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    Baby Squirrel

    U.S. DST nationwide would be idiotic; allow for each state/town/city to select their own UTC offset as long as it is to the nearest whole hour to reduce complications (eg. -4,-5,-6,-7,-8,-9,-10…etc.)

    As for Israel, they should remain on UTC+3 all year… Hashem practically placed Eretz Yisroel in this location (with the perfect latitude and longitude) for this time zone.


    Avram > However, the goyishe bossman does, and tells us to be seated in our fuzzy-walled cells interacting with the glowing rectangle in the morning

    Oh, so your problems go well beyond the circle with a stick! get yourself a sensible boss, or sensible AND Jewish, or be your own boss. I used to always get a trouble with a second boss in a company (the first one would be the one who hired me and knew why he wanted me there, but after a random transfer I would get a regular boss).



    > I bet it’d go over better in December than in June.

    Or maybe other way around? Maybe she prefers me earning or learning instead of “helping” at home?


    Who said we need to discretize the globe into 24 zones with same tim ein each of them? Is this halakha l’Moshe l’Sinai?

    Maybe have one US-wide time? Ok, the left coast will need to get up a little earlier…. Russia might have a problem with this. Or go to another extreme: everyone should have time based on their exact location. When NY has 9:00, Monsey time is still 8:55, so you can sleep for 5 extra minutes. And Long Islanders can start davening earlier. Everyone can go to the town with the preferred lifestyle to a minute.


    Maybe have one US-wide time?

    China currently does this. They have one time zone (China Standard Time, UTC + 8) for the entire country (which is roughly the same size as the US). Sunrise in Kashgar (in the west) is 10:16 AM in late December.

    The Wolf


    >>>I’ve often heard that farmers hate DST since the extra hour of sunlight is harmful to the crops.

    Obviously you never heard that because DST doesn’t add sunlight but what is true is that some farmers don’t like DST because it means the dew defrosts an hour later in the work day causing problems for their work day schedules.

    I’m not expecting any sympathy for the frum world who doesn’t like year round DST because of Netz but how can anyone ignore the plight of the Muslims who will need to fast a extra hour every day for a month when Ramadam falls out in the winter?


    Obviously you never heard that because DST doesn’t add sunlight

    It was a joke.

    The Wolf

    dry sense of humor

    THIS BILL HAS ZERO PROS FOR US YIDDEN!, besides for the puffers who wanna daven shacharis later


    Dry sense of humor, that’s not quite true. The bill has advantages for:
    * Women who work on Fridays and could use more time to prepare for Shabbos after arriving home.
    * Families and individuals who would like to travel to out-of-town relatives for Shabbos without having to take off from work or have their children miss school on Friday.
    * Anyone who works full time and would like to have time to daven Mincha after arriving home.
    I do agree, however, that the disadvantages of the bill far outweigh the advantages. This is true especially for frum hidden, but is true for others as well.

Viewing 9 posts - 51 through 59 (of 59 total)
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