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    I would like to know if I’m the only who feels this way and if I’m wrong please let me know Here goes : in Brooklyn whenever there is amotor vehicle accident it is lots of times featured on yeshiva world or on boroparkscoop and usually feature tons of pictures of the scene. I never understood the need for people To view the scene of an accident online and all the pictures that accompany it. ( bloody or not) I recently lost a family member in a motor vehicle accident and the way I found out was going on yeshiva world and seeing the bloodied car in pictures. The shock from goin on that website and seeing those horrific images will never leave me. Never. I just dont see the need for the pictures especially since they will still be there after chas vishalom a person dies so it’s just there to haunt the relatives of the person who died in the accident ( the pictures give me nightmares ) want to hear how u feel about this




    🍫Syag Lchochma

    Totally agree. Never understood why frum photographers would take them, or why a frum website would post it. Im also very sorry about your loss


    ambulance chasers


    I agree. It is disgraceful. Like Lot’s wife turning back to see the burning of Sodom. There is nothing to be gained by gawking at other people’s misery.


    you are right TWLGY, its a hypocrisy that the internet filters allow for this publicity of a personal trauma, and yet if we want to educate ourselves about a personal health problem involving parts of the human body that are nivel peh, the JNET blocks that information!


    This issue is discussed in the following threads:


    Pictures and Videos on YWN

    Most posters agree with you.


    If more people would take a good look at the reality of motor vehicle smash-ups, perhaps they would concentrate of their driving a little bit more. DMV has programs for drivers wishing to restore their invalid licenses which include films showing all the gory details. So thank you YW for the community service.


    I fully agree as well.


    Thank you all for responding to my post. At first only 1 or 2 people responded n I felt like this issue wasn’t anythin too important to others but BH people responded and it means a lot to me since this Issue is vey big in my eyes. Ever since that fateful day I have had nightmares every night which give me extreme anxiety and I wish I could just erase those images out of my head. It just bothers me to know that I would never have seen those gory pictures if not for yeshiva world and some other Jewish sites. The scariest part is that I found out about the accident through yeshiva world which just made the shock so much worse. Thank you for understanding and responding and I hope something will be done to solve this issue.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    How did YWN get to you first? Did you try complaining at the time? Im not sure that it would have mattered, just wondering.


    I happened to be surfing the web that day and was on yeshiva world when the fateful words that told me about the accident came up I looked at the article like any other but when I saw those pictures I literally almost fainted. And yes at the time a family member complained but nothing happened as a result.

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    That is so awful. Maybe if they waited til families were notified you would have known not to look. But nobody wins journalism awards for being thoughtful.


    Thanx for being kind enough to say That u also agree its a crazy situation it means a lot. This loss has taken a severe toll on me ;(


    Btw syag: I absolutely love ur signature under ur username it really gave me a good laugh 😉


    How close a family member was this?




    I’m sorry.

    That is so, so awful.

    I think if Yeshiva World and the other sites were aware of what a significant loss you suffered, I think they’d realize such pictures should never be posted.

    Moderators – please bring this to someone’s attention.

    Regarding the DMV, they can show gory videos to students learning to drive, etc. But that doesn’t mean frum sites need to provide that service!!

    IT NEVER HAPPENED. PERIOD. YWN has never once published the death of ANYONE, EVER, before the family is notified.

    On a side note, just wondering if Takewhatlifegivesyou ever got the professional help he ranted and ranted about needing in all his previous posts?

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    thank you for clarifying


    YWN MOD : so glad u think I’m making things up but unfortunately I’m not. It’s your choice to believe me or not but unfortunately yes I saw that horrific picture before I was notified of the terrible news. I’m so glad u feel I ranted and ranted about needing professional help I mean are we not allowed to say what’s on our mind in the coffee room? I guess not if the little help I ask of people is called ranting.

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