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    Why isnt there Hatzolah coverage in Manhattan??

    John Doe

    Hatzolah operates in all of the 5 Boros of NYC.

    Manhattan divisions include:

    East Side Hatzolah

    West Side Hatzolah

    Washington Heights

    During the day there are ambulances even parked in:


    Wall Street.

    In fact, the Wall Street Hatzolah ambulance, was one of the first three ambulances at the World Trade Center of 9-11.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    Even so, during the day there is limited coverage across a large swath of Manhattan. Certain areas though, do have better coverage than others.


    Because there is, its part of the H-base.

    A Heimishe Mom

    There is! as John Doe said. It is just brutal for them to get around during the day.


    wow i never saw one in manhattan

    Y.W. Editor

    you guys gotta be kidding.

    there is an ambulance parked on south street right near the little tunnel that leads to the BBT. people in the wall street area leave their job if needed and respond during the day. there is a division on the lower east side; upper east side; west side and yeshiva university area.

    they answer loads of calls. i find it surprising that some have never seen a hatzolah ambulance in manhattan.

    matter of fact, come to the salute to israel parade this coming sunday and you will see multiple ambulances there some of which are manned by manhattan members as well.


    As “John Doe” said, there were Hatzolah ambulances and many Hatzolah members active in lower Manhattan on 9/11.

    At least one ambulance was destroyed by the collapsing towers.

    A Google search for “Hatzolah 9/11” will bring up some of the chilling pictures taken that day.

    It was only due to chasdei H-shem that no Hatzolah members lost their lives.

    Ctrl Alt Del

    H-shem? Do we really need to hyphenate an english transliteration of a word that we use to refer to God? I mean the word hashem means ” the name” so we don’t abuse or take in vain the actuall names. Whats next? Ginger Kale?


    Ctrl Alt Del-

    No, it isn’t necessary – it’s a personal preference, or a double harchoka if you will.

    However, you may want to consider writing G-d instead of spelling it out, and you should definitely capitalize “Hashem” (or any other reference to H-shem, including “He”, where appropriate).




    The Midtown Manhattan ambulance is driven in every day from Boro Park.

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