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    A few suggestions:

    charliehall – Whose political perspective is different from my own, but whose posts are very knowledgeable and interesting.

    ZachKessin – His posts on life and career in Israel are something I enjoy.

    blabla – A talented poetry writer who can always come here for a friendly word.

    anon for this – Someone who actually shares some of my interests (books, history).

    real-brisker – Just a hello to an enjoyable poster.

    600 Kilo Bear – Back in hibernation, hope everything is OK.

    YW Moderator-20

    HELLO to ICOT for his sensible, informative, pleasant posts. Great to have ya here!



    the “inspiration” thread is this one: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/in-honor-or-tisha-bav-what-you-respect-about

    (sorry, popa_bar_abba)


    YW Moderator-20-

    Thank you.

    Hello to you, too – thank you for moderating here on erev Shabbos.

    (and now, anyone who “Hello”s either of us will have to include at least one other poster ?)


    popa_bar_abba- Sensible with more than a touch of sarcasm

    yitayingut, Jothar, Sam2, Sam4321- Great Halachic responses- paticularly in YD

    Dr. Pepper- The greatest shidduch stories ever!


    Hello to all of the above. I would also like to add hello to Syag lechochma, ICOT, yitaningwat and hello99. I am inspired by syag’s and Icot’s levelheadedness and kindly souls, and the lomdus and knowledge displayed by yitaningwat and hello99. Also a hello to all the mods, who freely give of their own time to make this a better place.


    Jothar- I hate to hijack this thread, but how sure are you that they “free”ly give of their time??!

    We aren’t paid, if that is what you are asking.


    Hey thanks Yungerman and Jothar!


    Hello to Goq and coffee addict and BTGuy!


    ICOT – Glad you enjoy my posts! 🙂 HELLO To ICOT and DY – for being my favorite and most enjoyable poster. (ICOT – you would have gotten it even if you would not have posted for me.)



    the “inspiration” thread is this one: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/in-honor-or-tisha-bav-what-you-respect-about

    (sorry, popa_bar_abba)

    That’s ok. I did teshuva for that thread a long time ago. With my super duper yom kippur thread. http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/coffeeroom/topic/in-honor-of-yom-kippur-by-popa

    ED IT OR


    and Raphael Kaufman, and I love the username of TheTroll

    Shticky Guy

    Eclipse For sharing her unparalleled wit, insights, life story and level headedness in so many threads and posts. She was the greatest thread starter ever. The cr front page was constantly changing and moving with fantastic new threads until she gave up her laptop. (Does anyone have any news from her since she left?)

    Mod 80 What can I say? How should I begin? There are many mods doing a great, thankless job here and doing it well. But he interacted so much and so well that this made him stand out. And stand out in such an original way with a sharp humor, turning many threads into lols.

    We miss both and would love occasional hellos and updates!


    Shticky: I second you on that. I miss them both, tons! Those two got me (addicted) here in the first place. Especially Eclipse, with her moving, emotional, touching pieces. I enjoyed EVERY ONE of them.

    ☕️coffee addict

    thanks cindy,

    Hello to yossi z (I know I can say hello personally), and adorable (how’s married life) which reminds me of cshapiro (same question as adorable)


    I’d like to say “Hello” to a few posters that haven’t been around lately but were wonderful contributors in their own ways:

    Minyan Gal


    Bein Hasdorim


    There are of course many more, I just thought I’d mention a few of them, but there are so many other posters who’ve contributed so much that haven’t been around lately. We miss you all.


    Can I PLEASE get mentioned??? 🙂


    Moishy, don’t worry. Us little ones don’t make it.

    But yes, I do remember you. You don’t post that often. I suspect you have more important things to do in your life. HOW I ENVY YOU!!!


    Shout out to jewishfeminist! where ever she is. Been a long time..

    Dave Hirsch

    ICOT, I also miss some of the posters you mentioned. Although I often had heated debates with charliehall, I appreciated his wisdom and astuteness; the Coffee Room just isn’t the same without him. I, for one, am still here, but I hardly participate in discussions since he and some of his liberal friends left (nfgo3). I’m always in the mood for a good debate.

    I also miss The Wolf’s humorous take on the issues.

    But, I stopped by to say ‘hi’ to all of you, as I am still here and frequent your threads occasionally.


    DH: Are you sure that you don’t occasion their threads frequently?

    Shticky Guy

    Dave Hirsch Its really good to see you again. Thanx for stopping by. I sure miss your banter with charliehall , nfgo3 and chevra. I also miss ALL the posters mentioned above. ???? ???? ???? ?? . It would be great to hear from them again. Does anybody know them IRL? We could organize the greatest welcome party ever know to man and woman. Come on guys…


    Zeeskite- 😉 +1


    Thank you cinderella hello back to you, hello to Baal Habooze and Shticky Guy.

    Shticky Guy

    And hello to the stable backbone of the coffeeroom who keeps the show rolling (in every sense): The Goq!


    hello to menachem101 and all my other holy brothers eating chulent and and hocking at ur favorite chulent spot in bais yisroel..


    Think BIG – who was only here for a month or two, but was one of the most thoughtful posters here.

    moishy – well worth a mention here.


