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    Just curious if most others are like me or not. Germans give me the creeps. As nice as they can be there I still get a creepy vibe when I have to deal with them. For instance, I once had to go to Columbia Hospital. I noticed that the friendly Dr. had an accent and asked him where he was from. “Germany” was his answer. I put on a fake front but inside me a felt a little “Yichhh”. I have a friend who once worked near Wall Street. One time I went to visit and he made a point of telling me that he shares a room with a lady and that, “actually, she is German”. I don’t think he would have said that had she been from Ireland or Denmark.


    Just this week I explained to my 10 year old son, how he should

    never buy anything from Germany even so many years later.

    We were just looking at pictures of family members that were killed in the camps – little children. How horrible.

    not I

    I totally agree with you!

    Even their accent drives me nuts!! So cold and ich!

    You once started a thread about this. We will close the new one.

    And another from 2 years ago:


    Yes. I was once on a flight packed with Germans. I was petrified the whole time.

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