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    Sister Bear

    Does anyone have any good advice on getting rid of a cold. Extra sleep isn’t an option and going to sleep early is not really one either! I can’t even stay home to sleep it off!!!

    I need help quick!!!!


    HOT LIQUIDS. Soup, tea, milk, whatever you have.

    Also, there is over the counter cold medication.

    Feel better!!


    In our family we always have a bottle of Landau brand ZINC LOZENGES PLUS with Ecinancea and Vitamin C for colds of any sort. Start with 3 tablets that you can either suck on or chew and then follow directions on bottle.


    There is a hard candy called Cold Eeze, at the on set of a cold you suck on them throughout the day and its supposed to minimize the severity of the cold.


    Sister Bear-Try Olbas Oil it is very good. Gum Oil Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oil dropped on a tissue and inhaling the vapors can help. Also put into a pot of boiling water drops of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oils,and place a thick towel covering the pot inhaling the vapors under the towel. Neti Pot filled with tepid saline(salt water)soution, and irrigating both nostrils also works. Eating Chraine (Horseraddish with Beets and Lemon Juice) is another remedy. The truth is there are many other things that will improve and boost the immune system. Sleeping more and drinking a lot of water is a given. Refuah Shleima.


    Ester C (a form of vitamin C).

    You also take it before you catch a cold, when you feel a little shiver and it prevents colds.

    People swear by it!


    Cold-Eeze is EXCELLENT, and taking extra zinc besides, will really help. Chicken soup is a proven remedy, more so than other hot liquids (Bubby was right). i really do recommend the Cold-Eeze. I had to have surgery a year ago, and a week before I was scheduled, I came down with a bad cold. My colds normally last three weeks. With the Cold Eeze, it was GONE in three days. No joke. So I always have it around, and I personally take extra zinc every day as part of my vitamin supplementation, and B”H I have managed to avoid bad coldsthe entire year.

    For future reference, at the first sign of a cold, before it has developed into one, but you just know it’s going to happen, take Claritin D twice a day. It will suppress the symptoms before they make you miserable.

    The Best Bubby

    Propoylis Extract 20 is a black tincture bought in a health food shop or herbal shop. You take orange/apple juice in a glass, put in 8 drops and drink up 3x a day. Just don’t use pineapple juice as the enzymes of the juice seperates the drops. If any of the drops remain on the bottom of the glass, take some more juice and mix. Does not taste BAD! You can also take echinacea high strength tablets or drops, Olbas oil is great for stuffed or runny noses.

    I once had a terrible earache that needed antibiotics, 500mg 4x a day, for 10 days, and I took the Propolis Extract straight away and the bain and infection was gone overnight. It is a herbal antibiotic and I take it at the first sign of any cold, earache, flu symptoms and it definately works! Also take extra zinc / high strength, time released vitamin C supplement in the winter to boost the immune system.

    Wishing everyone a gezunter winter and tamid (all the time)!


    Zicam spray works.


    Don’t forget using Cayene Peper, as well as other spices: Thyme; Tumeric; Coriander; Cardamom;Curry; Rosemary; Basil; Cinnamon; Cloves to name a few. Shitake Mushrooms are very healing for colds. Vitamin d3 may help boost the immune system.


    tea with honey. if you can’t take a few days off to rest, prepare the tea and fill a thurmas to take with you. refua shlaima.


    What’s the heck-shaw on Cold-Eeze these days?

    Just sayin’…

    Sister Bear

    Thanks a million everyone for answering so quickly!!

    pascha bchochma – I should’ve figured that out earlier lol thanks! Does coffee qualify as a hot liquid because I can’t drink tea or hot milk?

    Lia – we had zinc lozenges in our house, but do any come that you can swallow?

    Sacrilege & oomis1105 – I know this is a random question but what does Cold-Eeze taste like? And oomis1105 there must be something wrong with my mother’s chicken soup as I had it every night of yom tov and still got a cold 😉 Guess I got to wait till Shabbos again. 🙂 Does tradition soup chicken flavored work as well? 😉

    yankdownunder – How long do you have to keep your head under the

    towel/inhaling the smells? And what should I do with all those herbs? Eat them in food or put them in hot water and inhale them?

    The Best Bubby – Can I put the Propoylis Extract 20 in water or grape juice instead? And can you make me some chicken soup since my Bubby is MIA right now 😉

    thanks amichai for that advice but I can’t do it anymore. I took it when I had swine flu last year and now will throw it up if I do it again (I’ve tried). The honey on the challah I almost couldn’t do.

    Thanks a million for everyone’s answers!!!!!