    To Kapusta, BPT, Oomis, Middlepath & Aries

    For your always thoughtful, well written posts

    To The Goq & squeak

    For your sense of humor

    The Wolf

    I don’t know why. I just like your posts.

    To Avrum in MD

    Your level headed-ness (is that a word?) & style of writing

    To allgr8, cofeefan, rebbetzin & PrincessEagle

    For the inspiration you give me from your posts on the diabetes thread


    Thank you the.nurse hello to you too.


    just poppin’ in to say hello…


    Thank you, the.nurse.

    yossi z.

    Haven’t been posting recently but there are enough hellos and thank yous I would like to give as to pull me out of the woodwork.

    DY and MOC along with the others who helped: An immense thank you for whatever you did to help me through a most rough of times.

    MOC: Even though I still have not put myself back in the parsha I again have happy smiles 🙂 😀 =D see? 🙂

    The.nurse: HI!! Haven’t seen you in quite a while! How are you doing?

    Kapusta: Thank you for anything you have done for me. I find your posts to be coming from a head that seems mature, settled, and screwed on straight. Keep it up!

    ICOT: One of the few posters still around from back when I first arrived in the CR (yes I remember those days fondly and well)

    Jax: An oldie who is sorely missed

    Coffeefan: And why don’t you? 😛

    Photogenic: I hear there are supposed to be more frequent posts from you, hi 😀

    Aries: hi! I still remember the advice and encouragement you gave me more than a year ago. Thanks again 🙂

    All the posters who know me in real life but I don’t know which ones they are: hi and please send my regards 🙂

    Squeak, oomis, mepal, charlie brown, and all the other oldies back from when I first joined the coffee room: you are most sorely missed

    All the posters from the mazal tov thread: hello and many simchot by all of you

    Others that I used to fairly often interact with here: hi!


    Yossi: Hello to you too, and I’m glad you’re smiling:) How is it going? Still davening for you…

    I’d like to say “hello” to,

    ICOT: your caring, wise and artistic (I could never do these complicated pics!) posts are a truly amazing.

    DaasYochid: I appreciate your “Daas” and sechel hayosher.

    MiddlePath: Your life story and constant posts of support, wisdom and refinement are a true inspiration.

    Mod 80: your witty comments are sorely missed.

    Everyone on the diabetes thread (rebbetzin, PrincessEagle, allsgr8, metooo, coffeefan etc.)Although I b”H don’t have Diabetes, your ahavas yisroel, readiness to help your fellow Jew and constant chizuk is unbelievable.

    The Goq: for being the founder of the welcome wagon – brilliant idea. Your humor keeps me going:)

    Real Brisker: for keeping this place “clean”, and for your levelheadedness.

    Shticky Guy: Hello to you and your humor. You make my day!:)

    Chicago clan: You sure sound like a big happy family, thanks for sharing your news with us!

    ZeesKite: For sticking up for the Torah when needed, and for being “zees” at other times.

    soliek, Aries and everyone who helped me locate a safe place for an OTD teen, hello to you too, and thanks a lot.

    Popa: I usually laugh out loud at your mean comments. I usually don’t appreciate a mean character but you’re…mildly r—-.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Thanks, r-b.

    Hello, MindoverChatter, and thank you.


    Thank you MOC good to see you again HELLO!!!!


    OOF (DY) – Your Welcome


    MOC – Thanks for the mention. Glad you appreciate “it”.


    I can’t believe that after being here for over 3 years I will have to say hello to myself :_(

    Oh well, I’ve always enjoyed talking to myself….;)

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕


    I only changed my sn temporarily, to make a point to OneOfMany on a different thread. I’m sorry if changing it back made your previous post look enigmatic!


    Hey What about me? I don’t count????

    ☕️coffee addict


    I haven’t seen you post for a while


    Coffe-I’m here alright. Don’t post very often, but I definitely click the “sent post” at least once a day!

    But I’m Always here.

    always here

    hey smartcookie! I’m always here!! ;-O

    Queen Bee

    While threads like this can be really nice and make people feel important and liked, it can also have a downside because there will always be someone who will feel bad because he or she was left out. That’s why I don’t like to single anyone out. Every member here is an asset to the CR.


    Always here-sorry! I meant always here in the other way!!!

    Queen- I really hope u didn’t take my post seriously. I’m really not the most important person around and totally don’t expect anyone to “remember” me!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Hey queen bee!

    I haven’t seen you around that much either

    always here

    smartcookie~ I knew that! I was just makin’ a funny 🙂


    DY – I assumed so as you have done in the past. And also I figured once you were doing it, I may as well chap arien while it lasts.

    Queen Bee

    I didn’t post to get recognition or anything. I was thinking about this for a while. I don’t really appreciate threads where members single out other members. With a group this big, there is sure to be many people left out, and people could get hurt.

    smartcookie, no I didn’t, but I did see a few posters say that their names weren’t mentioned so I decided to finally open my big mouth. Hope I didn’t offend you or anyone.

    Hi, coffee addict and everyone else =). I don’t have time to post as often as I did in the past, unfortunately, but I do try to post whenever I can.


    Thank you the.nurse and yossi z.


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