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    If there is any book or sefer or more than 1 that you learned that has had a powerful impact on you please mention it and give a description.

    I will start with one book I read recently.

    What The Angel Taught You, Seven Keys To Life Fulfillment by Rabbi Noah Weinberg (ztzl) and Yaakov Salomon C.S.W.

    I talks about topics like

    1. Why was man created?

    2. What does the creator really want from me?

    3. What is the highest class of pleasure in this world. (The famous 5 levels of pleasure by Rabbi Noah Weinberg)

    4. How do I get my prayers answered?

    5. How does free will bring me happiness?

    6. What is the definition of love

    and many other interesting and profound topics.

    This book is written in a very down to earth easy to read fashion. It is not overly sophisticated in vocabulary and the ideas are clearly explained. This book has something for anyone and will leave you with a new understanding about life and our purpose here.

    This book is great for teens with questions as well as adults who want a better clearer understanding of Judaism.

    This should be a great discussion and I hope that many will be inspired by it to purchase and learn the various sefarim and books mentioned.


    Wellinformed: you seem to enjoy starting threads on ruchniyus things:) Its good.

    As for me my books of inspirations are visions of greatness, touched by a story etc….(maybe not as profound as yours)


    I agree blinky

    Also all the Maggid books

    Also biographies of the Gedolim


    blinky and Mod80:

    I guess Im trying to help keep a balance of things around here 🙂


    Tanach is a great place to start. And the Talmud Bavli is a good one too. Seriously, I think they’re underrated.


    Gateway to Happiness by Zelig Pliskin

    a classic- for good reason, very recommended!

    InsideOutside by Gila Manolson (i think)

    an amazing, (and blunter than most) tznius sefer


    I really enjoyed “WorldMask” and “Living Inspired” by Rabbi Akiva Tatz

    Both me and my wife had our lives changed by the sefer “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh”. I’m not sure who the author is but I was given the sefer personally by R’Gamliel Rabinowitz a well respected rav here in E”Y. (There’s an English version that I found hard to read because its just translated word for word and to me it came out rather dry).

    Also if the “Touched by a Story” and “Tales for the Soul” series don’t inspire you then your heart is made out of steel. Those books can make a rock feel inspired.


    Derech Hamelech:

    I personally have started reading Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh in English however I cant compare it to the hebrew version because I never saw the Hebrew version. The authors name is Rav Itamar Shwartz.

    I have a question for you, I am 3/4 of the way through volume one and he says the way to come close to Hashem is by always contemplating that there is a creator. He says one should remind themselves hourly. Did you do that? How did you create this reminder for yourself?


    To remind yourself, maybe have your watch or cellphone beep once an hour, like an alarm.

    I liked Anger the inner teacher, Listen to your messages by Rabbi Frand, Holy Woman by rigler, Battle Plan against the Yetzer Harah


    Rav Pinkus’s Sefer on Shabbos was really inspiring.

    I think advertisement said something about “guaranteed inspiration” or something like that- what ever that means, but it truly uplifts your Shabbos.

    Rav Pinkus’s other Seforim- particularly on Adar, the new one on Emuna…

    Rav Pinkus just had a way of speaking- relating to everyone, yet delivering penetrating insights.

    simply amazing!



    I started off by thinking about Hashem whenever I wasn’t occupied with something else. I think that because learning that the concepts behind that sefer became so important to me, learning it every day kept me focused on that goal. My wife had an alarm set every 15 minutes that reminded her to stop and think of Hashem. Gradually the thought of Hashem remains a constant presence in your head.

    Its been two years since I finished it and I still feel the effects of it. It opened up a new world to us a totaly different way of looking at the world. Since then we’ve had happy tirchas like children but lately me and my wife have been talking about doing a refresher. The idea behind it is simple but it just needs to constantly and consistently be hammered into your head.


    I just finished reading a new book out, “1 Small Deed Can Change The World, compilied by Nachman Seltzer”. I felt very inspired by the many true stories of how a simple words or actions can do so much, like save lives. I highly recommend it.

    Also, the “Praying with Fire” books by Rav Heshy Kleinman are also excellent and will help improve your tefillah. He also has a new book called “Yearning with Fire”, about yearning for the Yeshua, very appro for our times.


    These are some books that I really like

    Living with the Parsha Everyday

    The Thinking Jewish Teenagers Guide to Life

    The Garden of Emunah (didn’t read yet but would like to))

    And many others


    Listen, O Youth – Rav Miller zt”l


    The Garden of Emuna by Rav Shalom Arush.

    Highly inspiring on every level and because it deals with such a large range of topics and situations it will literally change your life.



    Why Davka that book of R Miller ZT”L?


    @wellinformedyid it addresses many issues that people have questions about, and i like the way it’s written (a conversation between a sage and a skeptical teenager)


    oyveykidsthesedays: Thanks. I have that book, now I remeber that it is taken in that format and a lot of people like the book. I hope I find the time to read it in the near future. Im an avid reader and theres so much to read!


    Also books that are about survivors personal experiences during the holocaust really inspire me-the’re emunah even in the hardest of times are amazing.


    All For the Boss- Ruchoma Shain


    “between my father and the old fool”. by yosef neumark


    Battle plans beats everything here.



    Its not a competition. Besides, just because something inspires you doesnt guarantee it will inspire the rest of us. Can you provide an author?


    Herman Wouk’s three works of non-fiction: *This is My God: The Jewish Way of Life*, *The Will to Live on: The Resurgence of Jewish Heritage *, and *The Language God Talks*. (His novels are also worth reading but they aren’t Torah.)

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