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    beacon – that’s my point. (sorta like the guy in a black hat/white shirt yeshiva who wears a blue shirt. there’s nothing wrong with a blue shirt but in that setting it says something about the guy.)


    very funny jphone…


    “oomis – we know nothing’s wrong with it. but why would anyone chose a name like that? they know what the first thing that comes to mind will be… what kinda message is this “jinglebells” person trying to relay? “

    I guess only he or she could answer that. But it is one thing to have something come to mind (which to be honest, is the problem of the person who thinks that way), and quite another for someone to say, ” I dont know if you know that yw is a Jewish website, just btw… ” when this song is absolutely not about x-mas or santa, or anything anti-Jewish of the sort, but just about riding through the snow. It sounds accusatory. Again, I personally think it is not the best choice for a username myself. But that is the prerogative of the person who chose that name. Apparently the several moderators on this site did not have a problem with it, or they surely would have asked the poster to pick a different name. If the username was something like “Rudolph” or “Frosty the Snowman” I would totally agree with you.


    jphone: he should be jinglebelz!!! lol that’s funny!!!!


    how bout everyone just worry about your own daughters ok??? thank you.


    HaHa -Jinglebelz= good one asdf.. sephardi – Just heard one rabbi in a frum sephardic school give his berecha for protection for girls who do not have/use cell phones. Oh yes, I am sephardi, too. thank you very much!!


    syrian, every Jew is responsible for one another.


    i agree but i dont agree that were all responsible if a teenage girl has a cell phone


    syrian, if a Jew scratches his finger it has an effect on the entire world. Everything is important and a concern.


    i see theres no point in arguing with u….


    joseph, i see theres no point in arguing with you….


    so don’t argue! 🙂


    which is whyyy i didnt argue back!! i gave up lol


    Wow, arguing about not arguing. Rabosai/Rabotai = Next!! Please change the topic.


    of your teenage child really wants a phone and asks you for one, if you say no, she’ll still eventually get it ,just without your permision,wich is worse. the right way to do it is to explain the dangers of a phone and then if she still wants one, then get it for her.

    ED IT OR

    you seriously trawling 5 year old threads?


    crazybrit- im new here, dont know whats done

    I. M. Shluffin

    Probly went through all the threads to find the oldest one, and this is what he came up with. S’fine, I’ve been guilty of the same. It’s interesting to see how questions have changed in 5 years. It’s not such a big deal for girls to have phones nowadays.


    wow, interesting stuff. im maskim its not sucha big deal nowadays but i think its partially cuz we got bigger deals to deal with. and besides, a significantly larger number of (frum) teens own phones than before. society must be put into the equation.


    While of course cell phones can be used for good, there is plenty of potential bad as well. For those who are asking why it’s worse than a home phone, it’s because they alone can be reached at their cell. If someone a teen doesn’t want their parents to know they are dealing with wants to reach them, they can’t call a home phone. Also, for those saying “you have to know you’re kid”, EVERY kid has nisyonos that they have to fight, but not necessarily all the time, if they can get instant “gratification” they may go for it, but if it would be hard and take a while, the nisayon can die down. And yes, there are many boys who don’t have the guts to talk to a girl, but can easily text, especially when (in some cases) it’s done anonymously. I don’t think anyone thinks that the rule is that cellphones make kids go off the derech, but they can help a lot at almost every step along the way. Also, what can be done on cellphones can definitely cause the “decision” to go off. (I know this post looks like a bunch of random unconnected thoughts, but I read a lot of this thread and am trying to reply to a bunch of different people/thought processes)


    I know this post looks like a bunch of random unconnected thoughts, but I read a lot of this thread and am trying to reply to a bunch of different people/thought processes.

    You’re replying to people in a thread that’s five years old? Most of them don’t even post here anymore.


    Not so much to them as to their points


    i can’t be bothered reading the whole blog but my father is really worried about me not going with a phone that can text. he said he just wants me to be able to text him e.g.. a bomb went off in ashtod, i’m alright. etc.


    A better question might be should girls have shoes? Shoes may lead to walking and who knows…it’s a slippery slope from those mary janes (shoes that is)


    I think the question being addressed here is need vs potential danger. I think that all will agree by shoes that “need” wins

    Shopping613 🌠

    A good solution is one-three family phones (depending on the size of the family) they are the family’s and by all right, whoever goes out of the house may take one. Let’s say there are three phones, so always give phone number one first, to whoever needs, that way many people will use it.

    If davka at that time someone else is going out, so give out the second one….

    Any family member is free to take it….

    and look through it…

    You can also see all calls and texts online…

    Letakein Girl


    That sounds really efficient! Does your family do that?

    Shopping613 🌠

    It’s extremely efficient!!!!

    This also is very helpful when a school doesn’t allow the child/teen to have a cell phone. You explain that there are family cell phones and do not belong to the child and anyone in the family can take them at any time…

    Our family does not use that, since my siblings have enough fun losing/breaking the home phones…

    But out family claims my cell phone is the family’s, that’s what many people do to dodge the rule that the school sets.

    But I know many people that really keep on them as family cell phones, and it is a very efficient solution!


    omg, it is so funny seeing how much the world changed in five years… and sad. who today is still fighting that teens shouldn’t have phones? and the phones today are mini computers… but worse cuz no one will look at them besides you, and you can go to sleep curled up with it. and today many in-town bais yaakovs have banned cell phones, which means that if you’re breaking the rule anyway, you many a time break it all the way and load your phone with every platform for falling…

    bp yidd

    Um… No comment



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