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    aries2756, I did not mean to hurt your feelings. If pple find this question so offensive then skip over this thread. simple. no one’s forcing to post. I do not look down in any way at someone that has a TV, but, yes we probably do have diff views. Not better or worse, just different.

    In the same way that if I come from Boro Park and you come from Israel chances are we will have diff views, and if I grew up in the country and you grew up in a city we will have diff views, similarly if you have a TV and others dont you will also have diff views, and I see nothing wrong with that.

    The fact that pple are so intimidated and are so defensive to the point that they are hurt, where no one pointed any fingers, no one made a single comment for the better or the worse, that is intresting…


    yes and i am proud of it bec same as internet if you can control yourself and act within limts its good so too tv I am proud dodgers fan and watch them


    smartcookie: If I ask: how many rooms do you have in your apt, is that wrong? It’s interesting to know and that’s it.

    But that wasn’t how the question was phrased.

    Poster added the following: so that we get a feel . . of who (sic) we are talking to.

    Poster is making a judgment based on TV ownership.

    I don’t have a TV. Poster would probably judge me to be a certain way based on that. S/He would probably be wrong. I read secular books and I listen to secular music.

    So what does my non-ownership of TV really say about me?

    haifagirl (IN, NY, WO, NC)


    Yes, until recently we had a TV. Got rid of it; not for religious purposes. My parents are into education and studying and we spent a lot of time, well let’s say not watching National Geographic…

    Either way, I know I am different from a lot people who read Yeshiva World, but I am sure I am similar to many people as well. I have no problem with that. In fact I enjoy these type of threads. I like to meet different people and hear different views. So, Poster, thanks for starting this thread, I am actually enjoying it!

    And by the way, oomis1105, I just love your attitude, in this discussion and in others as well. Though I don’t post too often I come on board to read the diff posts.





    If you have unfiltered internet access, you have television access.




    NO, and I’ll comment on why not. I grew up in the 50’s in a community where it was common to have a TV. In those days it was much cleaner and more benign than it is now.My parents didn’t have one, but, when I went to the neighbors to watch occasionally they didn’t object. In school my friends would always discuss certain shows they’d seen the night before and I felt left out. I told myself that when I am earning my own money I will buy myself a TV. When I started working I was already in seminary and I realized that I absolutely did not ever want a TV in my home.And today I for sure do not ever want a TV. I do have internet and I only access certain Jewish websites like this one, send e mail, pay bills and do some shopping and research on line, but, that’s it and my children never have access to the internet at home at all.


    Should I count how many?


    yes!! Just like everything else there is good and bad, it’s up to you how you use it…




    who needs a tv? you can watch everything online.


    I love Law and Order and other cop shows….


    I’m not going to comment on the “who has / who does not” issue, but the disclosure of The Goq and WiseWomen in regards to possessing a COFFEE MAKER!

    Now, thats a shocker. I mean, we all need the occasional cupajoe on the sneak, but a coffee maker is like possesion with the intent to distribute.

    (Anyone familiar with the legal system this great land of ours can tell you, this is serious business.)

    not I

    NO.. Not really a bechira choice by me BH!


    And one more thing. Several people have made the comment, “having a computer / internet is the same as having a TV”.

    While I recognize the need for the homebound to have some form of entertainment and/or company, the TV is solely for entertainment, while the computer can be(and hopefully is being) used for work and productivity.

    Yes, the computer has its pitfalls, but its getting harder to live without one, while TV is getting easier to live without one.


    Thank you, Phyllis. Kind of you to say so.





    “TheGoq, no one looks down at you. Like I said this is a simple questionaire…”

    maybe you dont look down on me but it seems now you value my opinion less because i own a tv


    I do have one.

    The question should read “TV or unfiltered Internet”. As far as I am concerned, the internet is much worse than owning a basic television at home without cable. Internet allows for all types of access, TV shows, skyping face to face, facebook, chatting, and anything you want to check out. All the poisons for a torahdik marriage. Why people think they are frum because they dont have a TV, yet have internet at home, is puzzling to me.


    BP Totty,

    To be honest, I think computers (especially unfiltered) are much worse. Both in time and content.

    If your internet is filtered and you can’t access TV shows, then yes, you don’t have a TV. If you do have unfiltered access, then you have a TV. Whether or not you choose to use it.

    There are plenty of times we go weeks without turning on our TV.


    The real question is how many people say they don’t have a TV, but really so…


    you value my opinion less because i own a tv

    Absolutely. And that is because your opinions are influenced by your television viewing.


    Yes. 55″ of HD plasma gas… NFL never looked so good…


    Henceforth, there will be no further TV watching by Coffee Room participants unless permission is received from the Coffee Room Bet Din.

    In your application for a heter, please indicate which channels and programs you wish to watch and why.

    The CRBD currently has under consideration a request to watch Cablevision Channel 61 (traffic and weather).


    No TV.

    * No place (little 2-room Israeli apartment).

    * Israeli TV is not so great (censored myself here), as far as I know.

    * Saves money (no need to pay yearly TV tax).

