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    Amil Zola

    15 Judges have already found claims to be groundless and without evidence. For those of you who doubt this the court transcripts are all available on line. In Phila.(Montgomery Cty.) Atny Goldstein admitted on record that he had no evidence of fraud. They are all out there on the internet so there is no need to depend on MSM for the info.


    RW -“Harris saying riots won’t end after election”

    She’s right.
    I didn’t see any news coverage about Portland’s destruction on Dem’s Buildings. (Besides one.)
    The Fact there is something called Antifa, no matter What Biden claims.
    Not only will Riots Increase, but so will Crime!
    This is because the DemonCrats have made this Country a Perfect Place for Anarchy!


    Whatever this guy may have originally said, “recanted” or “recanted his recant”, is irrelevant since the postal investigators interviewed both the manager who was alleged to have order the backdating of postmark dates and other postal workers in that Erie PA post office have no clue what this guy is talking about and deny any such directive. Nor has anyone else come forward with ANY corroborating evidence of fraud at that location. (or any other postal location) other than “late” ballots (most probably for Biden) delayed by post office ineptness.


    Its OVER.
    Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper in Nevada (Las Vegas Review), one of the most pro-Trump in the country, just published an editorial telling Trump to stop making baseless assertions about election fraud and acknowledge that Biden won.
    “Trump’s continued claims of pervasive voter fraud “does a disservice to his more rabid supporters” because the idea is “simply false.”
    I think it may take another few days for other Republican heavyweights to realize this circus has gone on for too long and is going to hurt the country. Biden is smart to not push the issue for now and simply move on as best he can with transition planning.


    I think we’re all being played. Trump believes he is playing a president on TV. He has no real interest in governing, but he does like the spotlight. The Trump Show is the opposite of the Truman Show. Trump knows it’s fake. We all think it’s real. Or maybe we know it’s real and he thinks it’s fake. Something like that.

    So here’s what’s really happening. Trump believes that he is building dramatic tension to an explosive season one finale. Will he concede or not? Is he a villain or a misunderstood patriot? Will those loyal to him pull creaky levers of government to help him or will they be pulled to thwart his ambition? Will the liberty bell be unrung? Who really won the election amid a once-in-a-century global pandemic? With an upcoming senate runoff for control of the legislative machinary, will he have the opportunity to flex his political muscle once again and regain his former glory, or will he slink off to cable talk show host ignominy?

    This is why we haven’t seen much of Trump in the last week. He is planning the season one cliffhanger.

    January 20, 2021, 11:45 AM: Chief Justice John Roberts is ready to swear in a president, but neither candidate has arrived. Justice Amy Coney Barrett, herself recently elevated to the highest court through the urging of Trump’s most stalwart defenders, is on hand to swear in a vice president. Mike Pence and Kamala Harris stare at each other from the steps of the capitol. Both make their way to the podium.


    “If someone voted absentee for Biden but decided to change his vote (it was the most googled question up until the election) and decided to vote for Trump in person, his vote would be counted twice and cancel each other out because as usual with government bureaucracy the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing ”
    When you appear in person to vote, they have a record if you had a Vote by Mail ballot and if it was sent in. If you don’t produce your Vote by Mail ballot, you will be required to vote Provisionally.

    Ben Levi

    I do not think Trump is going to win in Court.

    The issue is pretty simple even if there was fraud, it has to be provable in a Court of Law.

    Many types of fraud are simply un-provable.

    If say 25,000 ballots came marked only for BIden it may seem suspicious.

    Does it prove fraud.

    But I really do not get why the Dems are all in a tizzy.

    If all the lawsuits are so meritless.

    Then let Trump run out the process.

    Whats the big deal?

    It can only help.

    the facts are millions of American rightly or wrongly believe this election was stolen from them.

    So lay out the allegations in Public. In full view of everyone. If they are wrong the Judges will rule accordingly and millions of peoples confidence in the election process will be restored.


    If the election officials say there was little or no fraud – as they have all done – then the election officials are deemed corrupt. If the Judges reject the ‘evidence’, then the Judges are corrupt. With this mindset it never ends.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “If the election officials say there was little or no fraud – as they have all done – then the election officials are deemed corrupt. If the Judges reject the ‘evidence’, then the Judges are corrupt. ”

    Yes, and if the judgesaccept than they are trump’s puppets. At least be honest and acknowledge that it goes both ways.


