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    I know what Oorah does, they are a wonderful organization and everyone should give at least some of their maaser gelt to them. I’m just running a little social experiment over here. I’ve asked nearly 100 different people, each and every one of them can tell me about Feivish, The Shmorg, the Chinese Auction, Kars 4 Kids, 1-800-CUCUMBER and all the rest. Only one of them had a clue as to what Oorah actually does and what its purpose is beyond “Ummm… Kiruv? I think they do Shabbatons. Don’t they have a camp?” I also met a Rebbi who does work for them and a friend who was helped by them when he was younger who explained to me a little more in detail.

    So, do you know what Oorah is? Or is it my imagination that they have one of the strangest PR campaigns in fund raising history?




    i dont know what they do

    The chamelon

    How do you reconcile strangest PR campaigns with

    Only one of them had a clue as to what Oorah actually does and what its purpose is beyond “Ummm… Kiruv?

    Got it!! Thought you wrote “strongest” I just realized “strangest”

    Yes it is an interesting phenomon.


    they do kiruv. is there more to know? I’m confused


    I don’t know much about their adult kiruv dept, but the camps do a great job. There is strong follow-up during the year between the staff and the campers, and both sides benefit from the exchange.


    But why not just check the website? That will tell you all the programs / services they offer.


    They send jewish kids to Jewish school at no or subsidized cost to parents. Making sure that Jewish kids are in Jweish schools and not in public ones.

    Having said that… i woudl love to see their financial records.. all their advertizing.. adn where the money is actulaly going at the end of the day. Their camp campuses must bost bilions to maintain…

    where aer the results… I would love to see their sucess stories…


    the original poster wasnt asking what oorah does, or how to find out.

    he wanted to take a poll to see how many people actually know what they do, other than their advertising tactics.


    Their camps better not cost billions to maintain.

    cutie pie

    they do so many wonderful things- Kiruv, camps, shabbotons, pay for kids to go to jewish schools, and the list goes on…….

    But, it’s funny that you’re saying this. Someone just asked me if Oorah does anything else besides for their advertising?!?! lol


    apparently few actually read the original post

    par for the course



    According to Oorah Their fund raising is the most effective route.

    What makes you think that their camps cost billions to maintain?

    I am under the impression that their counselors are all volunteers.

    Do you want to see results? Go to their website. They impress me as very transparent


    I know what Oorah does. They do have an “out-of-the-box” marketing strategy. Instead of pleading the ’cause’ like other kiruv organizations (eg. Lev L’Achim), they use different strategies.

    Think of it as a Yeshiva making a Chinese Auction. What shaychus does a yeshiva have to a Chinese Auction? A Chinese Auction, is, excuse me for being blunt, a permitted method of gambling, a glorified Bingo game. Should a yeshiva that has a mussar seder lure people to gamble away their money?! Of course not! Yet, many do! Bottom line, it’s a “kosherized” method to raise funds.

    So Oorah has some fun and provides entertainment to it’s followers. Not a bad idea, is it?

    For more info on what they do, go to and see for yourself.


    Do some research…

    forget paying the counsellors..

    Their campus has more attractions and activities than any other camp.. just check it out online.. I have no problems.. if thats the way they think they will make people frum let them try… but who is paying for all of this? their campers definately don’t as most of the clientele they serve is more immigrant, disadvantaged crowd..

    on the side.. people that get attracted to the ‘fun’ side of yiddishkeit.. normally end up leaving.. because that is NOT the basis of yiddishkeit.. and all gashmius looses its sparkle after some time..


    TBTH of all defenses transparent isnt one of them



    Tuition assistance

    jewish Holiday packages

    Shadchan services for balei teshuva

    Chavrusa in person and over the phone


    Goofy PR and marketing campaign.

    not I

    Yes.. I know of all their activities..

    Also have learning partners for adults to learn about Yidishkeit.


    Yes they run a camp and they charge quite a bit for anyone who can pay. All their staff (counselors, waiters and specialties) “volunteer” (they don’t get paid a penny but they work very hard). Some of the staff enjoy it and go back again; others are very turned off from being overused. A lot of the things that they have in camp are donated (tax write offs are great).

