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    I posted this story on the “Chaverim story” thread, but I think it would nice to have a new thread for stories where something unexpected turned out to be of huge benefit. So here it is again:

    Last summer, my friend’s car broke down in the Home Depot parking lot on the NJ 17. Within 5 minutes, Chaverim was there. Pretty standard so far.

    Unfortunatly, they could not help us. So with little choice, we settled down until AAA showed. So why am I telling you this story? Becuase “it just so happened” that we broke down on Tisha B’av and “it just so happened” that I had picked up a copy of Tisha B’av to Go from YU, and “it just so happened” that Dr. D Pelcovits had an article in that issue on the subject of dealing with loss, that helped me address the issue with my son, who had just lost a friend in a car accident.

    2 hours later, AAA showed up and towed us away. But in those 2 hours, I was able to reach my son when / and in a way he needed me to.

    So I guess you could still call this a Chaverim success story, after all.


    BP Totty-


    This thread has some stories:


    There’s a nice story I heard recently about an inspirational man, an incredible father, and an inspirational yid.

    His children were asked how their father was able to raise such a beautiful family of healthy happy and frum children, each one a gem, one better than the next. He cited the following:

    in the early 1900’s it was, k’yodu’a, extremely difficult for a jew to hold on to a job with Shabbos et all. His father would lose his job every Monday morning, just like hundreds of other jews, because they didn’t show up on Saturday. He would walk in on Monday morning, and the boss would “give it to him” for his backwards way of life and for having his priorities unbalanced. then he would hand him his pink slip, and was shown the door, never to come back. His father would come home with a huge smile, and show his children his pink slip, and thank the RBS”O for allowing him to keep Shabbos again, enjoy the pleasures of ruchniyous, instead of giving in to work. He would then be mispallel to find a new job and head outdoors for job-hunting.

    When sukkos came their father would build a sukkah and proudly decorate it with all his pink slips all around the walls.

    It was with such optimism, such pride, and attitude, that all the children grew up to appreciate and love yiddishkeit.


    this following story has really inspired me maybe it will do the same to you…

    one sunny morning a young man crossed one of the main streets in e”y and he did nt realise there was a car that was going really fast and was not able to stop on time by the time he relised he couldnt prevent it anymore and he was hit by the car, he was rushed into hospital and b”h chasdey hashem he was let home the following day, meaning that for such an accident he could have been hurt much more, as it is acceptable to annouce about a nes by bringing some food to shul did this young man do, and he spred the nes that hhashem has done with him. everyone was impressed, however they didnt know what was waiting for them the next morning..

    the rov of the shul came in with lots of goods drinks and so on everyone was waiting to hear what hes got to say and when the time came he said:

    today i had a Nes “i crossed the road and i was NOT hit by a car….

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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