    “But I really do not get why the Dems are all in a tizzy. If all the lawsuits are so meritless. Then let Trump run out the process. Whats the big deal?”
    Thank you for your more balanced and rational post. Though I’m not a democrat, the big deal among many of us is that it’s bad sportsmanship to sue on such frivolous claims. Only we’re not talking sports, here. We’re talking about the Unites States of America, the most powerful and influential nation on earth. This weakens us. Not only is the whole world laughing at our decline, but for well over 200 years we’ve respected the ‘will of the people,’ (though debatable if we’ve achieved that, that’s always been the stated goal) and have a long tradition of valuing stability. What he is doing destabilizaes us. His biggest fans trust everything he says as truth, and would still buy Trump’s claims of corruption over 100s of judges accross the nation. This irrationally drives Americans even further away from each other and from the values our country was founded on. You have to be a man to lessen the ego for the good of the country he is supposed to be serving.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Syag – You are wrong.

    At this point anyone supporting Trump here hates Democracy.

    Trump is making claims of widescale fraud without evidence. If he did that against you that would be called libel and slander. Instead he is doing this against voting, which is one of the most fundamental aspects of democracy. As president he is sworn to defend our democracy.

    In simple words, Trump is committing Treason.

    Not conceding the election, going to court is all fine, but to cast allegations, because Trump feels this way, without any firsthand knowledge or evidence is simply committing libel and slander against Democracy itself. Trump is a Traitor. You are supporting a Traitor. You must hate Democracy.

    At least be honest and acknowledge that you want an authoritarian regime.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    “At this point anyone supporting Trump here hates Democracy.”

    That is absolutely false. Sheker, not emes.

    Reb Eliezer

    When 3 people say you are drunk, you are suppose to lie down.


    ENS: False. The Democrats spent FOUR YEARS undermining democracy by falsely claiming the Russians elected Trump, rather than Trump won fair and square.

    What goes around, comes around. Eat what you sow.

    Reb Eliezer

    All intelligence agencies agreed that Russians interfered in 2016 elections but not in the 2020.


    ujm – you are on record here advocating for an anti-democratic use of constitutional power to throw the election to trump simply because it can be done under the literal reading of the constitution (in mark levin’s reading of the constitution). So in the final analysis, ENS is correct: be honest and acknowledge that you want an authoritarian regime.

    Further, Hillary Clinton never claimed that Trump did not legally hold the office of the president or that legal actions he took as president would be illegitimate. She did not claim russia hacked the vote counting machines or that the election itself was illegitimate. Whatever people have in their heads when they vote is their business; there is a long history of propaganda and disinformation in presidential campaigns, but in the end it’s up to the campaigns to make their cases and then people vote using whatever criteria they want to use.

    The question of legitimacy in 2016 had to do with democratic norms and whether the trump campaign accepted or colluded with foreign powers. Had the Russia investigation concluded that there was actual collusion, there may have been grounds for impeachment, but no one ever said collusion would void the 2016 election. Trump’s legal legitimacy was never questioned. Hillary Clinton never claimed she was rightful president. She conceded as soon as the results were clear. So stop with the false equivalencies.

    What’s going on now is either trump trying to maneuver the country into a serious constitutional crisis, or far more likely, he’s a wimp who cannot admit defeat so he’s just lashing out without a strategy, or even more likely than that, it’s a huge con to fire up the trump zombies to get them to pay for his campaign debts and legal fees. Trump has every right to ask for every vote to be counted, to ask for a recount where allowed by law, and to ask for the minor voting irregularities to be looked into, but he does not have a right to claim widespread fraud without any proof. Whatever the motivation, it will have a long lasting affect on democracy and will serve to delegitimize actions taken by biden in eyes of those trump supporters who cannot separate fact from fiction.


    se2015: If Biden is sworn into office after a majority of the electoral college votes for him, despite any fraud the Democrats committed, it will be a legal fact that Biden is legally the POTUS will the full powers that entails.

    But an illegitimate, even if legal, president nonetheless.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Syag – wow! another insult from you, this time directed towards me, where you offer nothing of substance beyond your insult. Seems like a middah of Trump. Just insult, lie, and slander and when the basis for everything he says is examined it is false.

    Congrats. You showed me.

    – So to be clear when you say “eat what you sow”, you mean you don’t care about Democracy. Because not sure how else that is intended.

