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    Little Froggie

    Purim is less than two months away. Someone here has to wake up the “oilom”

    ,and let us say once more


    Little Froggie


    Someone got me sticky!!


    Frogs are usually slippery.

    YW Moderator-42
    Sam Klein

    What a terrible tragedy to occur.

    look at the recent children tragedies Niftar over the last few weeks.

    1)Moshe Schreiber-son of Dovid & Rochel of Lakewood-infant unresponsive, apparently from SIDS-December 1 2014-3 months old

    2)Blima Friedman-daughter of Yaakov and Sarah of Boro Park-struck and pinned under a vehicle-December 2 2014-10

    3)Shmuel Langelban,-of the U.S. & living in Yerushalayim with the Shuva Banim Community- killed in a MVA heading from London to Amsterdam-December 10 2014-19

    4)Nosson Druk-a resident of Yerushalayim.with the Shuva Banim Community-killed in a MVA heading from London to Amsterdam December 10 2014-16

    5)Boy from Beit Shemesh-Burned In home fire-December 23 2014-10

    6)Batsheva Esther Wolfson-daughter of Meir & Chava of Lakewood-child hit by car-December 24 2014-2

    Do YOU remember these very recent tragedies?

    Look at their young ages & the ways they were Niftar. in such a short span of time.

    do YOU think this is coincidence?


    May their neshamos have an Aliya

    Little Froggie

    Oish… Apparently he forgot.. so..

    OH.. So he’s back on again…

    Moreinu v’Rabbeinu, HaRav HaGoan HaTzaddik Hamuflag, Hanistor (obviously, we’re ALL anonymous here) HaRav Reb Shmuel HaKatan, Shlita.

    So you’re the one we must report to when we’re dry and ready to do Teshuva “..Let me know if YOU are ready to do teshuva..”. You also got the message straight from Above “…which could have been totally avoided…”

    OK, so you’re the messenger direct from Heaven with these harsh words of Mussar. And I’m writing to you in the name of k’lal Yisroel (they ALL chose me, at an emergency convention, a little froggie!! none could do a better job). Will repeat (hey- you also repeat) what I wrote before. WE KNOW THAT. WE KNOW WHAT TRAGEDIES MEAN. NO NEED TO COME RANTING IN AT THE AFTERMATH OF A MISFORTUNE IN THE NAME OF HASHEM TO SPEW YOUR WORDS OF MUSSAR. WE ALL KNOW THE RAMBAM. Yes, we Yidden are all connected, we ALL share the pain of another, whether here, there or anywhere. And I have a niggling feeling that ones of the caliber of R’ Moshe ztza”l who WERE able to pinpoint a fault to be corrected, would not blog anonymously to drive a point.

    No – he didn’t rant and froth and tell people “let me know when you’re ready to do Teshuva”

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    Yes, we also have cheeeecks… We also hurt (as I’ve responded time and again to your ‘pieces’). Have YOU done teshuvah? How? Bein adam (that’s ‘a mentch’) Lamakom, bein adam lachaveiro? My super grand rabbi, whom I’m supposed to report to when I’m ready to do teshuvah, should be ???? ????? ?????, no?

    (OK, can I have my thread back?)

    catch yourself

    Gevald Geshrigen!

    I agree with all of the above.

    Yes, it is time to do teshuva. No, we don’t need fellow CRians to remind us of this.

    On the other hand, if ????”? ????? ???? gets some sort of ???? from making this obvious point, what’s the big deal?

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    As an aside, LF, I apparently misunderstood your OP. I thought that you were making a similar point about waking up from the situation, and that in the little word “Gevald!!!”, you encompassed all that Sam had to say.

    What is the meaning of your (rather cryptic) OP?

    Little Froggie

    OK, I’ll tell you, nope, I wasn’t referring tho this incident. I’m probably not the type that makes a point to preach the same “when will you do Teshuva…let ME know when YOU’RE ready to do Teshuva” comment every time r”l a mishap misshapens. If you notice, my comment was before Friday (actually you can’t tell, but that’s when I posted). It was in jest. And I would usually not post as such following a tragedy r”l.

    My post was as my usual – pointless. Oh, just pointing out to our folks out and in there that Purim is less than 2 months away… Time to ignite the engines..


    I was in Amazing SAvings in Boro Park yesterday, they have all their purim boxes out already

    Sam Klein

    LF sorry for your dismay. you sounded so upset

    all im saying is that each tragedy has a wake-up call straight from Hashem. i.e. you will not find these messages in any sefer (unless a sefer is mentioned in the message) or newspaper neither is it from me, im not a navi or a Rav, the only answer is that it comes straight from hashem.

    below is one message to see & be shocked

    I wish you well & only happiness so you never need to say GEVALD.

    to assist you with here is a message that has made hundreds of people happy & changed their lives to POSITIVE.

    catch yourself

    LF, don’t bother.

    Sam, I’m sure you mean well; you may even be a highly respected individual whose character would command the respect of all who read your words, if they but knew your identity.

    Alas, your persona is unknown to us. We are therefore blissfully unaware of your great stature.

    As such, your posts here (as well as in the thread to which you linked) come off as arrogant and condescending, and even borderline narcissistic. This, of course, has the exact opposite effect of your objective – instead of inspiring the masses to teshuva, these posts have fomented feelings of resentment, scorn and outright dislike.

    Speaking for myself, I would be happy to be reminded by people in the CR (or anywhere) to refresh my Avodas Hashem; I appreciate that this is probably done with my own best interests at heart.

    However, it must be done in such a way that it also has the appearance of having my best interests as its motivation. Otherwise, even the best efforts with the finest intentions will be wasted.


    This is not my style, but I am going to be a tad harsh. Please don’t take it the wrong way.

    There are people that like to discuss their thoughts in depth in person – often with great gesticulation etc. Someone who has kavod habriyos will let it be. Hamayvin yavin that the people (I assume people understand what I am saying) who go on have stuff going on. Waiting for their shpiel can take time though…but alas often it is better to let them vent because its good for them and you are enabling a person in distress to be a little less so – even if their comments are “out there”. Many like to write their philosophies on life online – it takes no time to move on. So nu? Why hurt those that are hurting?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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