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    RG, if you have not learn anything from the tone of this thread then I will spell it out for you. Since the “boys” do not give the girls the courtesy they deserve their opinion on whether the date was a bust or the shidduch has no chance is a bit skewered and therefor it is NOT left up to them to make that decision it is up to the young lady involved. However, if she feels it was a bust she will probably choose not to suffer through a second episode.


    Its really nice if she wants to be mentchlich about it, and she should be, but that doesn’t take away his responsibility to act like a mentch.

    She has just as much responsibility to be mentchlich as he does to be a mentch.


    if a guy tells me hes not hes a lier

    Wow! I’ve never seen anybody taking out the garbage while reclining. Neat trick!


    Halfagirl, you and I both know any guy that says he does not take out the garbage is either lying or is about to receive a long talk from his Rebbe.


    i dont take out the garbage

    my boys do


    If you read what I quoted from jmj613’s post, he called the person who claims he doesn’t take out the garbage a lier. That means the person is in bed, on a recliner, waiting in ambush, or something else similar.

    He didn’t call him a liar.


    what happened before you had big boys


    i took out the garbage


    thats the point! you dont NOT take it out because its below you or something like that.


    “the girl is coming with her family for a local wedding,”

    R’ Gershon –

    Thank you for taking the time to make this clarification. Please understand, while my tone may sound like I’m beating on you and your generation, who I’m really taking to task is MY generation for not demanding a more balanced playing field.

    Not to worry though. What my gen could not teach you as far as how to treat a woman, your wife surely will 🙂

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 60 total)
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