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    How do you feel about discussions from the cr being printed in the county yossi magazine? Famous?

    ohr chodesh

    What happens in the coffee room, stays in the coffee room.


    I don’t mind it, but what I do mind is that the discussions aren’t printed accurately there.

    He somewhere got confused mid conversation, because “smartcookie” said some things there, which I never said here.

    People outside the CR know my username, and I don’t want wrong things to be published in my name.


    I wonder if this thread will make the magazine? I felt the same was as smart cookie, but dont post so much anymore so it does not bother me that much.


    was there a thread recently that made it to the magazine? if so, which thread?

    ohr chodesh

    I see a thread in the CY mag in every months issue.


    wait he puts threads in his magazine? what if i dont want to be famous? jk jk


    I hope the people being quoted gave consent to appearing in the magazine, in case they were recognizable.


    Free advertising lol.


    i just picked up a cy and saw a thread abt shidduchim stories, and funny enough oomis’ name was the only name i recognized


    I saw this month’s issue with that shidduchim thread too. What’s even funnier is that it’s an over five year old thread that hasn’t had any newer posts in over half a decade.


    Coffee Addict, I didn’t even recognize some of the names (but then my gray cells ain’t what they used to be)…


    Can anyone list some more threads they’ve printed recently?


    Oomis: they’re already on the internet. It doesn’t get more public than that.


    Um… to the folks who send in our posts to “Country Yossi Magazine” – I think you may have incorrectly attributed to me a post found on Page 111 of the recent December issue,regarding funny things that happened on shidduch dates. Although I have been known to have a senior moment or two from time to time, I am pretty certain I did not ever post that story in the CR. I personally would not be comfortable to recount the story of someone IRL who was embarrassed because he caught his belt in the tablecloth of a restaurant in front of a date, and knocked everything off the table by accident. Also, if you read the loshon, it’s not even my writing style altogether. I certainly have no memory of such a story. I do not either in speech or writing, typically use the word “like” as in, “my sister was like…” when relating a conversation. But again, I do have a senior moment or two and I could be mistaken, though I think I am not.

    So here’s my request – I have no objection to my posts being printed in the magazine (if you feel they are worthwhile) as my name is anonymous anyway, but please be certain the post that has my name on it actually WAS written by me. Thanks. (A disclaimer in the next issue would be nice)…


    I’ve seen multiple issues where they attributed many posts to the wrong poster. They at some point in the conversation skipped a poster and wrongly attributed the post to the following poster and thereafter attributed every future post to the wrong poster.


    I wouldn’t mind so much, but in this specific instance, what was said was not something I would be comfortable in posting, because I can relate to the emabarrasment of the guy whose belt got caught. What a terrible thing to happen when trying to impress a date! I have a great sense of humor, but this is not something of which I would make fun. Some people who recognized my screen name asked me why I wrote such a thing. Water under the bridge. I just wanted to call it to the attention of whomever it was who submitted it.


    whomever it was who submitted it

    It was probably not submitted, CY probably went to the CR.

    kj chusid

    Was I ever in it?


    Then CY has an achrayus to be a little more careful, in my humble opinion. I hope the editors will pay more attention the next time before they go to press.


    I agree, I just think you should take it up with them, not us. 🙂


    DY: You may have a point, however, there has been permission from YWN to reprint these posts (it says so in the article each time). As I said, I don’t mind being quoted, as long as I actually said what was attributed to me. I also suspect that the powers that be at CY magazine, already have seen my comment about this. Clearly, they too, read the CR posts on-line.


    This misquotation business has me even more curious whether

    I’ve been included (and whether I’ve been misquoted). That was

    why I asked about recent topics they’ve printed in the first place. 🙂


    Oomis, that probably just means he emailed the Editor and got permission to print it, but chooses what he wants to print. Why don’t you email CY with your complaint? If people knew who I was IRL, I wouldn’t want to be misquoted.

    BTW, was I in any of the articles, and was I misquoted?


    DY: I believe I saw in CY a comment from you supporting OO. 😉

    Comlink-X: They haven’t printed a new issue of CY in the four days you’ve been a member here.


    I think they like to print topics on serious issues, and

    you’re in a lot of those, aren’t you, DaasYochid? 🙂

    B’hashgacha, the April 2014 issue recently entered my home.

    It features what they chose to title

    “Why Do Chareidim Exempt Themselves?”

    It starts with this post – – and runs through the line

    [more what I had in mind by spiritual danger).] in this post:

    (I didn’t compare the two texts to see if any more editing

    than cutting off your last post, possibly just because they

    were out of space, had been done.)

    That’s eight-and-a-half posts, two-and-a-half of them

    written by you and another four addressed to you by name.

    If this is anything to go by, you’re a household name among

    readers of Country Yossi Magazine. How does that make you feel? 🙂


    Not making a complaint, really. I just hope they see this and take steps to ensure that quotes are accurately attributed. OR – leave off the names entirely (much better IMO).


    Joseph, it seems you read CY Magazine – what

    have they printed from the CR lately?

    Patur Aval Assur

    The most recent issue quoted

    Should I be insulted that they skipped over my post?


    Was I in it?


    This post of mine made it into the magazine:

    Does anyone in New York feel like keeping us updated on what’s printed?


    I occasionally check the magazine online to see what was considered worthy of publication.


    4yo thread

    How many people read the CR for entertainment without posting?

    Is it a thing ?


    So much fun!

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    Has CY quoted CR lately? I don’t read it, so I wouldn’t know. Is it even still around? Have they ever quoted me?

    Lilmod Ulelamaid

    I haven’t read the telemarketers thread, but I just want to say as a former telemarketer, I think people should try to be nice to telemarketers. Some people have this mistaken idea that you are allowed to be rude to telemarketers and hang up on them.

    Telemarketers are real people trying to earn an honest parnassah and you should be as nice to them as you are to others!

    Disclaimer: most people I called were really nice. I am just writing this as a reaction to the above thread that I did not read that I suspect may have had posts encouraging people to be rude to telemarketers and as a reaction to the small minority of people who were rude.


    Has anyone here been hung up on my a telemarketer?

    That’s happened to me so often. I start to say “No thank y….” Click. They’ve already moved to the next number.

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