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    Do you find yourself talking “broken English” when you speak to your goyta or baby sitter that doesn’t speak English well?

    If yes, do you really think that they understand you better when you speak English like them?


    I find that when I talk to Chassidish men



    Yes. As long as you are mimicking the mistakes they make.


    lol its really funny…i have a lot of south america family and when they come my sister speaks to them as if their babies as if theyll understand better….its funny.


    Why when people talk to a chasid they talk with a chasidishah havarah and to a litvak with a litvish havarah? Do they understand better that way? No, but thats the nature of people.


    adorable…lol :))

    Shticky Guy

    Wasnt there a lot of broken english after the american war of independence?

    yossi z.

    Shticky: weren’t there not wasn’t. .. Wait we talk american right?

    😀 Zuberman! 😀

    Papa Bear

    I speak broken english to them my husband can’t stand it.

    Also here is a way they can understand you. I never tried it yet but someone told me u can go to the Spanish dictionary and make a list for the goyto all in spanish and she does a great job


    ummm its called google translate….we hung a sign on our office door so that the cleaning lady wouldnt touch anything on our desk because she makes veeeery neat piles but then we cant find anything!!!!

    Papa Bear

    Oh right



    I never heard that before…you really switch havaras according to whom you’re speaking to? But then it’s confusing cuz the litvak is talking like a chassid and the chassid like a litvak—-?!?

    BTW-why do people automatically talk ten tones louder when they’re speaking to some1 who’s not fluent in English? Like, “WHEEEEEEEEERE ARE YOOOOUU FROOOOOOMM???????” isn’t any easier to understand than “Where are you from?”!!!


    Why do adults talk baby talk to little ones?

    How are they ever going to learn to speak correctly if they don’t hear correct speech from adults?

    Of course I realize the little kids may not be able to say things correctly at THEIR age, but at least they should HEAR the correct thing so that eventually they can.

    Case in point…

    Stop saying “Yitzele, do you want your baba?”

    I’d love to hear Yitzele come back with “What’s a ‘baba’? I want my BOTTLE!”


    Why do adults talk baby talk to little ones?

    How are they ever going to learn to speak correctly if they don’t hear correct speech from adults?

    how indeed?

    i know SO many adults who still speak baby talk because adults spoke baby talk to them. this is a problem which has reached epidemic proportions.

    and how will babies learn to be mature adults if we keep treating them like babies?

    this is even a worse problem.


    I don’t own a goyta or a babysitter.


    Can’t the term cleaning lady be used instead of “goyta”? This is such a deragatory word to use. We should know better than to use such a horrible word. Don’t think that when you use this word in front of the “goyta” you are talking about she doesn’t understand. Trust me, she does.


    Cute one, never thought of it!


    Famous interview with Dizzy Dean, oddly loquacious baseball player from the 30’s and 40’s, noted for his lack of mastery of spoken English:

    Mr. Dean, don’t you know the King’s English?

    Sure, I do. And so’s the Queen.

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