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    does anyone specific foods that fill you up without making you fress away the whole day?? foods that are low in fat and little calories might be good are more wanted

    this will be very helpful for all those( including me) who are try ing to limit what we eat!!


    Fruit and vegetables are great to snack on. (Limit the fruits if you are a diabetic). Drink a lot of water too.

    Don’t go for the diet drinks, fads or any other stupid nonsense. Oh, and don’t forget, carbs are NOT your enemy.


    You should eat foods that are low glycemic index. You can find lists of such foods and the benefits by googling it.

    good luck!


    Yoyo before any meal have a big salad to fill you up, just be careful with the dressings, they can be very fattening.


    Filling/Low Calories:


    green beans




    I like yogurt – its fast and filling. I can only eat Stoneyfield farm yogurts though – the rest tast like garbage to me. Those taste like food. (not cholov yisroel though)


    whenever i start meals with soup i get full fast.

    also even though i hate doing this sometimes when i am in big fresing mood i chew gum so that i wont put anything else in my mouth. but this tends to make you hungry because it gets the juices flowing and also i wont do it out of the house.

    raisens or craisens are good i find.


    neatfreak me to, i live off gum


    If you eat an apple before every meal you will not consume as much other food. A friend of mine lost weight by doing this and ‘moving more.’ It worked for her. 🙂

    Pashuteh Yid

    My doctor put me on a strict Entenmann’s diet. Three meals a day of Entenmann’s.


    Pashuteh Yid, thats funny im on the same diet


    each Entenmann donut has like 12 grams of fat. Good stuff.


    There was an internet report on a bunch of overweight, out of control diabetics that were “locked” into a yenemsveldt retreat in the wilds of Arizona, and fed only raw fruits and vegetables for two weeks, with some hiking exercise. Besides some weight loss, all presented better glucose numbers, and some were able to go insulin free. A main point you pick up in any writing on raw food diets, is that if fruits and vegetables dont fill you up, it is because you are not eating enough of them. If you have a breakfast of 3 banana, two large tomatoes, a cup of sprouts and four cucumbers, you should feel “full”

    Mod 80, while green beans are delicious raw, there is a caveat: Raw beans contain a cyanide to protect the seeds from being eaten. This is mostly for the mature beans, such as soaked dry beans that are soft enough to eat, and somewhat so for fresh uncooked green beans. The cyanide is driven off as a gas after 5 minutes cooking.

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    read ‘the life-transforming diet’ its all based on the Rambam…

    its very interesting and also you know that its right because its from the Rambam!

    its not necessarily for losing weight, but also for living a healthy lifestyle


    BYM- I think your intentions are good as far as suggesting a natural diet to lose weight. However Yoyo would be better guided by seeing a Wholistic Doctor who can suggest a safe and nutritious diet that is suitable for her.


    rice cakes instead of bread, salad every single meal, apples, no cake, no sweets, no cookie, no pasta, vegetable soup, small portion of chicken or fish hardly any cheese. This is my advice to loose weight.

    Excercise is a most.

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