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    eli lev

    my friend [in his 40s] has just been told by his doc. that its too high. But he eats very little of fried foods, dairy products & red meat!!!!!


    It just goes to show you that all these rules restricting what he may eat or not eat will not make us healthy they will only make us more oppressed as the liberals use any and every excuse to restrict our lives untill Stalin rolls over in his grave with jealousy at how powerful the liberals in wahshington have become and how well they have duped the people into living horrible useless pathetic lives “for their own good”.


    It has more to do with genes than what you eat.


    high cholestral is genetic?!?



    not sure if you’re asking or making a statement, but yes it’s genetic


    It’s definitely genetic, though can be improved by exercise and the right diet.


    It ‘may’ in some people be improved through diet and exercise, but it cannot be improved by government decree or laws, unless those laws are so restrictive they ruin peoples lives in other ways (such as by taking their freedoms and rights away).

    Government has failed at everything it has claimed it was going to do to “improve peoples lives”.

    Further, they do not ‘care’, to improve anyones lives except their own, through establishing an absolute dictatorship.

    Stalin is their hero.


    Even if you eat ZERO cholesterol, your body produces cholesterol, and NEEDS cholesterol. The problem is some people’s bodies produce too much. THAT is the genetic factor.

    IF you do NOT have it as a genetic problem, and only have it because you are consuming too much red meat, cheeses, and other high fat foods all the time, then you CAN fix it by diet changes.

    BUT, if your body (i.e. genetics) produces too much, even without you eating a high fat diet, then diet change will NOT fix it and you have to take a statin medication (like Lipitor, etc.) to lower the LDL (bad cholesterol).

    If your HDL (GOOD cholesterol) is too LOW, you can get, over the counter SLO-Niacin (a strong dose of a B vitamin that releases slowly into your system). One glass of red wine before bedtime is also a good thing. These are big helps to raise the good cholesterol level.

    If you have to take a statin drug it is advisable to also take (over the counter) CoQ10 to protect your heart.

    says who

    Did you ever hear about metabolic syndrome which many doctors say is caused by eating to much carbs?


    The real Answer is, like it was answered already, the Pyramid recommended – High “Carbohydrate” diet and, another thing to much for now.

    and only that!

    source:McGILL University

    Dr. Krauss


    my cholesterol was border line high (and some check-ups, just over the red line) and my Dr. wanted to prescribe a pill. I was BH able to lower it with diet / excercise, but the Dr. says that (as noted above) its probably going to outrun me and a pill is inevitable. And my diet is textbook clean, so it really is (in some cases) genetic.

    Eli –

    Tell your friend there are some painless changes that canbe made to an already good diet that may help:

    Whole wheat instead of rye or white

    Cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, instead of a bagel w/ butter

    2% milk instead of the whole stuff (in BP that’s the blue cap instead of the red)

    Lite mayo instead of the regular kind

    I could go on, but the point I’m trying to make is, there are lots of ways to tailor your diet without having to starve yourself.

    And of course, excercise is a MUST (it could even be walking, but something needs to be in the schedule)


    hi I’m not a DR. but from my experience i could tell you as follows #1 a nice amount of Omega 3 Fish oil which is now even recommended by hospitals and Dr.’s #2 exercise is the best thing to lower cholesterol and to improve the good cholesterol #3 almonds are very beneficial for cholesterol controlling #4 lower your sugar & carbohydrate intake all those are facts that worked for me example my triglycerides went from 187 to 99 in less then 4 months and so did all my cholesterol # change drastically I’m following a healthy lifestyle by Rabbi Meisels from jfwd.org which i saw amazing health changes since Ive been following it.


    To BP Totty – One natural thing you might want to try before real meds (and this works)…

    Pick up a bottle of (over the counter) Red Rice Yeast tablets. They are available from the kosher vitamin companies. If you take it every day as directed on the bottle you will probably see a marked improvement, and you MAY not need the statins.


    Thanks, Ain Ohd –

    So far I’m at a good number, but I’ll keep your suggestion handy, if the numbers creep up


    I”m on a low dose statin for high cholesterol which I controlled for a few years with diet and exercise. I still do the diet and exercise , but time and genes caught up with me. The med is no big deal … I’m not on any others. I just can’t eat grapefruit with it. Otherwise I don’t even notice and I get a cholesterol score lower than I ever saw before. While I think we all should take medicine as a last resort, this is an easy one if one needs it.


    I’m not expecting any great answers here due to the low response rate.

    which medicine do you take for cholesterol?


