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    This thread is meant ONLY for those who virtually stoned me for suggesting that people be careful with private info here. Eg, AYC, Btguy, Zeeskite, et al. All those who believe it’s not a good idea need not apply.

    One of the biggest problems in accepting the criticisms against me is, how do we know who is being honest and who is a stalker who doesn’t want the party to end? This thread is determined to answer that question. An honest opponent will share their personal info as well! After all, they wouldn’t suggest that others do what they themselves won’t. So all those who oppose my privacy concerns, feel free to demonstrate that the CR is safe. And then let he who is without privacy cast the first stone.


    The times that I post are a dead give-away.


    jothar…werent you boycotting this site? why come back just to drive us nuts with unsubstantiated scare tactics?


    Zeeskite has said, at different times, that he/she is 9,or 12, or a mother/father of children. Also, he/she either knows nothing and misspells half her words, or has a vast array of knowledge and perfect grammar. Something tells me he/she will NOT be posting anything real here…


    Did someone mention me?

    A ZeesKite cannot stone anyone, even virtually.

    I accept your wager. I too let others expose of themselves just as much as I.

    I’ve been around here for some while, dropping hints here and there, I’m still on the loose! I mentioned once that I live in Kensington, “east of YiddishKite”. GASP! I still roam the streets freely, I don’t even feel the need to turn around constantly to see if someone’s following, answering to the name ‘ZeesKite’. (Well maybe that’s your hint, if you see a ZeesKite roaming in Kensington without turning around, you’ve spotted the ZeesKite!)

    So no, I don’t think there’s much need for all this paranoia (some yes).

    AND YES. Thanks SO MUCH for reviving this topic. HERE GOES THE FUN, AGAIN!!


    I tend to agree with you. Though I am not a really private person IRL, I think that the internet can be a dangerous thing, and it is really best to play things closer to the vest than one typically would. Though I doubt that there are many stalkers in the CR, still, one never knows. Inasmuch as people often express personal views that leave them open to criticism, censure, embarrassment, and sometimes real antagonism, it is simply better to keep your personal info to yourself. JMO.


    Long live King Jothar!!!!

    O.K. I’ll be first.

    My real name is Dini and I’m a 9 year old girl who is “addicted” to hot cocoa. OMG, especially with cream!!! I just thought it would be cool to have “booze” in my name, not “cocoa”, because cocoa sounds just like my family name. hee,hee!

    I live in the heart of Flatbush ( I-J, in the 20’s) and my best friend is Gumball!!!!!!!!

    We ride our bikes like everyday on ocean ave, at 5pm, sometimes later.

    Sometimes we ride late at night, honk our horns for fun, torch parked cars…….oops,…never mind…uhhh….ok,gotta go!

    am yisrael chai

    “This thread is meant ONLY for those who virtually stoned me for suggesting that people be careful with private info here. Eg, AYC,…”

    I don’t recall ever stoning Jothar, virtually or otherwise. Nor stoning anyone else, for that matter. I believe in respectful discussion here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    I believe that once again there has been a public false accusation which needs mechila.

    I believe that I have a right to drop my personal stuff at my own free will when flowing naturally in a discussion, not when it is demanded/requested by others. I do not ask private questions of others, but see no reason that a poster needs to seek police protection for divulging their time zone.

    Why can’t we just agree to disagree? People are entitled to their own opinions.

    I appreciate the good intentions, but that does not override accusing others falsely.


    Wtvr so like if U see Us biking Im the lead biker..The front one..Yea wtvrr…Were like BFFS!! Omg! lol!!


    Raboisai and Rebetzinoisai,

    First of all, my salutation is intended respectfully without any sarcasm.

    There are pros and cons to both sides of this debate.

    Once of the worst things about prior discussions on this topic is seeing posters who are well-meaning get so caught up in the debate that it turns into a personal argument.

    I implore everyone to please keep things focused only on the issues, and when expressing disagreement to do so in the way you would like to be spoken to.

