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    What other good Jewish websites are there? Also, anyone know of a website that you can ask a halacha question which cannot be asked publicly (inappropriate)? Thanks.


    Hi mischiefmaker

    I would put in my top 5 or 6 Jewish websites. Really amazing reading, mp3s and videos on the site. Definitely worth checking out.


    @mischiefmaker – To answer both questions (albiet in reverse order) – you can’t ask a question online and consider it private. There is no such thing as internet privacy.

    If you want to ask a question, check out


    ermsaywhat-I don’t mean private. I mean a question that I can’t ask here because it wouldn’t be appropriate to discuss it here but in a different setting it might be okay. Also, I should have specified a website for jewish teens (like the cr)but all are appreciated :).

    The chamelon

    try for a quick Nosh of torah content. They post 3 to 4 new items every day Holcha aguda bios anecdotes. Squeky clean no

    ads. They also have an ask the Rav section. Skim their archives for the Qs that came in and what kind of an answer you can expect


    someone told me about

    Member is fantastic

    #698200 is better than fantastic, it’s awesome! has generally attracted (so I’m told) kids not necessarily OTD, but with questions. Definitely not das Torah. However, I did find it helpful in figuring out what types of hashkafa various semanaries in EY have, ie those that were traditional Bais Yaakov, versus those that are “chilled” Bais Yaakov – and those that were very text oriented.

    For the BT’s on this site, please check out A great resource for the issues that tend to occur in a BT’s life even if they’ve been frum for many years.

    As for asking questions, shouldn’t that be left to your LOR?


    Thanks for the plug. Indeed, if you have a non-trivial question of practical Halacha, you should ask your Rabbi. As it says at the top of every page on mi.yodeya:

    Like Wikipedia, mi.yodeya makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer professional (particularly rabbinic) advice.

    Treat mi.yodeya information like it came from a crowd of your friends.


    i always use its lubavitch and VERY annonymouse 😉


    mi.yodeya – No problem. I assume that you’re the mod, Correct?


    http://WWW.NACHASMUSIC.COM has great videos, pictures… of the newest jewish singing sensation.


    YummyYummy, I don’t suppose you have any personal/business interest in the site you posted?

    However, for good quality Jewish Music videos from many sources, try


    I find that the Moderator on is prepared to tackle many a question others wouldn’t, has tremendous Torah-dig kosher Hashkofos and is very clear.

    Member and



    Yes, I’m Isaac, the Founder and Administrator of mi.yodeya.


    I know the moderator of frumteens (the original one), and he is a very chashuv Talmud Chacham. I know that he got overwhelmed by the site and brought other moderators aboard; and I’m certain that those were people he trusted. has a tremendous variety of shiurim, and it’s free. (although they do ask you for a donation every time you pause a video!). I’ve put lots of Naaleh shiurim onto my mp3 player.


    How could I have forgotten – one of the true gems for shiurim (audio and video)


    Related to this topic…

    A couple of years back somebody started a “Good Jewish Torah Links” thread.

    There were literally dozens of sites posted, including many that were not only learning-related (i.e. minyan finder, zmanim, etc.)

    Here’s the URL for that thread:


    I’m not sure if this is what was meant by,”a website that you can ask a halacha question which cannot be asked publicly” but for women try Nishmat-women’s health and halacha here is the link of course it’s always best to ask your Rav.

    Participant is amazing. Thousands of shiurim including essentially the entire semichah program!


    thanx a gzillion. The halacha question I got answered on mi yodea and for the rest of the websites the more the merrier!

    Participant is a great place to ask a Posek. They give you the name and bio of the Rav answering, and the question can be posted or responded to privately.

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