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    Menachem Shmei

    I have no prior opinion on this, just wondering what are people’s thoughts.

    Will anti-semitism be quieted in any way due to this resignation?

    In my mind, I can see people becoming more enraged, saying “Look at how the Jews control everything, anyone who opens their mouth against them loses their position. We can’t trust the news anymore about the Jews or about Israel.”

    On the flipside, is there some advantage to making people afraid to open up their mouths against Jews?

    TWO DOWN, ONE TO GO: Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigning Amid Scandals


    Nope it would have been better if she stayed, further disenfranchising this rotten institution.

    It’s easier to axe a leader and claim the beast was felled, but she fell on the sword of a million dollar a year faculty position while Harvard gave a collective sigh of relief.


    I don’t have a comment on whether getting rid of her was good for the Jews. But she was not only underqualified for the job, she was outright unqualified. On top of being unqualified, she is a serial plagiarist. Her whole unqualified carrier and background is built upon her plagiarizing material she was unqualified to write on her own.

    And she’s an anti-semite.


    Is a square a triangle?



    Why do you think she was unqualified ? Do you think Harvard can’t find a qualified person to be President after considering 600 candidates?
    Plagiarism is a ethical fault and does not make her unqualified. A lot of Politicians, CEO’s and Dean’s fail when it comes to ethics.
    Do you call them all unqualified?
    Her career and background were built on her personal qualities and capabilities. She has many accomplishments in her life due to her aptitude and skills. She was successful until now and so will she be in the future.

    Finally , she is not an Anti-Semite.


    @jackk, we can always count on you for a stupid comment


    It’s great news. She gets to make almost 1 million dollars a year doing even less than what she may have already done. And she gets to teach political science. Imagine what that class is like, and the people who go there. I’m sure they won’t all be bigots at all!
    I hope Trump gets re-elected, just for the 4 years of meltdowns in her classroom alone and conspiracy theories.


    She was reasonably well-regarded but was clearly NOT the most “qualified” person to lead Harvard among the hundreds of candidates considered. Her selection was part of a broad national academic and corporate effort to increase diversity in their ranks, with race becoming a major weighting factor in candidate evaluation for leadership positions And while she clearly lacks common sense in terms of how words are interpreted in the real word (i.e. there is NO context for advocacy of genocide) she is not an anti-semite.


    Lost spark said it best.
    The board and all the others that put her in place, and believe the same things she does, are still there running everything. All that happened is that now they can say changes were made, when in fact, they will stay exactly as it was.

    anonymous Jew

    Jack, please, for once look at things thru neutral glasses. Everything she’s attained was based on 50 ( so far ) instances of plagiarized material, even her doctoral dissertation. If you condone this, then how can you punish a student for plagiarizing? And, her actions say she’s antisemitic. Would condemning a group advocate mass murder of people of color, would that require context?

    ☕️coffee addict

    “A lot of Politicians, CEO’s and Dean’s fail when it comes to ethics.“

    Especially POTUS, who has plagiarized and lied



    jack, most prominent scientist would not be able to plagiarize half of their papers – she did because she did not publish much. Compare her with say Larry Summers. Read her papers


    Fraud in academia is considered an absolute Yeihureig V’al Yaavor, in particular plagiarism. No one but Gay would ever be be allowed to hold the position she did with her history of fraud. Ever.


    I was simply saying that she is a capable President and that she is not personally anti-Semitic.

    AAQ and Anonymous Jew,

    For the past 8 years she was a Dean and Administrator at Harvard. She was promoted during that time. She was competent and successful.
    Writing yearly papers is not a pre-requisite to being a President, Dean or an Administrator at Harvard. In fact, those are 2 completely different skills.

    You might be able to plagiarize to pass a course or earn a degree , but you can’t be successful in being a Dean at Harvard unless you are capable.
    I do not condone plagiarism nor the idea that condemning a group and advocating mass murder of people of color requires context. Did I say that ?

    Her words, and the other 2 President’s words, show that they have let insane, racist, and dangerous policies be enacted due to their mistaken notions and beliefs.

    I am sure that most people who saw my words “politicians” and “ethics” immediately thought of Trump.


    Expect additional resignations, possibly including Penny Pritzker (sister of Illinois Gov) who is the chair of the Harvard Corporation and headed the search committee that selected her. They have been consistently late to address anti-semitism on campus, well before October 7th and the Congressional testimony fiasco.


    Gay was appointed to her former position, despite being grossly unqualified and incompetent and inexperienced, simply because she is black and she is a woman.


    She just published an aggressive oped, where she laments racist and right wing attacks – on her and her cherished ideology. In theory, a person can hold bad views or be incompetent. Doesnt have to be both at the same time, but she is. Says that she fell into a trap – but you got to be both to fall there. Three of them, three times in a row each. And she is boke on race – most of her papers are in a journal of … race and something else. This is like Summers not being able to answer whether he condemns inflation.


    The situation seems similar to Jewish eastern european left-wing politicians in 1920s who pressed league of nations to improve minority rights in their small countries. it was in league’s charter. They were partnering w Germany and Soviet Russia who also were registered as minorities in their countries. I dont think they complained about treatment of Jews in USSR, but they tried when Jews were mistreated by Nazis. League replied that German Jews are not on their official list of minorities… same disappointment now …

    my voice

    @ Menachem
    Getting back to your original question, you definitely have a valid point that giving the impression that Jews have to much control over these institutions might lead to consequences far worse then letting her retain her job. However, that being said it has to be taken in to consideration that it might be a true sakana to have had her in this position without any consequences for her obvious indifference to anti-Semitism, and a decision would have to be made by true daas torah. Either way, over here I see the obvious divine intervention that in the end she was let go due to the plagiarism, so that while the Jew hatred also played a role, it didn’t seem as he the Jews had to much overt control.


    She’s probably not fit to be a university president, but her resignation doesn’t matter. She’s a figurehead appointed by the put-black-people-in-important-positions racists. She’ll be replaced by someone who has the same attitudes and policies, but is better at being two-faced.


    I wonder what the reaction will be @ Harvard when Gay’s appointment is filled by a white (Jewish) woman

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