    Thank you.


    Omg ur lying!! U dont live in Kesnington!! OMG!!

    🍫Syag Lchochma

    I can only try – try you did, and thank you for it!!!


    I would never, ever, post identifying info here, and I would also never, ever post things under a different screen name, i.e. Mod-80/Popa or Joseph.



    Welcome back ICOT!


    This is a very respectful thread. I respect everyone’s opinions. I just want to be sure everyone’s opinion is legit. It’s simply not fair to ask others to divulge personal info without divulging any yourself.


    I live in my mother’s basement. When I’m not on my computer stalking, watching Star Trek reruns, or harassing, I am hanging out by the local mikveh or pretending to get a job.

    am yisrael chai

    Icot, great “seeing” you again after all this time. Please don’t disappear again, your absence was noted and felt.

    Can you clarify your opinion “although not in complete agreement?”

    I feel that one should write what’s comfortable and not what isn’t, not where another poster tells one what one can/cannot write. And not where a poster asks others to identify themselves.

    For example, there’s a poster here who just before wrote about a math that’s giving problems (no pun intended). The poster feels it might clue others into identity.

    Now I feel it’s a shame that someone can’t get help in math here, but I would never try to dissuade them. Math has the benefit in that many grades usually deal with the same topic, so it’s not identifying a grade, never mind school IMHO.


    I’m Moodche Doovid, I live in Boro Park, and I’m a 48 guy not a 45 guy despite my name. No wonder everyone here is so kvetchy- you guys all hold of zman krias shma! More than that I don’t want to share, one beis din still has a siruv out on me.


    AYC, great post. Agreed that people shouldn’t worry. This paranois must stop.

    Where do you live? How old are you? Are you male or female? Which shul do you daven in? Thank you very much.

    am yisrael chai

    “This is a very respectful thread.”

    It is not respectful to write “This thread is meant ONLY for those who virtually stoned me…”

    “I just want to be sure everyone’s opinion is legit.”

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You seem to be saying that you are the judge of others’ opinions, and that’s not very respectful IMHO.

    “It’s simply not fair to ask others to divulge personal info without divulging any yourself.”

    This is not the topic at all. No one here has asked others to divulge anything. The point is that someone else shouldn’t tell us what we may or may not write.

    Actually, looking at this thread, there’s only ONE person here requesting that others divulge information…

    Again, I appreciate your intention for caution, but I believe in shvil hazahav, which I’ve mentioned several times.


    Syag Lchochma-

    The Goq-

    am yisrael chai-

    Thank you all for the kind words.

    Also, thank you to “chocandpatience”, “Charlie Brown”, “kapusta” and other posters for their kind words on other threads. (Hope I didn’t miss anyone – if I did, sorry! as stated elsewhere, those old grey cells ain’t what they used to be.)


    am yisrael chai-

    Can you clarify your opinion “although not in complete agreement?”

    Sure. In the following thread, this topic was discussed and I gave several cases where I’d make exceptions, including one where I did offer to contact another poster:

    I’d like to once again mention that the moderators are volunteers and that they deserve significant thanks for their efforts in making the correct decisions regarding what to allow and what to prevent and their willingness to assume that responsibility.

    One final thought: Both you and “Jothar” are posters whose opinions I respect. When he started the “Warning” thread, I thought it was a great idea, especially as an eye-opener for some of the younger posters here.

    Whether you or anyone else agrees or disagrees does nothing to change my opinion of you or that other person.

    It would be a terrible shame if two well-meaning guys like yourselves had hard feelings over this.

    IMO, I think “agreeing to disagree” is the best strategy here.


    Welcome back ICOT. We missed you.



    I am a 13 year old girl living in Flatbush. I would really like to become friends with other girls my age in the area. Would anyone be willing to meet me at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue J?

    P.S. Let’s not tell our parents where we’re going, so it will be more fun.


