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    tzippi, thanks so much for the information. I don’t know anyone on the SCD, and didn’t realize that it was helpful for colitis and severe celiac, I thought that it was only helpful for those on the spectrum.

    Is Digestive Wellness a Health food store? What do you mean by “advanced dieters”? What’s the cookbook about? I’d be very interested in this place – maybe it’s worth a trip one Sunday. Where is it?

    Gezuntheit – it’s so interesting that you’re asking about the special oats. My son has been complaining about the oats, and I really couldn’t understand it because I thought that oats should be ok. After doing just a little research (by the way, I found a website under yahoo health groups called “allergicjews” with some discussion on GF)I realized that you’re right – there are people that can’t tolerate it, even the ones like laras, controlled for cross contamination. I used the heavenly mills flour recently, which also claims to be “gluten free”, but I think, if I’m not mistaken, just means that they have the lowest gluten content. Now, he doesn’t wash on shabbos, because it just makes him too sick.


    Does anyone know of a good challah recipe that only uses oat flour? Is it even possible to make good challah using only oat flour?


    anon for this-

    Today’s (March 27, 2011) NY Daily News web site has an article about a new Gluten-Free cookbook.

    The title is “Gluten-Free on a Shoestring” by Nicole Hunn, published by Da Capo Lifelong Press.

    If you Google search the article’s title, “Gluten-free chocolate sandwich cookies” on the NY Daily News’s website you should find it.

    (I think posts with direct links are being rejected, so I can’t post the URL here – sorry.)

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    Thanks ICOT! Always on the lookout for cheap GF recipes.


    check out NuCafe 47 on 47thand New Urtrecht. Their menu says they cater to all dietary needs including gluten free.

    discuss with the Chef first.


    For egg free try egg replacer made by Ener-G-foods under the kof-k. It is great for cakes, pancakes, etc. I have even made blintzes with it though they did not roll as well. It has no gluten, great recipes on the box and as of last year, the kof-k says there is no chametz in it (They are checking into it for me this year again). It may have kitniyot but if you are a sefardi like me, that isn’t an issue. Good luck!


    The popularity of the diet and increasing reports of allergy and IBS show that mass neuroses do actually wreak havoc and spawn psycosomatic, but still very real public health deficits. This is also breaking news in peanut allergy.

    For those seeking a gluten free hamotzi, there is a rant of mine in the mothballs (oat matzo issue) that might interest you.


    anon for this-

    My pleasure – I hope the recipe book is good.


    Hi. I’m looking for a gluten free challah recipe that does not contain oat flour and should also taste good – if such a thing exists. Thanks.

    am yisrael chai


    It exists, but it wouldn’t be a hamotzi.

    Gluten-free oats is the only grain that would be gluten-free and hamotzi (barley, rye, wheat, and spelt all have gluten). (There is a more rare sheeta which holds that even oats are not hamotzi.)

    There are other flours you could use that tastes great, which would be either mezonos, haadama or shehakol, depending on the flour used (rice flour, potato flour, corn flour, quinoa flour, tapioca flour, almond flour, etc.).


    Thanks. I know it wouldn’t be Hamotzi, but for right now they want her off oats completely. So far I haven’t found any good Challah recipes without oats.



    We have a company that makes chocolates milk free (pareve), gluten free, nut free, and egg free. Check it out.

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