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    There was a thread about music recently closed that was openly promoting non Jewish music and speaking in very glowing terms of non Jewish music and certain bands and songs.

    Mods can you please be a little more alert and not wait so many hours before closing a thread. That one was heading down hill for a number of hours before it was closed.

    Yes you can tell me if I don’t like it don’t hang out here. You are right but on the other hand I come here expecting some kind of a Yeshiva atmosphere and I see many threads and comments that are very inappropriate on a Yeshivah site. Please go back to stricter nodding or you will have a hard time maintaining a kosher group of posters because most posters who consider themselves associated with the Yeshiva world would not want to be on a website that has threads. Talking about how wonderful various boyish bands music is.




    im sorry you feel that way

    there are many mods here with different haskgafas although all “Yeshivish”

    none of us get paid (in money at least)

    there is no schedule

    we are online in our spare moments which vary from time to time and day to day.

    we are unable to mod to your standards

    we do the best we can.

    how about: “thank you mods for closing that thread.”


    Yes 80, Thank you for closing the thread I started. I honestly have NO IDEA what they were talking about. I CERTAINLY did not mean that type chalila. I DO appreciate your hard work!


    WIY, the difference between you and me is that I don’t consider it inappropriate. If the music I was “promoting” had bad messages, lyrics, or content, then I would NOT talk about it. Everything I talked about was perfectly fine. Accept the fact that there are people with different views about things, and everyone is entitled to discuss things openly.

    I actually get very frustrated when a thread gets closed because of something like that. It has happened many times already. Cleverjewishpun can back me up on that. I appreciate music, I understand music, and I want to discuss music. And other people here also want to. But if it really annoys people, then fine. I’ll discuss music on other forums, perhaps with non-Jews. That’s the alternative.



    Thank you for your response and thank you for closing it. You know that it can’t be allowed to go that far. There’s a thread HELP where people are recommending “clean” music. What a joke. For one example I suggest you google the lyrics to Aerosmiths crying/cryin that was recommended as clean for one example. Please tell me if that’s clean? Or is not filthy = clean in this day and age?


    yes numerous threads have been closed before because of their rock music content. are you aware of that wiy?

    mp. yes different people have different interests. we do NOT want this particular interest discussed on YESHIVA world. your suggestion of discussing this subject on non-Jewish or non-frum forums is an excellent one,

    but not here, as you already knew



    did you read my post above?

    doesnt seem like it

    end of discussion


    Fair enough, 80. I will cease posting such material in the future. I am sorry that I caused people to get upset. Thank you for understanding.


    thank you very much MP for understanding.



    I understand completely. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns.


    No problem. I try to always keep the peace. Sometimes, things get rocky, but with honest and respectful communication, we can always work out our differences.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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