    AYC, I mean no hard feelings. I just like a good argument. You haven’t yet clarified your shvil hazahav. Everything seems to be allowed. What’s NOT allowed?

    I sincerely hope you get to post back. That would mean that the charges against you in the infostealers thread are false. The alternative is too painful to contemplate.


    Wow! I guess I’ll be reading AYC’s personal info in the Daily News…


    I weould like to remind everyone that one is MECHUYAV to be dan AYC lekaf zechus until it is clarified one way or another.

    My Rosh Yeshiva ZT”L used to quote the gemara from Derech Eretz Rabbah perek 5, where even though one is dan lekaf zechus, you still have to take precautions and be chosheid every stranger even without being mekabel.


    Hey, pops! I live right around the corner, and I’m exactly your age! I am tall, broad, black, with tons of little braids…y’know? You’ll spot me right away. Can you give me your social security # and credit card#, so that when we meet, I’ll ask you for the #s and if you get them right, I’ll know it’s indeed you.


    I am a little confused. Are we talking about personal information such as name and address, age, etc. or are we talking about discussing personal problems or issues? The two are not the same thing necessarily. I see no reason not to talk about issues in one’s life, but it might be better not to reveal real names or locations.


    for those of you who don’t know me yet, I am Mary, Queen of Scots.

    ☕️coffee addict


    if popa was 13 (s)he wouldn’t have a credit card


    Since this is a sharing personal information thread. Joseph, step forward come outta your shell, and tell us,

    Full name:

    adress: include street number & name, city, state, and country


    telephone number:

    SS Number:

    annual income:

    cell phone number:




    family details:

    marriage status:

    how many times you flush the toilet:

    how many times you change your socks:

    can anyone think of more???

    let’s compile a list of personal questions for him and the mods will send it to his email address saying that if he answers them ALL CORRECTLY we’ll unblock his profile.


    This might sound hard to believe, but I’m actually your mother!!


    hockaroundtheclock: whos mom are u?? joseph’s, realllly?? why didn’t you train him better.. look how he turned out! I wouldn’t be proud to be his mom…

    observanteen:”th tons of little braids…y’know”

    -they’re called dreadlocks.


    Gummy, I’m not. Take a look

    Jothar: I’m not totally against you opinion. There was a poster here who let out (unknowingly) a fact directly identifying her. I contacted her to have it removed.


    can anyone think of more???

    Seriously, I’m curious how many SN’s hes had…




    Thank you (again).


    Hi Jothar: Since you mentioned my name, I will just throw in that to me, I thought the threads and people in them were the ones being stoned, and that there must be another way, covertly, to handle your very real and valid concerns.

    I dont think you should necessarily conclude that those who felt the thoughts of any given thread which were being interrupted by your warnings to mean that your privacy concerns are being opposed. Of course everyone wants privacy, especially the stalkers.

    You are very right in your concerns and you probably know more than us about how vulnerable we really are.

    My point of view stemmed from a few things: I have a good friend I went to high school with who quickly became a captain in a local police department. Now he heads up Homeland Security in NJ. Additionally, my brother has a friend who quickly became a detective in another local police department. In addition to that, where I train, and previous gyms I belonged to, many there /are were law enforcement and military police.

    People would always ask them advice about concerns they had. Well, between witnessing those situations and the acquaintances I have in law enforcement, I noticed they all shared something in common.

    They shared a very intelligent, analytical, and well-informed posture in thinking about the problem. They did not approach things from an emotional base at all. You are also very intellligent and analytical and well-informed, and even passionate about these things. But because they were highly trained they did not create waves for civilians going about their daily business.

    I feel bad that you feel bad. And I apologize. In hindsight, maybe I could have had a softer touch. But, I would feel very confident in knowing you worked for this website behind the scenes/screen at working to keep this site safe.


    BTGuy, please inform the mods immediately of your law enforcement friends. They could use all the backup they can get. Thank you very much.

