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    what are good things to give?


    Challah is probably the most appropriate food for Mishloach Manot.

    The mitzvah is to give 2 types of food that will be eaten at the Seudah. Candy doesn’t cut it.

    I appreciate when I get challah, fruit, kugels and wine/grape juice. And when possible, I try to serve them at the seuda.

    A Heimishe Mom

    From personal experience, detail label on the challah is a must (yoshon, fleshig oven, etc.). But once I found out that there are many people who throw away all home baked goods – even carefully labeled from people they know and eat from generally, I stopped bothering. Some years I will buy, wrap, and label with bakery name.

    Potato kugel and cholent definitely go over better with recipients.

    Agree that such foods are the ideal Mishloach Manos.


    I find it so sad that people will throw out or give food cooked by anyone else to non-Jewish neighbors. Is that really what we’ve come to? Everyone has to think that their Kashrus is that much better than everyone else’s?


    Baked stuff

    Hello Sam2! So you dropped out of the above thread, but you want to start again here ?

    It has nothing to do with better. It’s called different – the fact is its very probable they eat things you don’t want to, and why should you change your hanhagah just to eat someone else’s cookies ?


    um…why would someone eat your cholent and not your cake ?


    It is good policy to give non perishable food, and assume that the Shelach Monos packages won’t necessarily be emptied nor refrigerated by the recipients in a timely fashion, espcially if giving to the local Rabbi who is probably smothered with Shelach Monos. …. It is also means the giver can already pack a few days before Purim, without worrying about perishing food.

    Often a good idea to give Kosher Al Pesach food. …. When we consolidate our Shelach Monos after Purim:- 1st order of business: Segregate Kosher Al Pesach items from Chometz items.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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