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    The films done by Zir Chemed are all female cast musicals based on goyish films and/or songs. There are about 6 of them– The lastest one came out a year or two ago, a sequel to The Little Princess, and called Happily Eva After.


    Arthur is rated PG13 I just checked today when my sister’s watched it

    There is a MOVIE titled Arthur (which is a remake of the Dudley Moore 1981 movie) that was released in April 2011. That movie has a PG-13 rating.

    The children’s television show, on the other hand, has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie (other than the fact that both feature a title character named “Arthur”). It is rated TV-Y (suitable for all ages).

    PG-13, it should be pointed out, is a MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating. It is used in movies, not television shows. The closest approximation to a PG-13 rating for television shows would be TV-14.

    The Wolf


    pg 13 in tv ratings is tv pg



    maybe the yeshiva world checked and could not find a halachah that says that the three weeks are any different from the rest of the year in regards to music (let me know if you find one though)


    Halacha says one can not listen to “music”. Halacha does not say one can not have a website that streams music. I don’t think lifnei iver applies when A)there are many definitions of halachic “music”, and B) the person looking for music will get worse music elsewhere just as easily. As to movies and shemiras einayim, I was told by someone who I consider to be on a high level of prishus especially in regard to shmiras einayim that shmiras einayim is subjective. If a person is desensitized to a level of pritzus for whatever the reason, then a relatively smaller amount of pritzus would not be assur to look at. My own thoughts – Obviously one must work on oneself to increase sensitivity to eventually reach or strive for the level of etzba k’tana. Also, if one let themselves fall, and ruined their own sensitivity, if they were on the level where they should have been able to stop themselves and didn’t, they are liable for the level that they are currently on. That doesn’t mean it is assur for them now on a subjective level. This is the famous nekudas habechira concept(see michtav me’eliyahu 1). Rav Dessler writes that a highwayman who usually kills his victims after he robs them, and one time decides to rob without killing, can get schar for the objectively wrong act of theft. Moreover, that could be the purpose of his life, to get to that level. Similarly while objectifying an etzba ktana is objectively wrong, on a subjective level a person must identify their own level and work on increasing it. A person is not liable for anything above the range that they are in (provided they didn’t negligibly put themselves there).

    Specifically with shmiras einayim where the issue is hirhur, one can easily be desensitized to many things.

    As such, no one can say anything about any other person and al tadin es chaveircha ad shetagia limkomo (avos).


    frum not yeshivish??



    Obviously one must work on oneself to increase sensitivity to eventually reach or strive for the level of etzba k’tana.

    I’ve heard this before and I don’t get it. According to you Rav Acha and Rav Gidel weren’t worked on people??


    If a person is desensitized to a level of pritzus for whatever the reason, then a relatively smaller amount of pritzus would not be assur to look at.

    Ive heard this quoted in the Name of Rav Ovadia Yosef although told slightly differently, It was relation to talking to women in a business setting, He said it was not forbidden since most people have because used to this. (Or something along those lines)


    It is interesting to point out, that in the two biggest movies of this year, Transformers 3 and Harry Potter 7 pt. 2, both of the lead actors are Jewish.

    These movies are also both in the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time, and have both grossed in excess of one billion dollars already.

    In fact, in transformers 3 (as well as 1 and 2), the lead actor, the director, and the producer – which are the three biggest jobs in a movie – are all jewish. (spielsberg, bay, and lebeoff)

    Fry jews have had some astonishing success in this field.


    a lot of favorite movies are made by jews(shrek,superman)


    interesting fact. never thought of it. isnt it sad though, look where they are putting their talents.


    I like them, I watch them, I have no problem with them


    I’m 15 years old. I made a decision to stop watching movies last Rosh Hashana, and boruch Hashem, I haven’t slipped once.

    I’m telling you, it’s worth the leap. Last summer I said to myself, “There’s no way I’m not going to watch movies. It’s not going to happen.” It happened. Now I have much more time, I can concentrate better in learning and davening, and I’m just in general a happier person.

    If you’re on the fence, and you’re scared to make a final decision, try it for two weeks. Just two weeks! After that, try another. Eventually, you’ll get used to it, and after a while,it will become a non-issue for you.


    the person who created the whole idea of hollywood and movies was jewish and thats even more sad!


    pg 13 in tv ratings is tv pg

    I don’t see how that’s relevant when we’re talking about two completely different productions. The PG-13 rated movie “Arhtur” has absolutely nothing in common with the TV show Arthur other than the title. The TV show is NOT an adaptation, derivative work or in any other way related to the movie. That being said, how the movie’s PG-13 rating translates into television ratings is utterly irrelevant.