    Also I have to wonder…. The Republican led Senate issued a massive report that concluded that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Trump said he did not read the report (not surprising). That report and the FBI investigation into Russian interference led to actions to reduce Russian interference in the 2020 election. So rather than undermine democracy it helped make it stronger.

    So the Republicans concluded that Russia was a threat to independent US elections and yet you, say this is a Democrat claim as if to suggest this is one-sided.

    Maybe actually go get facts rather than repeating whatever Donald Trump, Hannity, or Carlson told you.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Ens- that’s a good one, you are really lots of fun! So you said “anyone who supports trump here hates democracy” with not a shred of evidence. But i, who support trump and don’t hate democracy, need to file a signed affidavit with that statement.

    My take is that you don’t like being wrong so when someone opposes you you throw a hissy fit discounting their claim with enough false self importance to prevent anyone from wanting to argue with you. Sounds more trump-like than anything I’ve said.

    Oh, and my proof? – all your posts.


    Breaking News: Techiyas Hamaysim NOT. Two of the four “deceased” voters who Trump’s lawyers claimed in sworn affidavits had “returned” and voted in the Georgia elections came forward in the past 48 hours and filed court papers claiming that they were NOT niftar. One, in fact, was an elderly woman cited by Tucker Carlson on Fox but had to “correct” himself (I give him credit for that) after it was revealed she voted as “Mrs. Yankel Gavornlik” (which is how she is registered). Poor yankel was niftar but she wasn’t . Another great example of intensive legal due diligence by Trumps legal geniuses led by Crazy Rudy. (Note: Names were changed here for effect).

    emes nisht sheker

    @Syag – kind of hard to take you serious. By my count you are the most sanctimonious holier than thou person here who is so sure her (his?) viewpoint is so right that you never actually engage in anything substantive rather every comment is essentially an insult. I can repeat what I said earlier to explain what I said, but obviously you are not interested in debate, rather you are just interested in extolling how anyone who sees things differently than you is clearly a hypocrite and wrong.

    I guess kind of hard to debate on the substantive issues when you are so in the wrong.

    I recall Doug Collins (probably someone you like as he is a Trump loving Republican) saying a well-known phrase, when the facts are on your side state the facts, when the law is on your side state the law, when neither is on your side, pound the table. Seems like you have been stuck pounding the table for a while.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 not just holier than thou, but sanctimoniously so! Just because i don’t read or watch or listen to secular/non jewish media and push for honesty! Well if being holy is that easy, boy is it my lucky day.

    Im still trying to figure out your former screenname. I can’t believe you just showed up out of nowhere to troll my posts. I mean there are so many more exciting, knowledgeable and abrasive posters to throw daggers at than me.

    Sleep well


    ENS -“Trump is making claims of widescale fraud without evidence.”

    IDK what is considered widescale. There is Documented Fraud in Detroit.
    The story is that a Election employee told others if any Votes come in late – to backdate it.
    The Fake Media, including Fox, won’t report on it.
    That’s why I previously wrote Pa, it was Really Detroit.
    There are many Affadavids like this one.

    To collect all the Fraud – will take Months and by that time it will be too LATE!
    Biden who got 10 Mil from Commy China learned how to Play with Minds.
    Trump knew this would happen, but he might have been powerless to Stop it!


    “In Pennsylvania, the ballots themselves are in two envelopes. So to change the date on the ballot the postal worker would have to open the envelopes (a federal crime punishable by 15-20 years in prison), change the date, and reseal them in two new envelopes while copying the voter’s signature. ”

    Correct. There was a much easier way for postal workers to skew the election — by not delivering the ballots. And this happened. 1/3 in Philadelphia and 1/5 in Detroit. Biden’s margin in each state would increase by over 100,000 votes had all the legally cast votes been counted. But apparently Trump’s cult members don’t care about fair elections; they just want their guy to continue in office illegally.


    “The story is that a Election employee told others if any Votes come in late – to backdate it.”

    The story turned out to be false. No votes were backdated.

    “Biden who got 10 Mil from Commy China”

    No he didn’t.

    “Trump knew this would happen”

    He assumed that he would win in a landslide because he had bigger rallies than Biden. He should have asked President Walter Mondale how the size and enthusiasm of rallies corresponds with votes.

    Your guy lost. And not by a little. Return to reality.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Syag – see you just keep at it. Never a substantive comment from you. Just insults and being sanctimonious. Oh, if you cared about honesty, you would actually go seek out viewpoints that don’t align with yours otherwise you are just living in your own echo chamber. Keep it up. Maybe some more smileys. With Trump losing your comments have increasingly been unhinged. Maybe I should feel bad for you.

