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    a lot of people put random things in their cholent like carrots, honey, ketchup, bbq sauce,and soda. i think that totally ruins the cholent. my mother just makes straight up cholent without any of those weird additives. why do people do that??


    what exactly does your mother put in?







    anything else?


    MEAT??????? Cholent is nothing without meat, Mod 80.


    i cant believe i forgot the meat.


    I thought all angles of Chulent were already discussed on many threads.

    No intellectual threads allowed?


    I think people put different stuff in the cholent, to give it their own unique twist. My daughter likes to put in baked beans. I make my own cholent the way my mom O”H did, and HER mom did. cubed flanken, potatoes, a variety of beans including chick peas, barley, garlic, onions, garlic salt and paprika. Once in a while I add some dry red wine (smells heavenly)also. It puts your own stamp on your cholent.


    Mod 80 if you add paprika and black pepper thats exactily my recipe. I went through years of trying all kinds of stuff my boys would add coke and hot pepper sauce and bbq sauce and we tried brown sugar and ketchup and anything else everyone reccomended. But after all those years were back to the basic. Cook it on a med flame for a long time and thats the best cholent there is!


    Cholent, Shidduchim, where to go on vacation…. We CR’ers have a theme…


    And meat! I didnt even notice that the meat wasnt there! meat meat meat!!!


    i like it “basic” too

    but what exactly is “basic”


    what, you dont bake the kishka in the cholent?


    Mod Basic is your recipe with the meat of course. Each of my boys has their own “yeshivas” recipe that they like to make when they come home (one of them put red wine too its pretty good) but the one that everyone likes the best is the simple basic one with no bbq sauce or ketchup etc. Stick in some kishka and potato kugel before shabbos thats the best!

    Pashuteh Yid

    Our cholent is pretty standard, meat, potatoes, chulent bean and barley mix, and water, crockpot on low heat, but I never really like it. It never has a geshmakeh taam or consistency like the type I get at a kiddush. Can anybody diagnose? Maybe putting in kishke would help. It must be something in the additional flavorings we don’t use. They make a cholent spice combo which I have tried, but doesn’t make it taste like the pros. Can any body help?

    Also, I have noticed that some caterers are now trying to save a few bucks by cutting down the meat, so you barely see any if at all in some kiddushes.


    not I

    I have tasted a cholent with Duck Sauce..

    Then she wanted to know why her son wasn’t eating it!!

    Not recommended!!

    Feif Un

    not I, I put duck sauce into my cholent, and it’s delicious! I got the idea from my cousin. Her cholent is the best I’ve ever had, and that’s her special ingredient.


    there is a duck sauce crisis in the orthodox Jewish community.

    far too much of it is being used.

    it makes everything very sweet

    if i want sweet ill take a brownie, not a chunk of meat

    its called duck sauce isnt it?

    its not called all-purpose-spread-on-everything sauce is it?

    save it for your duck recipes.


    or you could spread it on some quackers


    i didnt see that coming

    otherwise i would have ducked


    you should charge me for that pun put it on my bill


    Hey, doesnt anyone put in bones? When i got married, it was a must!

    Beans (cholent mix), Barley, bones, meat, potatoes, onions, garlic, ketchup and spices (garlic powder, salt, pepper, & paprika)


    To: Pashuteh Yid – and others:

    What makes “kiddush” chulent taste the way it does, are (I believe) two ingredients…

    1) Caterers tend to put in more salt than many of us do at home. It’s not healthy, but try putting in a bit more salt than usual.

    2) When we buy our chulent meat, many of us are turned off by meat that looks too fatty, so we buy something more lean. Though (again) the fat is not healthy, the meat fat is also one of the main factors that creates that “kiddush chulent” taste. If you don’t want to clog up your families arteries, but still get that good taste, get an only moderately “marbled” (i.e. fatty) piece of meat, and then add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of olive oil to your chulent. That will give it more of that “meaty” taste but olive oil is a good-for-you healthy fat.

    cutie pie

    We put barley, bean mix, flanken, water, saute’ed onion, black pepper, salt, 5 garlic cubes, paprika, onion powder, squirt of ketchup and kishka. Oh boy, is it HEAVEN!!!!! 🙂


    Can we please have a slightly more intellectual thread? Just once?! Is a little content too much to ask?

    Pashuteh Yid

    AinOd, thanks. I don’t think it is salt alone, because I add that always. Maybe some of the other spices that were mentioned. I may try your olive oil ingredient.

    I have a feeling that caterers are not going to reveal the entire secret of kiddush chulent so quickly.

    At a kiddush, I usually eat so much, I have no appetite for the meal. I feel guilty sometimes not being properly yotzei the lunch meal, but it would be achila gasa if I forced myself to eat, and not healthy either.

    I rationalize that the meals are there for Oneg Shabbos, and not to torture a person. If he wants to eat, gezunteheit, if not, then there is no need to force himself.

    Pashuteh Yid

    Itchesrulik, OK, fine.

    What is the square root of cholent?


    Pusheta – Its mainly the texture that makes it good. You have to figure out the exact amount of water to put in, also the longer it cooks the better it gets.


    itche – You dont like chulent?


    RB: I do, on shabbos. It’s not on my mind all week, or even all shabbos.

    Pashuteh Yid: LOL. Let’s see, the gematria of cholent (in English) is 77. The square root of 77, calculated on an x86 processor to 8 decimal places is 8.77496439. Did that answer your question? 😉


    You only like cholent on shabbos? What does that mean?

    Y.W. Editor
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