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    Can you give ideas of easy to make crafts for a 4 yr old who loves to color?


    you can always do puppets from brown paper bags or old socks! thats what i remember from childhood…..

    if it’s a girl you can make a butterfly out of paper plates… staples them together and let her color it and put pipecleaners for the antenas. i guess you could do a robot the same way for a boy…..

    good luck!



    you can make musical instruments. give the kid a tissue box and paper, markers, pompoms, glitter ect. decorate the parer and use it to cover the tissue box completly (even over the hole) . This is your drum, use hand or markers to beat it. for a guiter, take a hard plastic or the like, same size as tissue box if you want. do same as you did for the drum, but leave one side open. then wrap diffrent size rubberbands around the box, and when you pluck the rubberbands it will make sound. then decorate paper and wrap it around a cup 1/4 filled with beads or beans ( make sure its not open on top)shake for noise . Enjoy the concert.


    Popsicle sticks and glue as well!

    tomim tihye

    I save all the broken crayons (remove paper), and when enough accumulate, we melt them using an iron (a piece of wax paper goes between iron and crayons and another piece between crayons and towel), then I pour the colorful mess into chocolate molds or schnapps cups, let it harden, and voila! New, multi-colored crayons!

    (My oldest once suspected me of being too stingy to buy new crayons, but I asked her why we’d want boring single-color crayon sticks, when we have interesting-looking multi-colored ones?)


    No toy, game, project, will keep your kids as accupied as you will, if possible sit down on the floor together with them, tell them a story, read them a book and have fun. Yes you will also enjoy it.


    note: crayons can be treif.


    I dont believe in “entertaining” children. If you are at home with them an entire day, it should be broken up so that you are only in fact “instructing” them as a guide/teacher for short short periods. You basically pull out some activity give them short instruction and demo and then let them get into it themselves.

    They will naturally get bored of this within a short time, after they’ve experimented with what they can and cannot do with it and then turn to other activties.

    Children need free play, free creative time and yes, they do need a bit of “guidance aka entertainment” as far as being given ideas as to what to do with themselves. But usually they will let you know what they want to do, naturally.

    Playdough with household utensils for mushing with, (can make your own playdough by the way), sewing buttons on things (you can pull them off once they’ve gone to sleep), let them stand on a chair at the kitchen sink and “wash dishes” even 2 year olds can do this!….a wash cloth or spray bottle for washing the walls is a BIG toy in my house! Don’t ask me why. I have all nice expensive toys what a kid would want but they love the wash cloths. I let them do the windows, and turn a blind eye to the blurry smears they make. Polishing shoes is fun for 4 year olds. (Dont give real polish.) Give an apple with a peeler they think its great.

    set up a train on railroad on living room floor,. they love this. Pull cushions off couch and let them jump to music.


    Well if I was home and for some reason my wife was unavailable what I would do is:

    1) Clear a space near a wall

    2) Sit kids on floor facing the wall

    3) Tell them to keep it quiet

    I’m not sure how effective my method is though yet.


    princessy what you do (before hand)is go to a Toy Shop and purchase a light good (not gigantic)Rubber Ball, Light Non Breakable Cell Phone,Light Non Breakable Computer. With the ball interact and play catch with the Todler and Post Todler. Kids love to mimic their Parents, they see them talking talking on their Cell Phones, and on their laptops/PC typing on Yeshiva World they want to do the same as their Parents. Play a game of either catch or rolling their Rubber Ball back and forth between the young child or children and the Adult or Adults. Rubber Ball, Toy Cell Phone and Computer are good Creative Fun for them.


    Wow Derech Hamelch!

    I can’t believe I never thought of doing that! Gotta try it today!

    Be Happy

    Make cookies.You make a dough and give each child some dough. Children are so proud to bake their own shapes. Have you tried making paper mache? It is a bit messy but great fun.


    Invite neighbors over so the kids wont get too bored, and kids love baking.


    Let me know if it works. Maybe I’ll right a book on how to keep kids occupied.


    I play an amazing game.It improves their motor skills, speach, and problem solving. You beging by tieing them up to each other and see how long it takes them to get loose.


    ask my sister in law! she just had child number 6 and the oldest are 5 years old. she puts toys on the floor, bribery in her lap and says play nice! dont think it works though!!!!

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