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    Gadol, you are right. So, the smart chusid who ate gebrochts could have done grudgingly bemoaning that he is breaking his minhag, or he could said – I am doing kavod haTorah and shalom u’reut. Same goes for lighting fire on shabbos to save life; not going to shul when coughing; etc. From daf – a yibum performer could be lamenting that he is getting involved with his brother’s wife that was asur to him …

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    AAQ – I know few things excite you more than stories about people forfeiting their chumros or standards for others. I’ll have to assume it never ocurred to you that it is equally giving and honorable to forgo ones stubbornness and resistance to be strict or machmir. When we went to my parents house, they insisted on serving us the food we ate even if it meant they had only 20 foods on the table instead of 100, even tho we never implied we wouldn’t eat whatever was on their table.


    AAQ: You incorrectly assume someone who doesn’t eat gebrochts even has the right to decide to eat gebrochts when at a relative who does, for shalom bayis or whatever other purported reason. That right may not exist.

    Yabia Omer

    Not only do we eat “Gebroks”, we love wetting or Matzah under the faucet. Makes it more palatable.


    Syag, and again – I am talking about people actually doing chumros: respecting their teacher, gadol hador, unity of Pesach seder, to the immense. I am not calling on people in their own houses sitting and eating dry matzos for a week to start enjoying kneidlach, even if I have rachmonus on them.

    Reb Eliezer


    Reb Eliezer
    Menachem Shmei

    Beautiful Gebroks story:

    Lubavitch is EXTREMELY makpid on gebroks (aside from Acharon shel Pesach). Even children must eat their matzah in plastic bags, lest a crumb fall on the table. Many Lubavitchers remove all matzah from the table before bringing out the next courses. The Rebbe Rashab wouldn’t eat with a fork on Pesach, lest a matzah crumb remain stuck and become gebroks.

    Once, by a Pesach seuda of the Frierdiker Rebbe (Rayatz), an uninformed guest began dipping his matzah in borscht. The chassidim were shocked and a commotion ensued.

    The Frierdiker Rebbe commented: “It is better that the matzah become red (from borscht) than a Yid’s face redden in shame!”

Viewing 8 posts - 151 through 158 (of 158 total)
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