    Their kars 4 kids campaign is misleading because they don’t tell the donor up front for what purpose they are donating their car (some people think that the cars are actually given to kids, lol).


    It’s actually more like a Chinese auction that has a Yeshiva. They are an advertising agency that has a Kiruv branch to advertise about.


    Mod80, I believe you wrote in a different thread that the OP can make suggestions but doesn’t set rules.


    I was a staff member in camp Philly bubby, NO ONE GETS ABUSED!!! (I wasn’t asked to write this either).

    When I took the job Asher futersak (specilty director) told me that they hire alot of staff SO NO ONE STAFF MEMBER NEEDS TO WORK MORE THEN 6 HOURS PER DAY.

    Overworked? No!


    ruf ruff

    hence all the posts that have nothing to do with the subject are still up

    my earlier post was a comment not an instruction

    Why I Bother

    Lakewood Dude….

    I happen to have been a counselor in the camp, and I definitely felt overworked. I did enjoy volunteering, but I felt I was being taken advantage of.


    Why you bother set up a meeting with Asher to sort out you issuses.


    OORAH has the most incredible PR dept and Advertising campaigns…Very professional!


    “Do you know what Oorah does?”

    R’ chaim Mintz shlita will be more than happy to tell you. He is listed in the Brooklyn phone book. This thread looks like it is headed to the sour grapes that was all over the Yated half a year ago.


    Leah 222; I “Know” about as much as the rest of the Oylom what they (Oorah) accomplish for all the money they shlep together in all their different fund raising campaigns. But that doesn’t give me or you, or anyone else the right to demand that they open their books to the public. As long as the contributions and the suckers are voluntary, I’m not interested how they spend the money. Whoever contributes, either money or cars, is convinced that they do the right thing.

    Sister Bear

    Oorah is a kiruv organization.

    I think it focuses on bringing back families to Torah.


    Sister Bear; As I indicated in my previous post, I don’t begrudge anyone’s success. ??? ?????? . But I observed an interesting fact. That organization’s fund raising campaigns are touted from every pole, while their Kiruv work is done (much) more discreetly. However, I adopted a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. (Soon after Congress repealed it.). There is another organization that works along similar lines. They. (Or, He. The CEO) are much more “In Your Face”. They do the “Hard Sell”. (No details. Because it borders on “Lamed Hay”).


    metrodriver: you are right.. but isn’t that a sad world.. that people aren’t interested in accountability or transparency. or pehaps people are just going for the hype without much thought… Also sad!

    I’m not bashing them.. just asking for an explanation.. and for people to think and not just follow like sheep..


    Leah222; Please note that I didn’t say a single word that I (personally) support them or agree with their overall management of affairs. The central point in all my postings has been (and is.) That as long as they’re not in your face or do the hard sell, and the contributions and support are strictly uncoerced and not pressured, they don’t owe the public an explanation of how much money they collect or how they disburse it.

    m in Israel

    Actually in the past few years Oora has been trying to address the original issue raised in this thread — that people are more familiar with Oorah’s fundraising efforts that what the funds go towards. In the past few years the Chinese Auction booklets have contained much more detailed information about their programs, as well as incentives to get people to actually look through that part of the booklet (if you filled out a card listing their programs you got entered into a bonus raffle, etc.) The DVD’s they send out contain segments discussing what Oorah does and explaining their success stories. In other words, Oorah does seem to be aware of this flaw in their marketing approach, and is trying to improve it.

    pashute zach

    oorah does beutiful things and its impossible to advertise the hundreds of beautiful things that go on every day! someone mentioned that they ony see the adds and dont see success! there are tons of success stories! go check out the regular frum seminaries in Eretz Yisrael-they have girls there! go check out their websites and you’ll see girls who are working on themselves to be more tzniyus and boys who are putting on tefilin and wearing a yarlmuka and tzitzis!!!! dont bash before you see the outcome!

    pashute zach

    and to answer about them working their staff-thats not true! its all a matter of attitude and if you’re in it for the right reasons then youre good

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