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    My friend went to Yeshiva of Manhattan Beach – is that school still open? It was a Coed modern orthodox school.

    Good luck!




    aside from prospect being in, it is the best school out there!!


    Jphone, you are right on the money! You are so correct that one needs to ask the children and parents of those presently in the school. Don’t base your decision on those in a message board who admitted to having shaichas with that school. Seek the truth and you will find it.



    The slanderous campaign of motzei shem rah (loshon hora, minus any truthfulness) that Moshejoe is waging against a fine Bais Yakov continues.

    If you have shaiches to a school, you are not believable if you say anything positive about it.

    Shaiches means:

    Parents of students (past and present).

    Siblings of students (past and present).

    Grandparents of students (past and present).

    Students themselves (past and present).

    Teachers (past and present).

    Rabeim (past and present).

    Administrators (past and present).

    Maintenance personnel (past and present).

    Bus drivers (past and present).

    Children of, grandchildren of, parents of, siblings of and spouses of teachers (past and present).

    Children of, grandchildren of, parents of, siblings of and spouses of Rabeim (past and present).

    Children of, grandchildren of, parents of, siblings of and spouses of Administrators (past and present).

    Children of, grandchildren of, parents of, siblings of and spouses of Rabeim (past and present).

    We can all see his agenda.

    I neither know, nor am interested in, the reason for his vendetta.

    If anyone is learning shmiras haloshon or hilchos loshon horah and needs a textbook example of motzei shem ra, by all means print out his posts.

    Since it is for tachlis reasons, the offer extended by my wife and me to be contacted by Mommyoftwo stands.



    Thank you for standing up for Kavod HaTorah and Emes.


    If advising somebody to seek out the truth is slander, then I am proud to be guilty of slander. I was raised to call a spade a spade. I don’t wave pom poms just because somebody has shaichas.

    Let’s move on. There are many fine schools in Brooklyn. I previously mentioned that Bais Yaakov Drav Meir is fantastic and Lev Bais Yaakov is a fine up and coming school. I will add that Bnos Yisroel off Kings Highway is a school that doesn’t get a lot of press but it is actually a very good school.


    MosheJoe. Thank you for twisting what I wrote to suit your needs.



    Thank you for your kind words.

    My intention here is to defend an fine Bais Yakov that (for whatever reason) another poster is trying to do a hatchet job on, with distortions, inuendo, and outright untruths.

    I feel responsible for doing so since it was my mention of the school in the first place that attracted the dishonest postings.

    The “emes” part was my intention, but the kavod haTorah truthfully didn’t cross my mind (although in retrospect I agree that it applies to a Yeshiva or Bais Yakov).

    Thanks as well for your assistance in the “Mishnayos” thread – I didn’t want to clutter that one up with extraneous comments.


    Your original post was quite clear in its intent.

    Thank you for ensuring that no one else might misunderstand it.

    Will Hill

    Editor/Mod: Comments of loshon hora/sheker like Moshejoe should be censored and deleted IMHO.


    It is a shame we can’t have an honest discussion without you calling my credibility into question in every single post. But that is not surprising. When somebody thinks so highly of himself and considers everything they agree with as “emes” and everything that they don’t agree with as “sheker”, there is little hope for objectivity and fairness. I hope that I will never become like that and will always be able to seek and appreciate the truth.


    It would be convenient to put our heads in the sand and say that everything is fine and dandy in all of our schools. But if one wants to be honest with him or herself, one only has to look at the incredible rise in kids at risk in our communities and also become familiar with the project our fine assemblyman Dov Hikind has been closely involved in over the last few months. You will see that we still have a lot of work to do.


    MJoe. You certainly are entitled to your opinion about any school. People are entitled to disagree with you. Disagreeing does not equal sticking ones head on the sand. On the other hand, rants about a particular school say something about the one ranting. I dont know you, and dont know anything about the school you railed against. I do know that you come off looking a lot worse then the school.


    Thankfully, there are many fine schools in Brooklyn. If one looks hard enough and asks the right people the right questions, one should have no problem finding one of them.


    While this was last posted several weeks ago, I just noticed it and have some thoughts on the topic.

    My Rav once commented that he receives many shailos on many divergent and critical matters from all types of people, but the one shaila that he is never asked, which he considers one of the most important is: “Which yeshiva do I send my child to?”.

    A Rav should be aware of the different aspects of the schools and just like there is no one shul or one Rav for everyone (Asei L’cha Rav) but rather you need to find the shul and Rav that is best suited for you; the same is for schools.

    Every child is different and there is no one school for every child. All of our daughters started in Prospect Park Yeshiva (seven) but for high school, we only had four going there. While Prospect Park was the right choice for the four, the other high schools were more suitable for my other daughters’ personalities and all excelled in their own schools. I know that Rav Bulman ZT”L and other Rabbonim sent each of their children to a different schools for these reasons.

    Unfortunately, we tend to use only one school for economic reasons.

    Be prepared though, your daughter’s hatzlacha in Prospect Park or other Yeshivos may mean that her frumkeit; midos; secular education; halacha; hebrew language; Jewish history; speaking ability; will be far superior to that of the yeshiva bochur that she is set to date for shidduch purposes and many times she will have to settle for an exterior facade rather than the real thing.


    Thankfully, Shulamith isn’t closing down afterall. The parents fought hard for their school and wouldn’t let up and as a result there is another good school to add to the list in Brooklyn.


    Cherrybim, I love your sense of humor.


    Moshejoe, thank you.


    I know your post was very real. I agree it is fitting for somebody like you to have a perfect 7 for 7 success rate when it comes to your daughters’ schooling and I do sympathize that your 7 daughters had to settle for far inferior boys. It really must be difficult for them to live with people who are flawed. If I were you, I would try to spend as much time as possible with your son-in-laws so you can teach them and guide them and hopefully they will turn out as well as all your daughters did.

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