    – Richard Hopkins when questioned admitted he has no knowledge of any fraud. He heard a part of a sentence and assumed a lot. I really don’t care what he then says on social media when there is no legal consequence. I grow tired of you repeating lies and conspiracy. You have evidence or legal arguments show it.

    Until then, Joe Biden is President-elect.

    Not so hard to comprehend.


    Oh Charlie -“The story turned out to be false. No votes were backdated.”

    No, it’s TRUE. The reason I originally wrote Pa, because the Libs here & in the Media Denied it.
    There is an affadavid that this Occurred in Detroit!

    “Biden who got 10 Mil from Commy China”
    “No he didn’t.”

    It says so in Hunter’s Laptop!

    Your guy Cheated. And not by a little. Return to reality!


    ENS -“Health – Richard Hopkins when questioned admitted he has no knowledge of any fraud. He heard a part of a sentence and assumed a lot. I really don’t care what he then says on social media when there is no legal consequence. I grow tired of you repeating lies and conspiracy. You have evidence or legal arguments show it.”

    That’s the Spin here & in the Media.
    This actually happened in Detroit.
    Stop with the Liberal Lies!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Hello mr sunshine – so far all you’ve done is taken different comments I’ve made to other posters that obviously rubbed you the wrong way, and directed them at me, despite them not fitting in to the conversation. This just reinforces the point that you, or your former screenname didn’t like my comments and figure this would somehow give me a “taste of my own medicine”.

    Problem is, I was directing them at people as a response to things they said, you are just reprinting them even tho they are out of place. Maybe just turn your focus elsewhere, there are so many other fun people to connect with in a productive conversational format that will enjoy your upbeat attitude and the soft spoken way about you.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Health – read the Jesse Jacobs affidavit and it does not make the claims you claim it makes.

    You said the worker was told to backdate ballots that came in late. This is a very specific claim that if true would be troubling.

    What the affidavit says (easy to find online), and all it says about this, is that on Nov 4 she (he?) was told to input Nov 3 as the receive date for ballots that were not in the QVF.

    This is important, because testimony has to be very specific as otherwise you can say one thing and imply something else. Note, Jesse does not say that ballots that came in late were backdated, what Jesses says is that ballots not in the QVF were dated to Nov 3.

    Nowhere in the affidavit does it state that those ballots came in after Nov 3. Seems to me, someone created an affidavit that attempted to stick to factual statements (because it is a crime to lie in an affidavit) but it was done in an way to imply something illegal happened when in fact the affidavit never makes such a claim.

    Like has been said, easy to make claims on social media another to swear before a judge and make those claims.

    Let us know when you find your evidence or come up with valid legal arguments. Until then Joe Biden is president-elect.

    I was already tired of your lies and conspiracy, and you have not made a better case yet.


    I’m not gonna get into details of alleged fraud, all anyone needs to see to understand this election was stolen, is the democrats’ refusal to audit every single vote. If they thought they won cleanly, they would invite the Republicans to investigate absolutely everything, if only to make them look foolish. Let’s see how this plays out, as sidney powell seems pretty confident she possesses sufficient evidence to overturn this thing.

    emes nisht sheker

    @turahvaluesoverparty – well then you just made a great argument for why Trump was guilty of all the crimes he has been accused of. He obstructed and the GOP did their best to stop investigations into him. That shows anyone that he must be guilty. Also he refused to show his tax return, which further shows he is guilty.

    Btw, in Georgia they are doing a full hand count of the vote, and guess what… That’s right, Trump realized the audit there was not going his way, so now on to the next reason why elections that he loses should not count.

    @Syag – In all this talk about Biden and Trump, never once do I recall you ever contributing with a substantive argument. Instead it is all holier than thou, statements that are intended to insult the person you direct it against. I welcome you actually joining the conversation and adding something of substance, but I suspect that when you get beneath the fragile exterior there is little holding up the insides and not much to offer. Maybe tone done the gaivah a bit and actually discuss issues and dare I say, accept the possibility you may very well be wrong.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    ENS – thank you for yet another rendition of posts I wrote to other people reworded and posted to me.
    Let’s try this-
    Give me a lis, spare the insults, condescension and rheteric, just a list of points I may be wrong on and i will reevaluate.
    When you can’t, don’t hide it by saying im not worth your time. I have repeatedly asked people to curb their presentation regardless of their views, but you accuse me of being one sided.