    The problem is not so much the high cholesterol, but the cholesterol that will stick the the arteries and clog it up. To get rid of cholesterol on the arteries, you can take fish oil which makes the cholesterol slippery and lecitin which will attach itself to the cholesterol and pull it into the blood and eventually out of your system. B complex also plays a roll in lowering the cholesterol.

    Red rice yeast is a natural lowering cholesterol pill but you will not find this on the bottle because the FDA does not allow it to written.They cannot patent a natural item and charge you a fortune. They want you to take medication so you will be a cash cow for the phamaceutical industry, because that is how they make money. If everyone is healthy and does not need medication the pharmaceutical industry will go bankrupt, therefore they need people to get sick so they can keep on making money.


    Just remember that you are not drug deficient and therefore need medication your body is missing nutrients therefore the body doesnt function properly. You need to put better nutrients because that is what cells are made of, they are not made of chemicals therefore dont put these chemicals into the body.

    Unfortunately a lot of important info is being suppressed by the govt because they want you to be sick and keep the pharmacuetical industry alive. There are plenty of info on the internet like naturalnews.com. I like this site the best since he is in the same line as me which is educating people what is healthy and how to live healthy without medication.

    Herbert Lay former FDA commissioner said” the things that bugs me is that the people think the FDA is protecting them. It isnt. What the FDA is doing and what the people think its doing are as different as night and day.”

    Remember Vioxx, they knew it will kill people but let the pharmaceutical companies make money first. All medication causes kidney damage so be careful.


    TO: chgoachdus If you are on statins, its very important to take CoQ10 with it. Google it for the details.


    To chance and other naturalists,

    Sorry to burst your bubble on red rice yeast, but it seems that the naturalists are the ones trying to make money on products that don’t work, not big Pharma. Here is a quote from Medicinenet:

    “Small scale studies using pharmaceutical-grade red rice yeast have continued to demonstrate efficacy and safety. However, in the United States it is no longer legal to sell supplements of red yeast rice that contain more than trace amounts of cholesterol lowering substances. For example, the active ingredients of red rice yeast have been removed from Cholestin marketed in the United States. (Hypocol, another product containing red yeast rice is no longer being sold in the United States.)

    The reasons the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ruled that it is illegal to sell red yeast rice that contains more than trace amounts of the cholesterol-lowering substances and to promote red yeast rice for lowering cholesterol levels. Etc…”

    Fish oil is good to use and many clinicians do prescribe it. As for Niacin (a B vitamin), even though it is sold over the counter and does work to lower your numbers, you should only take it if your doctor prescribes it. The reason is -it can have side effects and if your doctor puts you on it, he/she will monitor you for these possible problems!


    So if red yeast rice is good then there is no logical reason for it to be banned.

    Unless banning it is just an excuse for the Government-Medical complex, to

    make big bucks off of cholesterol lowering drugs that have all kinds of side effects that they can make still more money for having to treat, those side effects.

    The more you have to be ‘in the system’ the more easily they can get their oppressive anti freedom health scam bill passed and rammed down our throats.


    Niacin does NOT lower your numbers as someone stated above. It RAISES the number of the HDL – GOOD cholesterol.


    I think personally supplements (vitamin, mineral, amino acid …) are good, one can’t replace a good and balanced diet. If one wants to include supplements to reduce cholestral, keep the immune system vibrant then incorporate this with a good diet. There are plenty of natural food stores that sell foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, macrobiotic..) and supplements. Exercise and attitude are also important in maintaing good health. Asking Hashem to help stay healthy is crucial.


    Here or there -the reason I listed the source of medicinenet -was that you should look it up. You health-eccentrics sound silly with all your conspiracy theories.

    Here is the rest of the reason from the FDA quoted in Medicinenet: “First, statin drugs are associated with muscle and kidney injury when used alone or combined with other medications. There is concern that patients who already take statin drugs with or without these other medications may increase their risk of muscle or kidney injury.

    Second, the FDA considers the products containing red yeast rice with high levels of cholesterol lowering substances to be new, unapproved drugs for which marketing violates the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”


    AinohdMilvado -You are mistaken. Next time, do a more thorough web search. Niacin lowers total chol., lowers LDL, lowers triglycerides and also raises HDL.


    Health how many hours of diet and nutrition courses did you take in Medical School?


    Health you post foolishness like; “To chance and other naturalists,

    Sorry to burst your bubble on red rice yeast, but it seems that the naturalists are the ones trying to make money on products that don’t work, not big Pharma.”

    And then claim I im the one with “silly conspiracy theories” .

    Do you do a stand up comedy routine too, or do you actually expect people to take your hypocrisy, seriously?

