I note that here in Israel, some people specifically do listen to music now as a way to keep themselves from drowning in the situation – and that is proper too. It is akin to the Abarbenel hiring musicians to play for the Jews leaving Spain on Tisha b’Av in 1492 – he felt that the need to strengthen the spirits of those being expelled was enough of a reason to override the general Issue of music on Tisha b’Av.

    an Israeli Yid.


    Yasher koach! Being nosei b’ol is a huge deal. I posted about it a few weeks ago (, as R’ Bender had spoken about it.
    I gave up eating dessert after meals. Small things make all the difference!


    I would humbly suggest taking on kabalos which are required, as we all have nisyonos in one mitzvah or another. Whether it’s shmiras aynayim, shmiras halashon, bitul Torah, or whatever else; I think mitzvos which are obligatory should come before deprival of pleasure.

    Also, if you learn/daven better after having desert or if you listen to music, I’m pretty sure it’s more important to learn and daven better than to give up those pleasures.

    I don’t mean to criticize what is clearly a very meaningful, inspired feeling that people have now, to do better, to be nosei b’ohl. Just some “food” for thought


    In Yerusalem no music is played at weddings for the past 150 years, yet life goes on.
    PS on a side note, I don’t know if the music being performed these days qualifies as Yiddisher music.


    Isn’t there an issur against listening to music before the Beis Hamikdash is rebuilt?


    there is a issur to listen to music, there is a machlokes when its asur or mutar. see sh”u 560. rama, bach. so many hold that its assur to listen to music, so great idea – chumra, hidur – to take on.

    Sarah S

    I have also taken this on, not as a takanah, but because of the feeling of availus that I have. Last night’s ZAKA concert was pretty much the first time I’ve listened since the start of this horror.


    Kol hakavod to all of you for your very noble feelings and acts of nosei be’ol.
    Another suggestion is to say at least once a day “asher yatzar” with kavanah – preferably while reading it, rather than by heart – and to have in mind that Hashem Who heals all mankind should heal all who have been injured by terrorism and the war.
    And, of course, we should think – and even say – the same in the berachah of refaeinu in Shemoneh Esrei.


    Some people in Israel reported being busy making green tzitzis to match IDF uniform that were reportedly requested by multiple soldiers (who presumably did not wear them previously).


    How about contacting an Yid dressed differently from oneself and saying something nice to him

    Adam Neira

    To the Owners and/or Moderators of TYW,

    Any reason my important comments posted yesterday 20/11 were not published?

    Adam Neira
    Founder World Peace 2050
    Founded April 2000 in Melbourne, Australia

    P.S. Caroline and I have been in Jerusalem since 14/9/2023. We arrived in Eilat on 13/9 after spending 7 days in Jordan and 8 days in Saudi Arabia.

    Just wasn’t really sure who you are, where you’re coming from, or what your message was about. Nothing personal.


    Earlier today, I caught myself humming a musical tune.

    As soon I realized what I was doing, I remembered the horrible suffering of our people in Eretz HaKodesh, so I immediately stopped humming.

    Once again, you are all free people, so you can do whatever you want, and you do NOT need to do what I have done.

    I do not know how much longer I can hold by this resolution, because in our times, many of us are very weak, and we tend to not be able to hold by our resolutions.

    To RBZS: Over the past three years, almost every Asher Yatzar that I recited has been dedicated to people on my own personal cholim list.

    To AviraDeArah: Your comment is logical, but I am eliminating music from my life (bli neder) because that is what I feel I am capable of doing, at this time.


    I am still not listening to any kind of music,
    because of the great suffering in Eretz HaKodesh.

    My question is: What to do about Chanukah?

    After thinking about it, I decided that during Chanukah,
    I will still not actively pursue listening to music (bli neder),
    but if I am in a place where music is playing,
    I will allow myself to passively enjoy it.

    Sam Klein

    Square root

    Your absolutely going in the right direction with the right intentions in mind. Does a mourner not listen or sing music during the Shabbos meal or during a holiday whichever holiday it might be? As the wisest person King Solomon said thousands of years ago “there’s a time and a place for everything” but he doesn’t stop there what does he do? He lists over 25 examples of situations for a person to be in and ends “for a time of Calamity comes to them all”. Do you know which Pasuk this is in Koheles? It is the Passuk of 9-11 (the 9th Chapter & 11th sentence), relating to Tisha B’av. The day set aside by Hashem to be a day of mourning. Is this coincidence? Is this not shocking? Look at the list of so many calamities & tragedies that has occurred in the past relating to 9-11. (from the ones which I have already mentioned to some which I may mention soon) How many thousands of years ago was the book of Koheles written? Who made it come out to be this Passuk of 9-11? was it Shlomo Hamelech or was it Hashem? This is another message directly from Hashem for us to stop our way of life we are living in today’s generation….-Which we think is perfect & Sinless-immediately & start doing Teshuva.

    May we all accept Hashems wake up call for serious Teshuva and Achdus together ASAP so Hashem can send Mashiach already bkarov before Chanukah starts so Klal yisroel can spend Chanukah in Yerushalayim with the rebuilding of the Bais hamikdosh bkarov


    Sam Klein, nice thought but Tisha B’Av isn’t 9/11. As Nissan is the “head of months”, Av is the fifth month. (See Zecharia 8:19.)

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