    “I know this is a random question but what does Cold-Eeze taste like?”

    its hard to describe its sweet tasting that makes your mouth feel dryish. I found that it got rid of the cold but it sort of pushed it off for another time, but its worth it. Just be careful to get the ones with the hechshher as not all of them have it. Refuah Shelaima!


    Seriously, check the hechsher on Cold-Eeze before you start putting it in your mouth.


    Active ingredient: 13.3mg of Ionic Zinc from Zincum Gluconicum 2X (104 mg zinc gluconate trihydrate) equivalent to Zincum 3x. Inactive ingredients (excluding the sugar-free tablets): sucrose, corn syrup, glycine, gluconic acid and fruit extracts. No artificial colors or preservatives.


    contains glycine

    could be by ingesting glycine you could become an apikorus:

    “The detection of glycine in the interstellar medium has been debated. In 2008, the glycine-like molecule aminoacetonitrile was discovered in the Large Molecule Heimat, a giant gas cloud near the galactic center in the constellation Sagittarius by the Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy. In 2009, glycine sampled in 2004 from comet Wild 2 by the NASA spacecraft Stardust was confirmed, the first discovery of extraterrestrial glycine. That mission’s results bolstered the theory of panspermia, which claims that the “seeds” of life are widespread throughout the universe.


    And if you believe that the Triangle K has a Rav Hamachshir sitting on the Wild 2 comet, this place has reached a whole new level 🙂


    i dont believe he actually has to be present.

    its enough that those that work on the comet could possibly expect him at any time


    DayQuil has always done a great job of symptom relief for us.


    Sister Bear- Use the hot water until the temperature becomes cool, when that happens add more hot water. Probably inhale the steamed water for about 15-20 minuits. I would not add more then 3 or 4 drops of Eucalyptus or Tea Tree Essential Oil. Meaning if you use Tea Tree do not use more then about 4 drops. Using Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree Essential Oils together 2drops Eucalyptus and 2 drops Tea Tree Essential Oils. This is very important make sure the Essential Oils are 100% pure and natural. Sister Bear do not consume the Essential Oils, because they are to be used internally only externally. Make sure they are out of reach from young children.


    Sister Bear after inhaling hot Essential Oil steam, you may need to drink water (filtered if possible) to rehydrate. This is good as water will help flush toxins out, and help heal the body to recuperate.

    The Best Bubby

    Sorry for the delay in answering, I just got on…

    You may certainly use grape juice, or any juice but NOT pineapple juice, dure to the enzymes! And by the way, The best Propolis Extract is the 30 not the 20 I had written earlier. Sorry!

    If you already bought the 20 just add a few more drops and take an extra dose a day. Also, take a lemon and squeeze the juice and pour into a mug boiling water and add honey and drink this several times a day.

    You are more than welcome to eat my chicken soup and I’ll even throw in some wonderful, light kneidlach (made with ground almonds as well)!

    Refuah Shelamah!


    The Best Bubby: “any juice but NOT pineapple juice”?

    Ive had the best results with pineapple juice for years, when trying to rid colds. “Pineapple juice in particular is highly beneficial.” (Diet Health Club) Most pineapple juices are fortified with 100% RDA of vitamin C.

    Also eating radishes helps clear cold related mucus.

    The Best Bubby

    I meant not to use pineapple juice to mix with the Propolis Extract as it seperates the tincture due to the enzymes in the juice. He can drink pineapple juice AFTER he has taken the tincture.

    Gut Chodesh to all!


    When your body is filled w Vitamin C’ (and flavanoids) concentrations about 500mg and higher it will Prevent it.

    Sister Bear

    Thanks everyone for all the responses!!!!! I hope never to have a cold again, but with this weather… 🙂 Thank G-d it turned into a low fever and by the next night was gone!! But now its coming back… 🙁

    Thanks sam responsible – I really have to start doing that!!

    This is really random but to do with vitamin C – you can use it as an anti-histamine (however thats spelled). My sister is allergic to fruits and vegetables and she took it when she ate one, and the itchiness went away. 🙂


    Everyone should get a Flu shot!


    Check for a Hechsher before buying Cold-Eeze. Dont know if all flavors have a Hechsher. Or any currently.


    Try an onion sandwich – really! Take two slices of good bread put a thick piece of onion (try a milder type onion, like Spanish onion, if you can’t tolerate the real sharp kind) and ingest! It works for my husband – I never tried it.


    Take a hot bath with half cup of apple cider vinegar and soak for about 20 minutes, trying to get most of yourself covered with the water. Then go to bed for the rest of the night.Apple cider vinegar helps to detoxify oneself.

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