    Further tell me how it only a “theory” when government is restricting everything we can do and eat, and it’s not a theory, look at the ‘laws’ they ‘are passing’.

    No salt no transfats no smoking not more then 4 cats allowed on home, all kinds of restrictions and who a company must hire and who they can or can’t fire and under what conditions.

    Now a court just rulled a Jewish organization was in violation

    for not giving a prisoner Jewish materials because they did not think he was Jewish.

    So are you going to say all this is ‘not’ happening while you continue to spout silly consoriacy theories against the private sector?


    I would not count on Niacin alone if you have High LDL. I DO know from personal experience that it raised my (good) HDL in just a few months by about 30%!!! (so far).


    Here or there- Make up your mind already- here or there?

    Now you might not like the laws in this country, I definitely don’t like some of them, but that has nothing to do with marketing a product that doesn’t work. The red yeast that YOU buy in your health-food stores aren’t effective in lowering cholesterol. Stop wasting your money. If you bought red yeast in Asia, then that product might work.


    AOM -You can use Niacin alone for lowering your numbers. A drug doesn’t have to work for everybody, some people will get lower numbers out of it. There is a few reasons that clinicians usually prescribe the statins first.


    Health; The first law in this country is that the Constitution is to be followed and the laws now being passed more and more are against the Constitution.

    I would want to see independent reviews of any product by those who have used it before deciding if I wanted to buy it or not.

    Or I would want to see an undeniable demonstration of it not working (for example; if someone markets a carry home egg carton that guarantees the eggs won’t break if dropped I would want to see the container drop and break the eggs before I would go around trying to stop everyone from buying the containers).


    yankdownunder: Since when Doctors learn about Nutrition.

    The most is 15 minute.

    Learn more!


    To Health :

    Seems like you still did not do your research and you dont realize that the FDA doesnt do what you think they are doing. They are there to protect the pharmaceutical companies therefore they ban things that will cut into their profit. WAKE UP! Look at that happened with tylenol and benedryl. They recalled it years after they knew it causes problems just like all other drugs that cause death. And they all have side effects. Noone should think that if they listen to the pharmaceutical industry they will be helped, you are just suppressing the symptoms.

    Explain to me how Chemicals make a body work when the body runs on food (vitamins and minerals) dont you think you need to see what vitamins and minerals are missing from your diet and add them , not adding chemicals to artificially lower the cholesterol.

    You seem to be coming straight out of medical school where they teach you that you know best and noone knows anything, boy did they do a good job brainwashing you to think that meds are the answers to everything but they are so wrong and they know it because all their tests show that meds dont cure anything, it only suppresses symptoms.


    Chance- Did you get a Chance to vaccinate your kid yet?

    I tend to think you were the one brainwashed, not me! As far as I know, Tylenol and Benadryl are on the market, just that they removed a few lots. To explain- how drugs work in the body, would take too long. Even a basic pharm course in college, would take a whole semester. But, by all means, if you have a specific question, go ahead and post it. Also, drugs don’t work the opposite of the homeopathic theory of like cures like -reproduce the symptoms and that cures the disease. The drug doesn’t suppress the symptoms, but works at the molecular level to correct the problem(s).


    Simple fact…

    Many people are genetically predisposed to cholesterol problems. All the exercise, diet and vitamin/mineral changes in the world will not fix it. While drugs are not the first choice, because they MAY have side effects, often drugs are NECESSARY. Statins may have side efects but they DO work to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. In such cases (which ARE frequent) NOT taking statins ALSO has a side effect. It’s called a heart attack.


    AinOhdMilvado, All the exercise, diet and vitamin/mineral changes in the world will not fix. You Said.

    How many of the millions of diet’s you tried. Probably you excluded just the right one, The “Low Carb.- High Fat” diet.

    This was my experience. I went down from Medic. for Cholesterol

    after this diet!

    I made sure to eat every day enough Saturated Fat (cheese) and OR Butter, (on Pesach – Schmaltz).

    says who



    Many people are genetically predisposed to cholesterol problems. All the exercise, diet and vitamin/mineral changes in the world will not fix it

    Should’ve said: many people are genetically predisposed to cholesterol problems when they are on a high carb low fat diet


    To sam,

    It’s not RESPONSIBLE to go on such a diet. Also, just because the man died- you don’t give him credit anymore?- it’s called the Atkin’s diet. The Atkin’s diet has been proven that it works, but it falls under the catergory of Fad diets. There are a lot of inherent problems with this diet. It has more side effects than statins. You can’t be on this diet for too long, that’s why it’s called “fad”. Do you know another name for fat? It’s triglycerides, which can cause all the problems that cholesterol causes. Also, if you aren’t a diabetic, this diet can make you one. There are more than this, you can do a net search. Dr. Atkin’s developed this diet for his non-responsive diabetics. Nowadays, they have so many drugs for diabetics, if one doesn’t work- there is another. The consensus nowadays is to be on a food plan (Not “diet” -which connototes short-term) that has low fat & not a lot of carbs. Let’s hear from our Health/Nutrition experts we have on this site, who are always putting down Medicine, what we should eat on our food plans. By chance, Chance are you out there?


