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    ☕️coffee addict

    Thank you to all my honorable mentions, specifically The Goq, 2qwerty, and shticky guy. Actually I was wondering if anyone would notice being that ZK was shouted out to a whole 2 days after she didn’t post, however no one mentioned anything until three weeks later.

    The reason I left happens to be the sorry state of people in the cr,


    people didn’t seem to care that fb (what I feel should be rb’s name, fake brisker) impersonated ayc, if someone did that in “real life” just for a joke I wouldn’t forgive him/her as easily as fb was.

    looking through some threads made me find this comment

    If I was in ayc’s shoes, I probally would have been long gone. How possibly can a human go through reading five threads of harrasment, and false accusations all day long. I haven’t posted anything about ayc hence this reasoning, and B”H I was right. I personally think the Mods should Delete every single one of those posts which are bickering belittling and bashing ayc. No need to keep the wound open.

    and since I was mekabel motzei sheim ra about the real ayc myself I take it harder than most other people her absence


    (interestingly I just realized this comment from a mod takes on a different meaning

    Thank you. I pride myself about being a Chacham

    and welcome new poster



    (I might be putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 but I’m usually good in math))



    I’m sorry if I’m opening old wounds, and additionally this is true if ayc still reads the cr (I wouldn’t understand why).

    thank you for your time (anyone that wanted to peek in, now I’ll go back to my hole in the ground, not exactly sure if I’ll post on a constant basis (really want to, however still hurting)


    Great to hear from you coffee addict.


    Hi again.


    Hi, CA. I’m sorry I was noticed. More sorry I didn’t notice you. It’s just that I’m (how would I put it mildly?) ‘a bit …’. So if something doesn’t poke me, I’m bound not to notice.

    As far as the ‘issues’, yes, Iv’e had them too (gasp). I turned a new leaf and went on.

    Shticky Guy

    coffee addict I gave you numerous shout outs simply because I genuinely miss your input here. How can we possibly have a coffee room that even coffee addicts stay away from? The AYC saga hurts me now as it hurt me then (see my many posts then supporting him thruout) and should it be repeated I would definitely be out of here fast. But for the moment I have put it down to a one off event involving a well meaning mod trying to do his difficult job but fumbling in the dark and making a grievous error of judgement in the process.

    Please take absence of your leave of absence and post here more like the days of old. You can do it. We know you can!


    CA it wasn’t the same without you. And thanks for mentioning me I often feel invisible here.


    Although I was present in the CR at the time the AYC thing happened, however it did not effect me personaly, those that made the mistake, acknowledged that they erred.

    Maybe it is because I never felt ‘part’ of the CR, I just come to read and air out my mind, I hardly post.

    ☕️coffee addict

    Thank you for all your well wishes

    I’ll respond to every one of my friends

    The Goq, I don’t understand what you were getting at but thank you anyways you’re really one of a kind and I think it comes from not being a Brooklynite (I’m starting to like it here in Queens, there are people here that I feel has an OOT flavor to it)

    Hi Oomis

    ZK, I know what you mean I’m like that sometimes, and I see you have a tremendous koach in your posts that is something I ascribe to have someday in real life and in the CR

    Thank you Shticky, I don’t know where you posted the numerous shout outs, I only saw the thread about Vanishing Posters

    How can we possibly have a coffee room that even coffee addicts stay away from?

    It’s called Rehab

    and I fully agree with you about the mod, it was fb’s April Fool’s joke that really ticked me off, it actually reminds me of an immature April Fool’s joke I had and got a huge smack in the face for saying it

    2qwerty I know how you feel (maybe we can start a club together)

    Thank you again and yes I will start posting again


    I wasnt getting at anything, glad the borough is growing on you lets take in a mets game or an asifa one of these days.


    Coffee addict, I’m sorry I didn’t respond to this thread till now. I feel very similar to how you’ve been feeling. Every time I post something, I feel guilty about it, knowing that ayc, one of the most kind, sensitive people that has ever been here, isn’t posting because of the terrible thing that happened. In regard to the whole impersonation, my reaction to it was to be silent and not post anything, though inside I was bursting with anger and disbelief. I know, it isn’t healthy to do that, but that’s what I did. And after everything that happened, I couldn’t bring myself to post for a week. Though now I’ve tried to move on, but I don’t feel proud about that. But I’m glad that you’ll start posting again. Please forgive me for not noticing you were away, lately I’ve been oblivious to anything really going on, since I mainly just go straight to the poetry thread.

    Hoping you’re well.


    Welcome back! So im kinda the oblivious type- so I have no idea wat happened but glad to have u back! The cr was greatly lacking without u!

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