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    not I

    What do you say? I am very against suppporting the Germans. Our parents wouldn’t hear of it and today it is not frowned upon to buy an Audi, BMW or other German luxury products. WHY?

    What do you say to buying German made soap sold in Brooklyn? Should we tolerate this?


    The only product I won’t buy is Bayer aspirin, Bayer made the gas. At this point I see no reason not to buy German products. It’s been OK to take German reparations money all these past 50 years, in the untold billions? The Germans can never ever make any type of atonement for the terrible horrors inflicted on our nation. No amount of reparations can pay us for what they did. But if we can take their money, we can buy their products. Do you buy Swiss watches? The Swiss are much more anti-semitic than Germans. The Swiss were smart enough to stay out of it.


    How about Italian products. After all the Romans put us in galut. If we are to limit this discussion to holocaust era culpability, why draw the line at Germany? Eichmann testified that no country more enthusiastically embraced the extermination of Jews more than Hungary. Why not boycott Hungarian products, including its tourism industry? How about Polish, Ukranian, Lithuanian,Romanian or Latvian products. How about Sweden which was a German ally, albeit a neutral one? How about the Swiss? Remember they closed their borders to Jews and actually deported illegal Jewish aliens. How about America (remember the St. Louis, or the refusal to bomb the tracks into Auschwitz)?

    I’m all in favor of punishing those who harmed our people, but why only the Germans?


    Do you often hold children responsible for the crimes of parents and grandparents?

    It’s one thing when you know that the people involved are still Neo-Nazis and the like, but it’s altogether different when it’s a blanket ban on people who weren’t even born when the atrocities happened (which covers just about every person working for a German company today).

    In your parents’ day, many of the people working (and therefore benefiting) from the company may well have been involved with the Holocaust. That does not hold true today.

    The Wolf


    I would not knowingly buy any product from that foul refuse heap of barbarians and animals which has its roots in the lowest levels of Gehinnom


    Mod, no question that Hitler was amalek of the 1st degree. And if you read Daniel Goldhagen’s book, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, you’ll see that the German nation knew exactly what was happening. But the Swiss knew too and they are more amalek than anybody, although “humanely” so. At least half of Europe under the Nazis were willing collobarators and executioners too. And the fact is that halocho b’yedua she’eisov soneh es yakov, all goyim hate us. I definitely understand anyone with your policy but you can’t mandate that on the rest of us.


    you can’t mandate that on the rest of us

    i didnt mandate anything on anyone.

    and if any animals or barbarians are reading this, i apologize.


    I accept your apology for deleting my post 😉

    not I

    Besides it was not the Swiss or Hungarian or even the Polish who instigated the mass killings. I hear what you are saying though.. but still disagree. I think it sounds like it is too hard to bother.. Goal of yetzer Hara especially by Shmiras haloshon- all ossur- it is so hard.. 4get the whole thing!


    I assume this came up due to one of the stories YWN posted today, the one about the Jewish German doctor who refused to operate on a patient who is seemingly a neo-Nazi.

    I won’t repeat my comment I wrote there, but I think CantorEsq has a very good point and it seems silly to “punish” for atrocities that were committed 70 years ago but not for atrocities that were committed before then.


    by saying others killed us or were involved, is justifying buying German products.

    we were always persecuted and killed, and yes esuv hates yaakov.

    but the Germans are the ones to take it to a new level, even pharoh fed the yiden while they worked.

    i wouldn’t say it’s a lav to buy German products but what a slap in the face of the survivors, especially brands that they were forced to work for BMW or Mercedes or maybe both.

    imagine building BMW’s for 5 years in Germany under starvation, no pay and being treated like a dog, and you look out your window yosey your neighbor is driving one! put yourself in the survivors shoes and you won’t have any questions.


