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    anyone know where to buy corelle dishes? we need to replace our milchig set and corelle makes most sense.


    look online, you might find cheaper deals than the department stores…


    I think the buzz sells them. I’ve also seen them in boro park, although I can’t remember where (houseware store).

    Member is great. Or if you live near Jersey – in Jersey Gardens Mall theres a Corningware Corelle Factory Store. Ive been there, its pretty great.


    walmart has a huge selection and good prices. try the website if you don’t live near a store.

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    The buzz or bed bath and beyond


    There is a corelle store near Roosevelt field mall in Garden City and if you bring in your broken dishes, they replace them (I think). I don’t know the exact location but try googling it.


    In Boro Park there are



    Tip Top

    Plug In

    most of these stores will toivel and deliver

    golden mom

    any hardware store in bp (even the corner ones) and in all the outlet stores which u can buy pc by pc


    Definately Wilhelm’s.

    They have at least 150 patterns of Corelle by far more than any other store. They also do the toiveling for free.

    I always shop there and the prices are really good.


    correle is great stuff. We broke some by hard dropping them on our linoleum floor in NY, but to fall on Israeli balatot is a truly magnificent crackup


    Thanx everyone for the suggestions. I live in nj so the bp options don’t really work. Beside walmart and bbb do any other stores sell corelle? My hope is to find a black Friday sale and get it really cheap. Thanx again!


    I’ve bought from and With walmart, if you pick it up in the store it’s free shipping and no tax. With amazon, if it’s over a certain amount, it’s free shipping to the house, and also no tax. They both have sets starting at $25 for service for 4.

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    I have found Corelle in K-Mart as well.


    Thanx E/o! i just looked at walmart and they have quite a selection. will look at amazon and kmart next. then i have to show my mom to see what she thinks. just out of curiosity, how long does corelle last? is it really fade resistant as they say?


    i don’t know if you have children in the house of corelle but they are not as breakproof as they claim. i gave away what was left of my corelle sets and bought melamine dishes online. melamine look like real, look like corelle, are super strong and being that they are essentially plastic, absolutely do not break. melamine is cheaper than corelle and do not need toiveling. i have beautiful sets from and walmart. com that shock all my friends with how real they look and feel. also, with melamine you could more easily get matching serving bowls and trays and such. good luck


    We bought in J & R. They sometimes have amazing sales in this dept. It’s worth it to tlookk at their ad before going elsewhere.

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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