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    Hi there

    I’m planning a trip to Niagara Falls for a couple of days in two weeks. According to Niagara chabad website there is a pizzeria and meat restaurant under their supervision. Tried calling both but couldn’t get through. Can anyone confirm that they are open throughout the month of August? Also, if you’ve eaten there pls share ur experience. Names are Niagar Kosher Pizza and Mendels Kosher, i think.



    Are they on the Canadian side or the popa side?


    Lol Canadian


    I was in Niagara in early July, and they were both open. It was still quiet, as more people come later in the season. I am sure they are open now in August, especially it being bein hazmanim.

    I didn’t eat at the meat restaurant (I know they were open because it is right next to the daily minyan). The pizza shop was okay. I went there once during my stay.


    Last year we went there, and there was also a kosher hot dog stand. I do NOT know how reliable that was. There were two vendor stands together. Only one was under hashkocha, and the other was selling non-kosher products. We did not buy anything from them after hearing, but jsut to be aware of…




    Well if your bringing a school, Camp, Yeshiva or any other group to Niagara Falls, or looking to have a Bar Mitzva, Simcha or any other family gathering near Niagara Falls, there is a shul that offers kosher food for groups from 10 – 300 people.

    They have a beautiful room and a great chef, which can cater to all your needs.

    …and they are very reasonable price – very cheap compared even to new your city!!!

    They do Groups only, besides for Thursday that they have a weekly restaurant.

    They are just 25 Min. from the American Falls, and they can also deliver it to you.

    It’s under the BVK (Buffalo Vaad), Cholov Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel, Pas Yisroel and Glatt Kosher.

    There website is

    I went to their restaurant, and brought groups, and i was very impressed at the quality food and the price!


    I made a tiyul there 2 summers ago.

    Niagara Kosher Pizza is operated by Lubavitchers. 4400 Queen Street, Unit 7. 289.296.4000

    Mendel’s Kosher Niagara, fleishig, is located at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel – 6455 Fallsview Blvd.

    July 1, 2013 is opening day, per Habad’s website.

    When I went, I ate in neither place.

    When I go away to places that are out of town, I typically make use of my hotel refrigerator and do a quick kashering of the microwave, and eat lots of fruit and salads, crudite vegetables, pita and hummus, Alouette cheese, goat cheese, (now I can have Polly O string cheese, which is OU), bagels and cream cheese, PB and J, crackers, cereal and milk, ricotta and melon, tzatziki dip, Sabra salads, tuna, smoked salmon, Santa Barbara salsa and chips, Meal Mart Amazing meals, LaBriute meals, Amy’s products (I know and trust R’ Hazdan on a personal level), Golden’s blintzes, Tabatchnick, and Indian packaged meals under the hashgaha of R’ Avraham Binyamin (Taste of India/Kohinoor/Trader Joe’s).

    But, a prolonged stay at the Falls may very well necessitate a meal out. And, the fact that Habad is going through considerable time and expense to offer kosher arrangements there in the summer months is reason enough to patronize them and thank them for their efforts to accomodate shomrei kashrut.

    If you’re driving, there is Nissan’s Kosher Deli in the Tops Supermarket in Niagara Falls, NY.

    The Buffalo Vaad (information is available on Young Israel of Buffalo’s website) says that Kosher Land near Maid of the Mist Plaza and at Table Rock Plaza offers hot dogs and falafel under their supervision.


    We went last August.

    The pizza place is FAR from the tourist area and VERY expensive. There is a tourist bus, which we took, but it only went about every half hour. YOU CANNOT WALK. I have no idea what the parking’s like, but in general, it doesn’t make so much sense to drive in Niagara because most stuff is very walkable and there’s a tourist bus system (we had some kind of a deal where it was free for a limited time).

    The pizza was good, though. And the cans had French on them. 🙂

    The fleishig restaurant and shul are right near the falls. (We stayed in the hotel it’s at but didn’t eat there.) We usually don’t eat out when we go away (we usually raid cool supermarkets, in this case Tops in Buffalo), but we generally try to patronize the Chabad places because we use their services a lot on our trips.

    We also ate at one of the kosher hot dog stands by the falls.

    Just in general- THE MAID OF THE MIST IS THE BEST.


    The fleshig place does Shabbos meals, and the Habad itself is in that hotel. I was never at the Falls for Shabbos, but I’d imagine it would be an experience, since there are so many parks to walk in.


    If u want i could find out for you. If it is open throughout augest, its probably going to be hectic because of all the camps ect.


    rebdoniel, “Chabad” is the name of an organization so there is really no reason to use Sephardic transliteration. You are actually misspelling a proper noun.


    With all the problems in the world, does your tayna even really have much importance?

    Naftali Lowenthal, a Lubavitcher professor at University College London, wrote “Communicating the Infinite: The Emergence of the Habad School.” He upholds normative, academic spellings, just as I do. Iif it’s good enough for R’ Lowenthal, it’s good enough for me.


    He is making the same mistake that you are. Chabad is a proper noun. Apparently you both insist on misspelling it.


