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    “be prepared to meet Mr. delete”

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    Nothing, not even water, is good for you in excess. If you are not drinking too many diet drinks each day (especially colas), it certainly is better than the equivalent in sugary drinks. A can of regular soda has something like 12 teaspoons of sugar in it. Your teeth, your endocrine system, and your brain, don’t need that much sugar. Better for your teeth, too. Try for things made with equal or splenda, or even stivia.


    Be careful about all those chemicals in the diet drinks. Having too much of them can’t be good for you, but depending on what is your health priority, may be better than the sugary substitute. The fact that they might be taxing sugary drinks is problematic because people will be drinking the chemical-filled diet soda. Since it is diet, people will think they can drink more of it, but the chemicals have been known to be carcinogens if you drink too much. It isnt a real threat of being a carcinogen if you dont drink too much of it.


    The name diet soda is rediculous with the gas and the artificial sweetner in the can, does anyone really believe one can lose weight by drinking ds? Water is good, herbal teas, Pomeganate Juice,Cranberry Juice are better beverage choices, and the list goes on.


    Better to ask your doctor, rather than to rely on opinions from people who are not scientists and have no idea what they are talking about.

    anon for this

    havesomeseichel, the only carcinogenic artificial sweetener currently used in soda is saccharin, which I believe is used only in Tab soda. Large doses of saccharin (the human equivalent of several hundred sodas per day) were found to cause cancer on laboratory animals.


    it is really a bad habit – try try try to drink water –

    every research done shows it’s bad for you – bad for your diet, bad for osteoporosis, bad for calcium loss –

    too bad – i love diet soda


    There is no health risk in drinking drinks made with nutrasweet, splenda, or stivia, according to my doctor (to respond to mamashtakah’s concerns), and if one is intelligent and reads up on these things, one does not need to be a scientist in order to know what one is talking about. Even a pregnant woman can have certain diet drinks IN MODERATION. Saccharin SHOULD be avoided, but in general even saccharin has to be consumed in inhuman amounts before it can cause carcinogenic effects, as Anon pointed out. Diabetics have found great solace in knowing they can drink the same sodas as everyone else in sugar-free form, and YES, we can lose weight drinking diet drinks, because fruit juices are VERY high in calories, healthy as they are. Better to drink water, herbal tea (check with your doc because some may interact with medications you may be taking) or vegetable juice.


    At one point my doctor told me to limit the amount of sugsar I take in, I didnt have to stop having sugar completely, but I needed to be careful. At that point I asked the doctor about diet drinks and he said no problem.

    Even though that episode has passed and I can be back onto sugar without watching, honestly, I’d rather use my calories towards a pizza, if I am going to have a good drink I will usually drink a diet drink.


    mt- I would agree with you if your doctor is open to diet and nutrition. If not find a doctor who is open to wholistic health. This would include (in addition) herbal and homeoapathy, acumpuncture…

    Ask your hopefully Natural Doctor for a sensible and Nutritious Diet Plan. Set realistic goal as far as how much weight you want to lose and the time period you want to lose it.

    Join the Gym. Burning calories is a great way to lose weight.

    Say Tehilim and ask Hashem for guidance for finding the right doctor for to help you lose weight.


    What to believe? Ask your doctor.

    I read an article about soda being detrimental to osteoporosis-prone individuals.

    The above info is anecdotal and not meant to scare anyone. Ask your doctor if you are concerned.

    For the record, yours truly is a big-time diet-soda drinker

    Be Happy

    Ladies be careful too many diet drinks can cause shaalos! It is true.


    Caffeine, not sugar, is the greater concern with soda.

    I know too many people who have to slowly decrease their soda consumption a week before fast days so they don’t get caffeine withdrawal symptoms. This applies to coffee as well, though coffee (in moderation) has other health benefits that soda does not.


    “Caffeine, not sugar, is the greater concern with soda.”

    many nutritionists and physicians, as originally popularized by Dr. Atkins (first rejected, later embraced by many), hold that sugar particularly, and other refined grains as well, are probably the number one cause of diabetes, atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, and obesity, diseases that are hugely prevalent in modern western civilization.

    not everyone agrees but this is now a solidly accepted medical theory


    ” read an article about soda being detrimental to osteoporosis-prone individuals.

    That is actually something I would like to look into, because I am Vitamin D deficient (in spite of my best efforts to get about 20 sunscreen-less minutes per day in the sun, thereafter an SPF of about 30, and the doc has warned me about osteoporosis. I was originally prescribed a megadose of D, but I reacted very badly to it. Fortunately I don’t frinl a lot of soda if at all, so if this is a real concern, at least I don’t have to worry about soda.


    feivel-You wrote that Dr. Atkins advocated eating refined grains which according to him was a contributing factor to diabetes, hypertension… I am not suprised as refined grains are simple carbohydrates that turn into sugar quite easily. Whole Grains are Complex Carbohydrates that take longer time to turn into sugar. If you want to quote someone more knowledgeable use the Diamonds who wrote the Fit For Life Diet. They espoused combining certain foods for Healthful eating.


    Actually, the number one cause of heart disease and hypertension is obesity, since fat deposits block the flow of blood to the heart, increasing the likelihood of a heart attack. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in American men.

    Refined sugar is very unhealthy, but in terms of obesity and its attendant dangers, the real culprit is cholesterol and fat, particularly animal fats. Many doctors recommend that obese or hypertensive patients dramatically lower their consumption of red meat or switch to a vegetarian diet.