    My grandparents are German Holocaust survivors, so in my family, we do not buy any German products ever. We got a set of Wusthoff knives for our wedding and returned them for a non-German brand. The thing is, though, at this point, it’s more out of sensitivity to my grandparents than trying to punish the Germans. Those who were Nazis are almost all gone by now, and I find it unfair to punish the grandchildren who did nothing wrong and mostly feel horrified about what their grandparents did. There is still a Jewish community in Germany- you think they refrain from buying German products? I know a few current German Jews, and they’ve all said hands-down that Germany remains the best country in Europe for Jews right now. They don’t want to even approach that road that so many of their neighbors are turning to these days, so while anti-semitism has been steadily rising across Europe, Germany has mostly stayed away from that bandwagon.


    its not a matter of revenge

    its a matter of abhorrence and disgust that cant be put into words

    its a matter of remembrance

    its a matter of respect for our alter bubbies and zadies

    as far as the wonderful country germany has turned into

    before WWII the germans were well know to be the kindliest, gentlest, most polite people in all the world. and the Yidden became comfortable there, they called berlin the new Jerusalem



    ….and Mercedes made the ovens.

    We had no relatives in the holocaust. My mother’s side is from Israel, and my father’s family was already in America for 2 generations nonetheless, my father wont touch a product made in Germany. He once bought a nail clipper and a few weeks later saw that on the bottom of it said MADE IN GERMANY, he tossed it right out.


    He once bought a nail clipper and a few weeks later saw that on the bottom of it said MADE IN GERMANY, he tossed it right out.

    They already made their money by that time, tossed out or not. I guess he didn’t want to use it though.

    What if he opened the hood to his car and saw the engine said Made in Germany? Toss it out?



    I agree that…

    “its not a matter of revenge

    its a matter of abhorrence and disgust that cant be put into words

    its a matter of remembrance

    its a matter of respect for our alter bubbies and zadies”


    It’s ALSO a matter that SOME of those alte nazis, yemach shemam, ARE still involved in running big german companies. Not many, but some.

    Also, as we saw from the article in today’s YWN even (at least some)younger germans are still wannabee nazis. The one in the article today is 36 years old and has a swastika tattoo!

    So we see that it is not all “ancient history”.

    It IS true that almost EVERY European country did or still does persecute us, but as one comment above mentioned, the germans went “above and beyond” ALL our historic tormentors in their cruelty, brutality, inhuman savagery and the vast scope of their barbarity.

    Aside from 6,000,000 Jewish lives lost that we all know about, the serious intense trickle down psychological damage to survivors and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren continues today, and will continue for at least a few more generations.

    I don’t tell anyone else what to do, but I for one will not contribute even one penny to their economy.


    How about taking care about buying products from people who WOULD kill us today if they were given the opportunity.

    Think about this the next time you waste gas or oil products.

    And what about the Chinese? They are currently oppressing many people in awful ways. Just because they’re not Jews they are oppressing, should we buy products from them — they manufacture many of the products we use every day.


    i would have tossed the clippers out as well. i wouldnt want to use them or have them in my house. its much more than causing financial harm.

    as far as the car. if i had to drive it i would, but i would make extreme efforts to sell it (to a non-Jew) as soon as i could.

    what motivates you myfriend to argue on this way that people feel? no one is insisting you feel this way. no one is arguing this is the logically ethical way to feel in some philosophical sense. this is the way we feel

    does it offend your sense of justice? fairness? you conclude that is not correct?

    can you explain your attempt to find a logical flaw in the way that sacrileges father responded.


    Also, there were righteous Germans and evil Germans during that period, and millions of people in-between those two poles. How do we know what kind of German is profiting from the engine or nailclippers or knives? Should we punish the children of the righteous Germans, too? Or need we make a careful investigation for each product?


    80, I wouldn’t buy German either. Especially a large ticket item like a car. I agree with her father’s reaction fully. I was just curious how she thinks he would’ve reacted after the fact on a large ticket item. (Although, my grandfather, who survived the holocaust, once gave me a hobby book that was made in Germany.)

    i misunderstood, sorry


    yes ronsr you are quite correct, there are good and bad among all peoples. we must not act out of mindless revenge. we must calmly evaluate the specific circumstances of every case.

    i weep, i am truly weeping for my Zadies and Bubbies. the tears are falling on my keyboard as i read these reasonable and cold words.

    i cannot argue in any other way. i hope the defenders of reason will now be silent. do what you wish but please do it quietly.

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