    In general its best to bring your own food ,I personally cant stand L’Bruit stuff. The Meal mart stuff is a little better.

    I went to Bermuda once with premade meals from Meal Mart (Not the freeze dried stuff) and The customs agent almost confiscated it. He to beg for him not to take it away.


    Lol! I’m glad he let you keep it! My husband loves Meal Mart chopped liver.


    Meal Mart stuff is a mixed bag.

    Amy’s meals are a great frozen option for those who hold by R’ Hazdan’s hashgaha. Tabatchnick items should be available nationally, but I wouldn’t be too sure of that.


    My husband loves Meal Mart chopped liver

    Yah me too. Maybe I’m your husband.

    It is best if you do the following to it:

    Fry like 5 onions. Add them in.

    Boil like 8 eggs. Add them in.

    Add kosher salt, and grind in some pepper (I like to use the tri-color one).

    Put the whole thing in a ziplock back and then break up the eggs by squeezing them through the bag, and then mix it all up like that also.

    And that is what is mean that shabbos is ???? ???? ???


    I have vegetarian liver once a week, and real chopped liver with Lieber’s crackers once a week. Copious amounts of fried onions, Empire schmaltz, broiled beef liver, hard boiled eggs, a generous amount of black pepper, absolutely “gevaldig.”

    PBA, we may not agree in the realm of the beit midrash on much, but when it comes to the mitbah, you think the way I do.


    I would like to cook together with rd one day. This would be a fine thing to do.


    A YWN seudah would be great. If feasible, it would even be great for me to have a YWN sheva brahot, when the time comes, may it be soon, HaShem.


    Yes, a YWN sheva brachos would be a very fine thing.



    Can you mash liver by squeezing it in a bag or that would only work for the eggs which are softer? Its such a pain mashing eggs with a fork and I have bent more than one fork that way 🙁


    I don’t think it would work for the liver, particularly since it is broiled. You generally need a food processor if you want to grind your liver.

    Alternatively, you can just mince or dice it with a knife, and that tastes excellent as well.


    Just mash the eggs with your (clean) hands!


    You need a food processor or a good large knife and big cutting board to make gehachte leber the right way. Some like it smoother, others like it chunkier. I prefer mine on the finer side, but I like sauteed liver on the side. The sauteed liver from Shaul on 60 Street is good.


    Kosher food is actually fairly difficult to get outside of certain areas. Even stuff taken for granted is hard to get.

    We are always debating about ice cream here, In NY all Ice Creams are kosher, however go outside the NY-NE area and the only kosher brands are Breyers and Dreyers (Eddys)

    Bread is also mostly kosher in NY, not elsewhere in the US

    And forget about Europe, Europe its almost impossible to figure out.


    The soda situation is also tricky. In NYC, Pepsi has Kof K, but outside NY, it has KVH and G-d knows what other hechsherim.

    Bimbo bread seems available widely. It is Kof K and Parve.


    We are having trouble finding kosher bread here in Las Vegas (Bimbo is not available). At times we end up resorting to sandwich thins. When we are more settled, I will probably just bake bread from scratch.


    Las Vegas?

    Thats one place I could never live.

    I remember the first time I was there, you get off the plane and the first thing you see is the Slot Machines. The Slot Machines are everywhere there even the Gas Stations and 7-11’s

    Its a little too much. Its a nice place to visit but I wouldnt want to live there


    OMG. I can’t believe who jewishfeminist02 is 🙁


    Vegas seems to have large enough of a kosher scene. A lot of Israelis are out there and Habad as a presence.


    rebdoniel, it took you this long to figure it out?


    Wishful thinking. The whole matzav is like a dark cloud that hovers overhead, or like a tumor.


    What matzav?


    now they have all in one place with the restaurants and minyanim and its all near the falls!

    I travelled from Brooklyn it was amazing!


    Niagara Falls? Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch …. [Strangle guy who said “Niagara Falls.”]


    Its a sad fact that if you want to daven with a Minyan (Especially 3 times a day..Shabbos might be easier) or eat at restaurants (as opposed to bringing your own food) there are very few places to go


    the restaurant they have there is milchig & fleishig (meat & dairy) together with just a mechitza separating them. what kind of kashrus is that? which honest kashrus would give their hechshar to such a place?


    The restuarnt is under Chabad


    Huju: I am not sure how many people understand your reference.

    MA: Do you have separate kitchens in your house?


    MA: In almost every bakery in Brooklyn they have Pareve and Milchigs (Cheeese danishes, cheese cakes etc). Are you going to question every hashgacha about that? If the restaurant has separate kitchens, utensils, etc and the mashgiach/mashgichim have the proper controls why can’t you have both?


