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    before going this route please see my post below…80

    (the text below is copied from the deals2buy website. deal starts at 12:00 noon EST today. shipping is NOT free – please see other restrictions as well. if you know of someone else who can take advantage of this offer [friends, relatives, rabeim, kolel, etc.], please notify them.)

    Residents of The United States only. Promotion starts at 12pm (Noon) EST on April 13th, 2011. Free glasses include the frame and standard 1.5 index lenses. Maximum 10,000 frames available to be redeemed. All upgrades including coatings, progressives, bifocals, tints, and high index lenses are not included with this offer, but are available at 25% off. Shipping and handling applies. Some frames may not be eligible. Limit 1 per household. Previous free glasses recipients excluded. reserves the right to cancel orders. Please note: Multiple orders made from the same computer and household will be canceled.


    How to get this deal:

    1) Go to coastalcontacts website

    2) Select a pair of eyeglasses – any pair! (Make sure the frames don’t say “Coupons not applicable” under the title)

    3) Enter your prescription details

    4) At checkout enter coupon code: freeapr13 [Exp After 10,000 uses, First time users only]

    Final Price: Free + $15approx Shipping + No Tax in Most States


    at zenni optical online you can get prescription glasses, the whole package, lenses and frames, including shipping for $9.95, all the time, no coupon necessary. and the lenses are thinner than 1.5 index.

    previous customers are not excluded.

    you can get as many pairs as you want.



    Even better, thank you.

    Please edit the original post so that your info appears at the top – it would be a shame if someone read the OP and snapped up the deal without scrolling down and seeing that you’d posted a better deal.


    I don’t have time for this b/4 pesach, can you somehow keep this current so those of us who don’t have time now will remember to do this after pesach?



    write down the following: “zenni” on a piece of paper.

    put the paper in a safe place.

    after Pesach do a google search for zenni.


    MOD 80- Im not sure what was wrong with my other post but for some reason you did not let it go thru! Annoying but ok….anyhow i got a pair from zenni and an expansive pair from a store here but i only wear the ones from zenni! they are great thank you

    jewish source

    You guys are not doing any justice sending people to these websites.

    Read the reviews. How many patients (yes patients because these are your eyes not something you play with)got the wrong PD, Vertical Prism, badly fitted, never received their order,I’ve heard of allot of bad stories of glasses not fitting properly the years of discomfort Headaches , do you know how many people would be saved from headaches everyday if only the eye-wear was chosen by a professional Licensed optician and fitted properly. Its a trade that takes years to prefect.

    Honor the local stores they send their kids to the same schools you do give tzedaks to the same organizations you do.

    It might cost a little more but you are getting value and the money gets circulated



    this wont last so long. Only today


    hlm, I was talking about the place mod 80 was talking about.


    oh, whoops! Thanks Mod 80 and commonsense – thats a cool website, I can see how the glasses look on me 😉


    Mod 80 & ICOT-

    I just bought a pair from both Zenni and Coastal Contacts. Both are very good. Coastal Contacts seems to run a free pair offer quite frequently. (You can find their coupon code, and when it is running, on their facebook page.) It is, like noted above, free except for approximately $15 shipping. Zenni has glasses for $7 (and up through $45) which include both the frame and standard lenses. They add $5 for shipping. So the total cost with Zenni is $12. This is Zenni’s regular pricing available all the time.

    It seems to me that while Zenni makes a decent glasses (both frame and lenses), the Coastal Contacts glasses are a better quality and perhaps a greater selection of fashionable frames (including the frames eligible for the free offer.) The limitation of Coastal is that you can only use this pricing offer one time (while Zenni is always available.) Also note Zenni can take up to two weeks to receive (usually closer to one week) while Coastal is usually under one week to receive.

    As far as the thinness of the lens, Zenni offers what they call a 1.57 lens while Coastal offers a standard 1.5 polycarb lens. In theory the 1.57 should be thinner, but for whatever reason it seems that my 1.5 lens from Coastal is slightly thinner than the 1.57 lens I received from Zenni.

    In short, they are both very good deals, but the Zenni offer is always available for any quantity while the Coastal is a one-time deal that you need to snatch when they run their (frequent) promotions.


    I should also add that Zenni’s additional options for the glasses are significantly less expensive than the competition. Getting thinner lenses (i.e. 1.61 or 1.67, etc.) or tinted lenses ($5) or Anti-Reflection Coating ($5) or photochromic or polarized lenses is significantly less than any other shop I know of, online or brick and mortar. (AR coating can literally cost about $50 alone elsewhere, tinting at least $20, etc.) And Zenni includes anti-scratch and UV protection free in all glasses.

    They manufacturer the glasses in China, which is why it is so inexpensive. But the other companies also manufacturer their frames in China, although many of them still produce the lenses in U.S. labs.


    How do these stores sell prescription glasses for under $15 when retailers charge hundred’s of dollars for the same thing?


    the same way that drug companies can charge $140 for a bottle of eyedrops that costs 23 cents to manufacture, and another 6 cents for the bottle.

    theres nothing stopping them if people are willing to pay (in the case of glasses) or have no choice (in the case of Rx)

    yes i know there are other factors such as recovering research costs but thaose are generally a drop in the bucket compared to the retail cost.


    FYI if there’s anyone else living in Israel on here…. my wife ordered a few pairs of glasses from Zenni a few weeks ago – shipped DIRECTLY to Israel (via Fedex – $9.95 total shipping cost!) arriving a week after the order was placed – and she could not be happier with the glasses.


    I just saw that is running a promotion for prescription glasses for $10 a pair, including free shipping, with a selection of about 100 frames:


    The Coastal site is full of great promos and sales. I’ve bookmarked it for after Tishrei when I want to get a more thorough exam and replace my present RX that I do not think is quite correct.


    I, too live in Israel and am about to order a few pairs, but I am just scared that they won’t come in good condition. I was reading the reviews and some people wrote that they came bent or scratched from the shipping.

    How did your’s come wrapped?

    I also read that they have terrible customer service so I will order it on my amex and talk to them if there are any problems.

    Thanks in advance for your reply!!


    RKT: I’ve had terrific experience with both of them, quality and customer service.

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