    As for giving credit, the atkins diet is a modified version of the stillman diet, which is essentially the same but much stricter.


    YWM -80 -Never heard of Stillman. But, I told you -I’m in the medical field, not nutrition.


    Stillman was a physician.

    He popularized the first ketogenic diet.

    It essentially consisted of lean meat, eggs, lean fish, cheese, lots of water, nothing else.

    Very low fat, essentially 0 carbs and a great deal of protein. Extremely effective for short term weight loss.

    The liquid protein fad diet was patterned after the stillman diet.


    A relative of mine had very high cholesterol which was strange as she’s really thin, does a lot of exercise, cooks with little oil, stays away from fatty products, drinks low fat milk – basically stays away from anything fatty etc etc and the doctors told her that she has the high cholesterol because its genetic. She didn’t want to take any medication so she looked up in the Rambam’s Sefer what he says about high cholesterol and i don’t know the exact details of what he said but she followed everything he said you should/shouldnt eat and her cholesterol level went right down and is now more on the low side then on the high side. If anyone is interested in exactly what the Rambam says to do just ask and i’ll find out.



    As I have said I would never want anyone ‘forcing’ me to eat what they say I should (unless it was a rav who who I had asked, who was paskening for me).

    But I would like to know what the Rambam said in case I “”””wish”””” to try following that plan, which I might, once I know what it entails.

    If there is a lot to post, perhaps you could name the sefer and I might be able to find an English version?



    Yes, “bored123” please do tell us what the Rambam says, and EXACTLY where he says it.



    I talked, knowing about Atkins. Switch from Atkin’s to yourself-eating enough Carbs but still A third of the Iresponsible “Pyramid-high carb-diabetic Diet”.


    Health, cont.

    Second of all, There is A bunch of lyes about Atkin.

    Third, There is Vitamins you have to take with Every weight loss Diet, this is Vitamin C’ (not the governments recommended dosage understandably). Any weight losing can be dangerous because of Free Radicals. (don’t argue, because i’m not A nutritionist i’m

    just influenced from A Responsible nutritionist).

    Fourth, Who thinks that from the addictive, enjoyable(sandwiches, potatoes, rice etc. High carb Diet we will accept to go down so fast. Its very obvious that it will be A lot of lyes on Atkin. In addition that, we have learned from he’s mistakes.


    Health I figured you were in the medical field and not in the health field because you dont know too much about health. You just go by the books, and always recommend meds. Stop defending these greedy pharmaceutical companies and realize that the meds never cure anything, they just keep suppressing the problem and as soon as you get off meds the problems come back. Why not address the underlying issue.

    Perfect example: my sister-in -law called me that her baby has a rash by her neck. I told her its yeast or bacteria and her daugther needs acidopholus. She went to the doctor, the doctor went to get her textbook and told her its yeast or a bacteria. Wow i never went to medical school but with my experience I was able to tell her on the spot what it is. The doc neded her book to check it out and came to the same conclusion. Of course she was given an antibiotic and a cream. I told her forget about them because the underlying issue is too much sugar and that is why she has the rash. So by getting rid of the underlying issues the rash will dissapear. Dont have to go to medical school to figure this out.

    This is the same with any problem. look at the underlying issue.


    To sam,

    You’re behind the times- they lowered the amt. of carbs on the Food Pyramid. Your diet or Atkin’s is dangerous.

    Chance- please take a science book out of the library and read about how drugs work. I already told you they don’t suppress symptoms. This isn’t pseudoscience like Homeopathy. BTW, you keep saying how evil Big Pharm is -I’d like to know who in the business world isn’t greedy? Also, even though acidofilus is a good bacteria, it won’t get rid of an infection once it’s there. If your niece gets over the infection without creams or meds, it’s because her immune system fought it off. It won’t make the slightest difference if she is given acidofilus or not.

    You didn’t answer my question -what should people eat everyday? Like for breakfast, lunch and supper.


    I can’t believe the misinformation and conspiracy theories here.

    People will die as a result of not taking lipid lowering medicine and/or not adjusting their lifestyle to be healthier. Halachah requires that we follow the advice of real doctors with real medical training.

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