    * Internet, no filter. I do not have a TV. I do have a NAS (network storage device) with 800 GB of movies and series on it, which me and my wife save there. I’m not sure of the exact numbers, but it may well exceed 1000. We have about 10 complete series downloaded (up to hundreds of episodes each), and hundreds of movies – comedy, action, horror, family, disaster, war – you name it.

    But no, I don’t have a TV.

    I guess I’m very frum now, since I don’t have a TV. I haven’t watched TV at all, not even a minute, in 7 years at least!


    Homeowner, where did you get that from? No one mentioned anything negetive against TVs. This was just a questionaire.

    Breslauer, Wow that is a lot of movies? When do you watch all that?


    Homeowner, where did you get that from? No one mentioned anything negetive against TVs.

    From page 1:


    The coffeeroom should put a “TV” mark under the screennames of posters with televisions, so others know where their non-Torah views on Jewish issues come from.


    Poster (OP) is correct. Often we see people posting their Hashkofos Hatelevision with their views here.


    you value my opinion less because i own a tv

    Absolutely. And that is because your opinions are influenced by your television viewing.

    The Wolf


    No, I B”H do not have a tv, nor do I have any desire to have one. And I have filtered internet.

    For all of you who find Poster’s question nosy or offensive, remember that the question was not directed to you personally and you can choose whether you want to answer it or not. There’s no need to become offended or defensive!


    SJSinNYC – While to some degree I agree with you. You have some access to TV shows from the net. You don’t have everything, like cable or satellite. I think this is the reason why the rest of the world like goyim, non-religious, etc., still pay for these services even though they have internet access. I personally don’t own one – I would never find the time. I barely have time to blog. I also, from a Frum point, believe that TV is worse than unfiltered internet because even if you decide to go watch a video on the net, you basically know what it’s about. If it’s not proper – you know from the git go what you’re doing. TV on the other hand, a lot of people like to flip channels, they stop and say “Oh this is interesting”. They have no idea what the content of what they are watching is. It’s very easy to watch something improper this way. You can be Oiver a lot Aveiros before you even realize what this show/movie is all about!


    name should read trying my best to be holier than thou


    Health, I totally agree with you. There were some shows we used to LOVE and never miss an episode of, as the years went on these totally OK shows became horid! The change of dress and drama! OMG!

    It’s crazy cuz you get so used to it that it seems ok. With internet you can still watch these shows, but its not the “plop on the couch” type of thing and “fall asleep with the remote in your hand”.

    TheGoq, I dont know why you think so, no one here is expressing that feeling, they just wanna get an idea of the diff types off pple. I am so not on the defensive, I dont know why so many pple here are!!!


    Health, sure, a TV is easier. But I know a lot of people who say “I would never have a TV in my house” and keep up with the latest shows on their computer. And watch a ton of things. And waste plenty of time.

    Its also a lot easier to fall into the trap of watching pornography on the internet rather than a TV. You need to pay specifically for pornographic services on TV, but you can get a multitude of free stuff on the internet.

    There are plenty of reasons to keep TV out of your home. I’m not knocking that. But if you have unfiltered internet access, you effectively have a TV in your home, whether you call it that or not.


    So after two days of discussion what has this question proven? Was it really just a count of how many have versus how many don’t? Was it a need to explain why one does versus why one doesn’t? Poster, did you take notes, do you know more about anyone now that you have your answers?


    @Phyllis – I didn’t see many of them yet. Actually I haven’t watched a movie in a while.

    After you get home from 10+ hours at work with almost no break time you need something to relax. And no a gemara won’t work. Last week I worked something like 60 hours….


    I like TV and unlike the internet, during a show a random pop up of a very untznius girl never showed up 🙂

    yaakov doe

    NO It’s been years since it’s gone. Had one when Leave it to Beaver and Bonanza were on.


    Happens to be that watching on the internet, you can watch what you want, when you want it, with less commercial interruptions.


    Wolf, thank you!

    always here

    I don’t have tv service anymore, but you should know that there are more tv shows available on the internet than I ever had available to me when I had cable.


    TV is horrendous and unfiltered internet is much much worse. One is not a stira on the other.


    Therefore YOU should have neither!


    Exactly, I have neither!

    Do you have either?


    Yes. I have a TV. That is the simple answer to the question. But why have so many chosen to make the answer into a measuring tool is a better question.


    Yes, and I think this is the reason my kids do well in Yeshiva


    You are here aren’t you?


    SJSinNYC – Your statement on porn I disagree with. Yes you can find free porn on the net, but you know that’s what you want. With TV, I don’t even know if you can get attenna TV anymore, but most are cable and satellite. With these, you can get anything with the flip of a channel. There are no warnings like the net, if you accidentally stumble onto it. You see it and that’s it.


    aries, YW is filter approved.


    These days some schools are cracking down on internet. When I was a child, the schools were cracking down on TV. Here is a(n unverified) story:

    Parents tell their child “If your Rebbe or Principal asks if we have a TV, just tell him that we don’t have one.”

    Next day the kid goes to school and the Principal asks him:

    “Do you have a TV at home?”

    Kid: “No”

    Principal: “Do you have a radio with pictures?”

    Kid: “Yes”

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