    List please. Complete or incomplete, just straight forward statements so i can redo them

    Thanks so much.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Oh, and i especially would like some samples of what you have labeled gaava (five times). Please include one of those as well.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Syag – Do you lack reading comprehension as well? You have not said anything of substance, just insults. Those are not points worth debating.

    Old Crown Heights

    There needs to be a hand count in a sample of counties in every contested state.

    There needs to be an investigation into who ordered the destruction of the envelopes and why. Is this standard? Was this unusual?

    There needs to be a forensic investigation into the vote counting machines to see how they subject they are to manipulation.

    Every affidavit alleging fraud needs to be investigated.

    Huge cash rewards plus immunity need to be granted anyone with first hand knowledge of fraudulent election activity willing to come forward.

    The American people and the world need confidence in this election.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Exactly as i called it.


    ENS -“You said the worker was told to backdate ballots that came in late. This is a very specific claim that if true would be troubling.
    What the affidavit says (easy to find online), and all it says about this, is that on Nov 4 she (he?) was told to input Nov 3 as the receive date for ballots that were not in the QVF.”

    I investigated it:
    “The unidentified postal worker said that he is speaking out because the entire process carried out by USPS workers is “shady”. “As far as I am aware, we’re not supposed to be counting ballots that are postmarked after the third of November here in the state of Michigan.”
    There are 16 Electoral College votes at stake in Michigan with the presidential election still up for grabs. The whistleblower said many employees were upset that they were ordered to isolate the ballots.
    The Insider said he was shocked when Barlow Branch morning supervisor Jonathan Clarke told a group of mail carriers how late ballots would be handled”

    The Law in MI is it must be in the hands of the Election Workers to count.
    So this is how they Purportrated the Fraud. When they investigated this – e/o said that’s the way it works. See line above.
    What they did is physically brought the Votes into the election offices so it should be counted.
    Really if they wouldn’t have seporated the Votes, these Voted Would Never be Counted because it wouldn’t be in the Election workers Hands!
    All this Fraud was Instituted Months before the Election from the Biden Campaign.
    This Election was the End of Our Democracy!


    My kids were asking me whether the Trumpkopf actually believes any of the craziness he is tweeting and assuming its all part of his marketing schtick to keep the MAGA and Trump brands energized with his followers, when will he realize it may go too far and push the country over the edge into the abyss.
    Sad part is that I don’t know the answer to either question. Perhaps others here know ending to this horror movie.


    So the Trumpkopf just tweeted that most of the dozen or so losing lawsuits that had been filed thusfar seeking to invalidate the results, block certification of Biden wins etc. (and thrown out or rejected by federal and state courts) “WERE NOT OURS”. Instead, he now says that the world’s greatest litigator, Crazy Rudy (aka Guiliani) will “soon” begin filing their cases and the Courts will then reverse the Biden win as unconstitutional and declare the Trumpkopf as the winner. In his interview today on Fox News, Crazy Rudy insisted he could not disclose his secret evidence that will be filed this week and reverse the outcome in all the key states. Stay tuned!!


    Its over in Pennsylvania. Apparently, Rudy “secret” strategy is to have the team restrict their pleadings to those that pass the laugh test. Earlier this evening, their Pennsylvania counsel amended their filing in federal district court removing the primary allegations that election officials violated the Trump campaign’s constitutional rights by limiting the ability of their observers to watch votes being counted and demanding that 600,000 Biden votes be invalidated. That leaves only the allegation that some Democratic-leaning counties may have allowed some voters to fix errors on their mail ballots. Republicans acknowledge that even if that could be proven (which it has not) it would only affect from several hundred to 3,000 votes statewide…not even close to having a material affect on outcomes.
    I suspect their “secret” legal strategy will be a פארבלאנדזשעט allegation of a NATIONWIDE conspiracy involving the election officials of 28 states (more than half controlled by Republicans) and the DNC to have their election software ” change” millions of Trump votes to Biden. This coming days after Trump’s own Director of Computer Security at HHS declares that there were NO significant hacking or software issues that affected the election.
    Does anyone recall the day the circus came to town and they paraded the elephants and clowns from the train station to the fairgrounds and there were those guys in the back of the parade with brooms and shovels. I feel sorry for the poor young lawyers who are wondering why they went to law school only to have to be marching at the end of this parade to nowhere.


