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    that’s so funny that u asked mod 42, cuz i was just wondering about it yesterday


    Suffice to say there has not been a vort – but I said I’m not going to be yenta, so that is all I am going to say for now –

    I will say, however, with some pleasure, that the rebbetzin of Stranded’s shul hosted a melaveh malkeh for high school grads and sem girls shortly after Purim, and the topic of her shmooze was “Reality of Marriage,” or something like that – I *heard* that it was a very frank and open discussion – that the rebbetzin revealed to the girls the truth that marriage is not one long great date – that there can be good years and bad years – that the evening went far later into the night than anyone anticipated, and that the rebbetzin convinced her husband to do the same type of gathering for the boys who are coming out of the freezer or otherwise getting ready for shidduchim


    That sounds like an interesting idea.. but do guys not know that? I think people realize there are tough times, there must’ve been some bigger chiddush that was revealed

    YW Moderator-42

    No vort? They went straight to the wedding? Or was there a l’chaim?


    I cannot believe I’m posting to this thread (Ok, I’m a yenta!)

    But seriously, this thread was started 5 months ago, right around the last time the freezer opened. Don’t tell me Ms. Stranded / her mother are still putting her hopes on a A++ / Best bochur from BMG?

    Know what? I’ll bet Mr. Tire Changer is long off the market. (but that’s only because I was rooting for him all along!)

Viewing 5 posts - 151 through 155 (of 155 total)
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