    From what I’ve heard the pizza shop is under new ownership.


    a serious dairy pizza shop with all kinds of cheese & other dairy stuff & the right near it serious meats & steaks etc… with just a thin movable wall to separate it, do you call that kosher? i don’t know any hechshar that would approve it unless they are corrupt-as many are R”L as long as you pay them for their approval paper but never or hardly ever come to check on your restaurant/ bakery-

    IACISRMMA:MY kitchen has separate sinks & ovens with the sinks being the separator between meat & dairy counters…. my home also is not a serious business operation & is easy to remember what & where is what when it comes to meat & dairy versus a serious restaurant business.

    on a separate note i have done Hashgacha in Pesach hotels for many years working side by side with many other mashgichim AND BOY HAVE I CAUGHT so many serious kashrus issues-after hotel was kashered of course-that other mashgichim just sit & don’t realize what a serious issue it is….

    regarding bakeries: ALL have separate ovens for dairy danishes & SOME even have a complete separate ROOM for dairy ovens for baking. do your research….



    1.My father was in the bakery business so I do know what they have. It is the same analogy as the restaurant in Niagara Falls.

    2. So you don’t have separate kitchens. Is it halacha to have separate sinks or just an eitza tova (good advice)?

    3. Does this restaurant in Niagara Falls have separate kitchens? Or are you claiming that they only have one kitchen?

    4. If two strangers can sit at the same table, one eating dairy and one eating meat, why can’t a restaurant have a “flimsy” mechitza as long as there is a mechitza?


    iacisrmma & Mashgiach Agent:

    I am the operator for Niagara Kosher Pizza (Top Nosh). Sorry we didn’t see this sooner, but here is the information you were looking for:

    There are 2 completely separate kitchens for Dairy and Meat (run by separate operators during the season). Each kitchen has its own separate ovens, fryers, plumbing, fridges etc.

    Both organizations are supervised under the auspices of the COR (Council of Ontario Rabbis – one of the main Hashgacha organizations in Canada). We follow Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel and Kemach Yoshon.

    The Mashgiach for the Dairy restaurant is our local Chabad Rabbi, Rabbi Zalman Zaltzman. The meat restaurant also had a tamidi during all hours of operation. Our proprietor is a Mashgicha and Kosher caterer in nearby Hamilton.

    The dining room is technically one room, but it is divided by a curtain wall.

    If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us

    Links removed but thank you for the information!


    I am going to try to keep from responding with anger or sarcasm; I hope that I succeed.

    Mashiach Agent – If you are internet savvy enough to use this website, you are also knowledgeable enough to simply google and research before you make such rash pronouncements (twice!) not only questioning but disparaging the kashrus of God fearing, Torah observant people.

    I don’t live near Niagara Falls or Toronto anymore, but I know the Chabad Rav Hamachshir; I know the caterer from Hamilton. I know very well the Rabonim, the board, and several mashgichim from the COR.

    If you had bothered to look, you would have seen that the Niagara Restaurant had a COR hashgocho. And if you had bothered to do even a modicum of research, you would also know that the COR hashgocho has across the board acceptance in Toronto and the surrounding area. You would know it has the approval and cooperation of the OU and other authorities. You would know that Rabbi Felder, its Chair, and Rabbi Kerzner, its former Chair, have the confidence of the entire Frum community. You would know that its Rabbinic leadership holds the highest standards of practice. You would know that The Rav and leadership of Chabad are doing a magnificent job of outreach and have worked cooperatively with Kashrut authorities in tornot for at least the past 35 years.

    Now, you may feel that if it doesn’t come from your neck of the woods, no hashgocho or protocol has any validity. And, it may not, for you. So be it, don’t eat there. But to have the temerity to be Motzi Shem Ra on Rabonim and frum businesspeople because you cant be bothered to do a google search, or becasue pas’t nisht for you in your isolation? Really?

    I think the proprietors, the Rabonim hamachshirim, and the COR deserve your abject and complete apology.


    walking around the jewish community of niagra falls & then coming to this mixed meat/dairy restaurant together with a thin moveable mechitza/wall to separate the kind of food is insane & a bad name on the community. when i was there any person could have eaten on either side of the room with no one stopping me from taking my pizza to the meat side of the wall. the mechitza is not a thick real wall that goes all the way to the registers to assure that no meat order goes to the dairy side sitting tables & vice versa. i didnt see any mashgiach walking through the tables making sure all meat orders were eating on the meat side OR when i paid for my food the cashier telling me which side is my side meat or dairy of what i bought.

    if you think if you give every customer food on a tray then it can be eaten anywhere, the tray becomes hot & makes the table the dairy/meat of what hot food you have on your tray. there were no tablecloths on the tables.

    many other kashrus issues i noticed when i was there (as a kashrus mashgiach & done many big pesach hotels when i go to any food places my eyes immediately see the kashrus issues of the place as any person in the business he does would. A plumber would notice plumbing issues first at the sink before anyone else, this is his job & he automatically sees it)


    why wasnt my post posted? its all the truth & the man who speaks for the restaurant WANTS TO KNOW THE TRUTH what people say or think about the restaurant. i.e. they want to improve if there is something they can improve in from kashrus to service etc….

    MODS please post the post i wrote a few hours ago


    MA: When when we had our “dueling posts” a few months ago, you never mentioned that you were actually there. While IT MAY not have changed my position, it would certainly have changed the tone of my questions. Also, you don’t say when you were there.

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