    GH -“Its over in Pennsylvania.”

    Yes it is.
    The Lying Libs won’t have a Chance.
    Btw, since when are you a reporter for the WP or Other Lib Papers?!?

    From Guilani’s Twitter – Just NOW:
    “Do not use the law firm of Swaine & Viebeck.
    They are the WAPO activists who falsely wrote that we changed our case in PA.
    They didn’t read para 132-150 which repeat all the allegations of the 680,777 mail in votes which were deliberately concealed from Republican inspectors.
    Rudy W. Giuliani
    The only thing that would have surprised me is if Philly didn’t cheat on a big scale in the 2020 election.
    It would have been the first time they missed such an opportunity in 60 years.
    Wake up to reality”

    emes nisht sheker

    @Health – All you spouted at me is Jesse Jones’s opinion about things, not a single factual statement. Thankfully, just because you can’t tell the difference between factual testimony versus opinion, does not mean a judge cannot. I stand by my prior comment, nowhere did Jesse Jones offer testimony that ballots received after they were allowed to be received were backdated.

    At what point are you going to give this up that this so-called evidence of widescale fraud you think there is just has not been put out there yet.

    I think I have had it with this conversation as it is ridiculous that you have yet to offer something that is even debatable, rather you have just offered clearly wrong information, and it is frankly annoying to be a fact-checker for claim after claim being made. It should be abundantly clear by now to anyone interested in this that anything you say is suspect and most likely false.

    I will just leave off with reminding you that Joe Biden is the President-elect. You want to challenge this provide actual legal arguments that have some merit or evidence that challenges this presumption. So far you have offered nothing.

    emes nisht sheker

    @Honest to follow-up to my prior comment (not published yet) on Nov 13 the court addressed the Jesse Jones affidavit and explains why the allegations are garbage. In that case the request for injunctive relief was tossed out. So go on, keep on posting nonsense, it is reflecting poorly on you at this point.


    ENS -“All you spouted at me is Jesse Jones’s opinion about things, not a single factual statement. Thankfully, just because you can’t tell the difference between factual testimony versus opinion, does not mean a judge cannot. I stand by my prior comment, nowhere did Jesse Jones offer testimony that ballots received after they were allowed to be received were backdated.”

    Let’s start again.
    I never heard of a Guy named Jesse Jones.
    I just looked up his name & what you were talking about.
    I Know nothing about his/her’s case.

    I was talking about a postal worker’s testimony that was provided to Veritas.
    Now go back and read #1920035!
    Like I said – there is so Many claims of Fraud, e/o gets Confused.
    Trump was right – Mail- in Ballots will cause a Lot of Fraud!
    That must be the Reason the DemonCrats wanted Mail- in Ballots, because they figured Biden can’t Win Without it.

    Old Crown Heights

    The American people, the world, demands a hand recount in all crucial battleground counties. We need to have confidence in the election.

    Old Crown Heights

    Did anyone else see the clips showing dozens of leftwing supposedly “independent” media outlets reading the same verbatim scripts down to the same cadence? The left tries to pretend that they have a broad consensus, when its in fact many no-thought, no research mouthpieces for the same scripted talking points.

    The problems with the voting machines are real. The evidence and complaints go back years. The voting machines have so much potential for fraud is why some allege they were invented precisely to rig elections.

    emes nisht sheker

    Not Jesse Jones, the name is Jesse Jacobs. Mixed up the name, but should have been clear as that was the case in MI and I mentioned the name previously.

    Everything else stands.

    As this is so difficult for you, as you just keep on repeating Trump’s rhetoric (which the style of he gets from Mein Kampf), Joe Biden is president-elect. You want to dispute that, show the evidence or legal arguments. So far you have shown zero.


    ENS -“Not Jesse Jones, the name is Jesse Jacobs. Mixed up the name, but should have been clear as that was the case in MI and I mentioned the name previously.”

    You still didn’t get my point!
    Whatever his name is – it’s irrelevant!
    The case you were talking about is a claim in the Election Dept.
    I was talking about fraud with the Votes itself.
    They separated them in the Post Office.
    They processed them separately from the Rest of the Mail, so the votes will be given over to the Election Dept. on the Third of Nov.
    This is Blatant Corruption in Michigan!


    Joe Biden is president-elect, of course he is!
    But that doesn’t mean that no fraud has happened.

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