    I’m not a mod b”h.


    Hi Jothar: I dont think they would be moderators as they are busy federal and county employees who also are not Jewish. I think you would be good. LE seems to be a strong inclination for you, an thank heave there are people who want to do that. I guess the issue here is at what point should the population be alerted to a highly suspected or known threat, as opposed general vigilance and how often they need to be reminded to be vigilant.


    Btguy, a professional can assign a detective to this place who will do the necessary research and legwork. Looking for cyberstalking is what they do.


    Hi Jothar: Absolutley.

    In Jersey there are the State Police Internet Crimes Bureau as well as the FBI’s. I had to contact them once because in a chat room someone was claiming to be kidnapped. Some of the chatters believed it, some did not. Some made out and out jokes about it.

    I thought it was better to be safe than sorry, so I called the State Police who transfered me to the Newark office of the FBI. Anyway, while on the phone with them, the agent went to the site and it was amazing what they could see and find out. They saw the person was pranking (thank heaven) because they were not at all at the location where they said they were behind held against their will,

    among other things which I dont remember now.

    Curiously, the agent said they would not do anything for the prank of saying they were kidnapped. He said it was more a matter of juvenality than criminality.

    Also, you may be interested in knowing, I came across a hacker once who was on the FBI list for computer crimes, or something like that. At that time his name was Atomic Bomb. I doubted him, and he told me to look it up. I did look it up and his name was on there at the FBI website.

    When I told him I still doubted him, he suddenly took control of what I was typing to him by typing as though he were me; just like if you were typing a post here and all of a sudden the sentences being written were not from you, and you just sat there and watched each letter like a ghost was typing or something within your own account.

    The cyber world has a lot of gaping loopholes for people to do stuff. It is beyond me how they can do that, and sadly, law enforcement is so busy with it they have to let some of the situations go unresponded.

    I had come to realize that the computer world is a large universe with many LE agencies who are already working on the problems, along with security measures employed by individual sites.

    I definitely agree if on a grass-roots level, so to speak, someone suspects something is going on, by all means try to head the problem off at the pass and warn people.


    So let’s get law enforcement here and let them decide what is and what is not criminality. If they say what’s going on here isn’t criminal, then by all means let the party go on.


    So can we assume the webmaster here or owners, etc., will hire someone to do a check from time to time. That would be a good idea.


    I think “now” would be a great time for it. No need to hire someone. Our taxes pay for detectives.


    K so HI!! My real name is NissaYehudis and my last name is Chulentface and I live in Bensington and like wtvr I always WIIIISHED I could be frenz with Zees but shes 2 cool 4 me so wtvr…LOL!!!!!

    ☕️coffee addict

    Very interesting

    I was looking at ayc’s profile and looked at topics started, it did have some topics that were trying to get info from other people


    Coffee Addict:

    Very interesting

    I was looking at ayc’s profile and looked at topics started, it did have some topics that were trying to get info from other people.

    Certainly is interesting…also disturbing.I very much appreciate your honesty in this.

    Here is the link for those who are still on the fence:


    Gumball: “I always WIIIISHED I could be frenz with Zees but shes 2 cool 4 me so wtvr…LOL!!!!! “

    am I hearing right???? gumball remember you’re theeeeeeeeeee cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolest, noone is cooooooooooooooooooooooooooler than you!

    lolkatz:”Certainly is interesting…also disturbing.I very much appreciate your honesty in this.”

    who’s honesty are you refering to??/ lack of for that


    coffee addict

    “Once killed a Mountain Lion with his bare hands

    Very interesting

    I was looking at ayc’s profile and looked at topics started, it did have some topics that were trying to get info from other people “

    there’s never a dull moment in here, always sth….!!!! I am guessing it’s to keep the mods from dozing off…


    Do you see what I don’t see? The titles definitely don’t suggest prying. Are you talking about content?

    Binefol Oyivcha Al Tagil.

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