    The Wolf


    the wolf i said that because you said the closest thing is tv 14 which is 2nd



    “Rav Dessler writes that a highwayman who usually kills his victims after he robs them, and one time decides to rob without killing, can get schar for the objectively wrong act of theft.”

    Actually, if I’m not mistaken that’s a Gemora which R’ Dessler bases his whole yesod of nikudas ha’bechirah off of. Also, it’s not that the theif “can get schar for the objectively wrong act of theft”, it’s that he gets schar for not killing.


    one member i know for sure watches movies and thats might think his user means the yiddish word but his sub refers to the movie


    @ moskidoodle- that means there is a mod that watches movies as the mods write the subtitles- and they usually dont let you pick yours-


    mods write subs. and to the dicussion b4- there are halachos about shmiras einayim. and while it may not bother you to see certain things (nebach) it doesnt mean its muttar. even looking at a part thats muttar is assur when done for hana’a


    I watch and have no plans to stop.


    Everyone should stop watching movies for so many reasons. Oy vey kids these days- a big yasher koach. Stopping to watch movies gives you so much more time that can be spent productively, less desgusting things in your head, and more sensitive to the pritzus around us just to name a few. Children who watch movies growing up have a warped sense of relationships, because they have to learn that it’s not always lala land and love at first sight. Goyim watch movies because they have no other purpose in life other than to work to make money, to have money to relax to make more money, and on and on. But as Jews we have a much higher purpose! And that’s to reach a connection with Hahsem by learning Torah, davening, doing chesed, doing mitzvos, and making a kiddush Hashem wherever we go. Unfortunately, especially for young people, boredom is a big problem today, but I assure you going for a bike ride, or reading something clean, or even lying on a lounge chair outside is better than a movie. And there are websites like that has awesome kiruv movies!! There is so much to be done for clal yisroel why are we watching filthy movies that puts all sorts of bad ideas into our clean heads?


    quark2, correct me if I am mistaken, but I get the impression that the point of your question was not just an innocent survey, but in reality an act of justification. Either you or someone close to you has watched or watches movies, and you want to know if it is justified by the mere fact that others are doing this. This is not the way to look at things, regardless of whether what you are doing is kosher.


    Loves being Jewish, are you aware that Mary Poppins is both a movie and goyish book series….I don’t mind a good mussar speech, but your tag line under your name makes me think your post is a joke….And If you claim u never saw the film Mary poppins, just love the books that won’t fly… For those against movies are usually also against secular books…

    YW Moderator-42

    For what it’s worth I know many people, myself included, who are against movies but not secular books.

    Abe Cohen

    Also, the poster above didn’t choose his subtitle.

    YW Moderator-42

    Also, many who are against movies are not necessarily against old movies like Mary Poppins. The quality of movies and TV has gone way down in recent years to a point where they have become assur as a general klal. This wasn’t always the case. I know many fine B’nei Torah who grew up with Mary Poppins, Disney movies, etc. They don’t watch TV anymore but have no problem talking about the old movies they used to watch or even watching them again if the proper situation presents itself.


    In one of his shuirs, rabbi Wallerstein is very against all Disney movies … so the excuse that old movies are ok is not valid. Also Mary poppins has mix gender dancing…. for the record I am not against movies, past or present… Instead of claiming they are all assur, it is more appropriate to say some are OK, while those films with inappropriate scenes are assur… It’s not fair to throw out the baby with the bath water


    Mikehall12382 glad to have another arguement with you 🙂 Abe is right, I didn’t choose ‘marry poppins’, I actually asked for ‘perfect in everyway’ and somehow ended up with this. Secondly, I did watch Mary Poppins and most Disney movies and loads of other ones up until a few years ago. And I am against movies because besides for the gross content, it is also a HUGE waste of time. Same goes for secular books – it’s an escape from the real world. I defnielty feel that people need to relax and need to have an outlet, however, I think that there are much better ones than sitting a wathcing a screen for 2 hours and coming out of it with absolutely nothing, except maybe bad eye sight and somethng to distract you while you’re concentrating on shmone esrei. If you go To Yerushalyim you will see loads of happy and healthy kids who do not even know what a TV is and manage to have fun regardless. I don’t think Im’ being extreme- I think I’ve come to the scary realization that life here is very short and can be taken away from us at any time, and we need to take advantage at every moment to be a better person and strengthen ourselves and others in our Avodas Hashem.


    rabbi wallerstein is very agains disney movies….

    he says that even for a child to watch it is bad cuz for example lion king, even though its lions they still see and absorb a male and female rolling around together… and most disney movies are that-even if its just animals. and that he says is bad. so dont kid urself that ur just watching disney or nething else. cuz its all bad.


    lovesbeingjewish…I agree movies and secular books are an escape from reality…but I don’t believe they are all Assur…some yes, but not all.

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