    YW Moderator-72

    could someone pass me a diet coke? Please…


    YankDU, the Atkins diet was a severely carb-restricted diet for the firs two weeks, and then gradually added back in COMPLEX carbs up to a still lower-than-usual daily amount.

    The weight loss is very dramatic. The problem with the diet is that it really is not a diet for lifelong commitment. South Beach is a healthier version and way more dieter-friendly for the long haul.


    I went on the Water Diet for one week and lost 7 days.


    Diet Drinks- What an oxymoron!



    Why are diet drinks an oxymoron, because the substitute sweetner for sugar is not a good substitute. Plus how is inundating your guf with a fizzy drink healthful? Drink plain water (hopefully bottled of filtered) given a choice.Do you think water is boring, then squiurt lemon juice in the water – tart lemonade.

    BB pleas speak to your doctor for a sound, and nutritious meal plan to lose weight.

    oxymoron: a person at high altitudes who loses his sense of reason due to the low levels of oxygen…80



    you would have been right 10 years ago

    and there are still some physicians who would agree with you


    in the world of medical academia and research, in the leading medical centers, that philosophy is highly questionable and as i originally said, culturally dysfunctional carbohydrate metabolism and its secondary hyperinsulinemia as a cause of Syndrome X (which i described in my original post) is generally thought to be the primary problem.

    secondly obesity is thought not really to be a cause of the other components of this syndrome but to be an associated result of the primary problem.

    if you are interested in learning something i would be glad to explain the current hypothesis in a nutshell for you.

    ps moderate caffeine consumption, on the other hand has not been shown to have any long term deleterious effects.

    Out of respect for the esteemed profession of Moderating, one should always capitalize the word “Moderate”…80


    also: Actually, the pathogenesis of coronary artery blockage is not a matter of fat deposits, but calcium/cholesterol plaques within the substance of the subendothelial layer(just below the inner layer) of the coronary arteries.

    this is of course no proof that cholesterol is actually an etiologic factor in coronary atherosclerosis any more than calcium is


    Feivel- Do you know anyone personally who actually lost weight drinking DS? Were they on a special diet which included DS as their preferred beverage? How many pounds did they lose, and how long did it take them to achieve this goal? Did the Primary Care Physcian monitor the diet?



    why are you asking ME?


    I wouldnt say pple lose weight drinking diet sodas but they would gain weight if they drank say sprite as apposed to diet sprite.


    Feivel- I am asking you these questions for any proof that any person who drank diet soda to lose wight actually did. Mrs. Beautiful you said people may not lose drinking DS , but they would gain weight if they drank Sprite as opposed to drinking DS. How do you know this Mrs. Beautiful? Not one Poster on this thread has been able to prove that drinking DS one can lose weight and maintain a healthy guf doing so. Which supports my theory that Filtered Water is a healthier choice to substitute DS with a monitored diet from a Doctor when tring to lose wieght.


    yank, feivel asked WHY you are asking HIM.


    Sorry, I only skimmed this one. I recently read an article, sorry I don’t remember where, maybe Hamodia? that said that diet drinks increase the desire for sugar in ways that regular don’t.

    Personally, in dealing with modest amounts of sugar subs, like one teaspoon, I’d sooner go for saccharine. When you’re talking soda, not sweetening your coffee, I think the amount is too high for me to feel comfortable with any substitute.

    YMMV, don’t know your whole story.


    Joseph- I am asking Feivel, because he is one of the resident physcians in the Coffee Room qualified to answer some medical and Dietary queries. He has a background being a physcian in real life. I thought Feivel was qualified to shed some light on the DS Controversy. I will appeal to other posters so Feivel you don’t think I am singling you out. Does anyone know anybody who actually lost weight by drinking DS on a monitored diet supervised by their Primary Care Physcian?


    Mamashtakah, Yankdownover knows very good what he is talking obout and it doesen’t have to be asked by A doctor to Eating Healthy!

    Sister Bear

    I heard the aspartame can cause brain cancer.

    We have this DVD called Sweet Misery that talks about it.

    Whatever you drink, don’t drink too much of it, whether it’s diet, regular or wtvr 🙂


    you will get my diet coke from me only by prying it from my cold, dead fingers.


    icot wrote this 1 year ago

    he did include a disclaimer with it, it was just something he heard.

    its not true

    although some soda is acidic it will not change the pH of your blood. the bodys homeostatic systems are simply too effective for that.


    Eye Doc & Jewish fem – You’re both correct. The gov. on it’s web site lists both high cholesterol and high sugar with insulin resistance as causes of CAD.

    Jew fem -“Many doctors recommend that obese or hypertensive patients dramatically lower their consumption of red meat”

    This isn’t correct. All animals have cholesterol, even fish, not just what we call red meat. A person has to lower their intake of triglcerides and cholesterol (two types of fat). Fish that has the HDL cholesterol is good for you.


    yankdownunder, I am an avid soda drinker. I used to drink regular coke on a very regular basis, probably more than I should have. As soon as I switched to Diet Coke, I lost almost 5 pounds in the first couple of weeks and another 3 the next couple of weeks after that. This was accomplished simply by changing to diet sodas only.

    I am not saying this is healthy or better than water, I’m simply speaking up as you asked if anyone had lost weight drinking diet sodas, and I have.


    calories in 1 12oz can coke = 155

    3 cans a day = 465 cal/day

    365 days per year 169,725 cal/year

    approx # of calorie decrease to lose 1 pound 3,600

    number of pounds theoretically lost per year by switching to diet coke = 47lbs

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