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    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Unless the ADA is funded by the fast food industry.

    stam a deya

    I think ADA is funded by Coca Cola and Nestle if i remember correctly. Now what do you think they are going to say? A dietitian would say drink soda but a small diet coke but a nutritionist would say a fruit smoothie instead….Dietitian will tell you to eat whole wheat bread and any will do. But a nutritionist would say to read label. Some have 15 ingredients and some 5 or better yet cut out all carbs. A dietitian will say to count calories but a nutritionist would say count chemicals and eat lot of avocado and healthy fats even if loaded with calories. A dietitian will say you can have cake but just a small piece where as nutritionist would say none. Dietitian would have you drinking low fat milk or chicken peeled and nutritionist regular or raw milk or chicken unpeeled. A dietitian would say to eat salmon without necessarily differentiating between farm raised or wild. Just some examples. Dietitian anti-saturated fat and Nutritionist pro-saturated fat. All above is my understanding….no first hand interactions with them….



    1. None of the two studies I cited were funded by the pharmaceutical industry. The second one wasnt funded by the government either. Granted their is funding to jorunals in general, but the very fellow you cite acknowledges this! LEts see your friend Grecon say “look I have no evidence that my stuff works and I am making a mint off of it but trust me anyway”

    This article had no “smallest deviation” from the pharmaceutical comapny.

    ” i am keenly aware of the corruption and greed in all of this which makes everyone suspect. Keep your eyes open to this reality and you will see it over and over again.”

    Agreed, so read the study carefully! Dont just skim the abstract.

    Though when you say “makes everyone suspect” you only mean Doctors and pharmaceutical companies not quacks. Right?

    2. So because the head of the FDA worked form a pesticide company that makes him corrupt and becasue he is corrupt he will do corrupt things but only for pharmaceutical comapnies (and not all ) and not tobbaco. Why does he only like industries that start with the letter “p”?

    3. How much time after a few hours of blockage the damage is usually irreversible and often leads to death!

    7. Yes it is your fault. You said Doctors give blank stares when diet comes up, when in reality it is FIRST LINE therapy for some condiditions. ARe Doctors as knowledgeable about diet as nutritionists of course not. Are Nutritionists as knowledgeable about disease/health as doctors of course not. Both work together to care for the patient.

    9. Are you serious? My wife got a parking ticket while getting our children their vaccines. And heres the kicker there is more evidence separating vaccines from death than vaccines from parking tickets. In fact I dont think there is any data showing that vaccines and parking tickets arent linked. You dont think they are linked? Try telling that to my wife!!!

    10. Wahls’s career is based on this snake oil

    ” If you have to take fish oil for ex., why should the pharmacy make the profit, let me make it. I see nothing wrong with that. “

    There is nothing wrong with that! But only if it works!!!!!!!

    And to say that becasue pharmecutical companies are making money then automaticly they are suspect (although they have published data on their side) But Mercola is allowed to profit without any data. Are you listening to yourself?

    “if people are still going to them, that tells me that there is something to it”

    They go becasue they are desperate!!!

    “But, admittedly, i hear their fees are exorbitant.”

    umm…Hello!!! please listen to yourself. You admit that they charge exorbitant fees have no data that it works, and these are the good guys in your view?!!?

    “You clearly no very little about nutrition and alternative health”

    Not a secret. I know close too nothing about alternative health. I know real health. The extent of my knowledge on alternative ehealth are dangerous side effects from herbal stuff and interactions with proven remedies.

    “Don’t feel bad ” I dont, but not becasue I;m the majority. Most of my views on this forum (not thread) are minority views. I have facts and data on my side. Why would I feel bad?

    “I’m not sure I’m getting through.”

    Oh you are.

    “Please flip through some images of people suffering from Cancer, Heart disease, diabetes, M.S., Lou Gherigs, Crohns, Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, gallstones, High blood pressure , Hyperthroidism, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis Parkinsons, Psoriasis etc… “

    I dont need to flip through anything I work hard treating/curing or managing ALL the ailments you’ve listed!

    “Just so you fully appreciate what it is that your pro-medicine cult has contributed to. “”

    I do fully appreciate it, I thank the Ribono shel olam every day for the treatments he has given us. We have come a long way in managing all of the conditions youve listed in part thanks to the evil pharmaceutical companies (even if they are faaaar from lishma)

    ” Take care of yourselves and I wish you all a ????? ?????? ???? “

    You too!

    p.s. as mentioned previously, please do me a favor and flip through some images of polio and its sequela (iron lungs, cripled children etc…) smallpox, Measles mumps etc…

    I’ve done your favor and I will bl”n read Hayford’s book (50 cents on amazon)



    Mercola is a quack. He should grow webbed feet and feathers. For years he ripped off patients by selling them useless treatments.


    Aluminum is one of the LEAST toxic substances on the earth. Good thing, because it is one of the third most common substance on the earth and the most common metal. edited Hashem created us as resistant to any damage that aluminum might have caused us as the result of normal exposure levels. Aluminum is found in almost all soil and your child gets far more exposure to aluminum from getting dirty while playing than he will ever get from vaccines. Not to mention your aluminum cookware and all the aluminum beverage containers.


    stam: Can you explain why you think saturated fats are good for you? Studies have been inconclusive about them being bad for you. There’s no evidence that it’s good for you though.

    stam a deya

    Mercola doesn’t sell treatments. He sells supplements.


    After all that has been written here we are still faced with the original question: how could Rav Shmuel have made such comments? We are talking about someone who is not only likely the gadol hador (in America) , but someone who many would consider the best person for a good aitza on any subject ( my son called him this week)and has a profound concern for klal yisroel. How then could he make comments which seem almost silly to most?

    I believe the only possible answer lies in “sod Hashem l’yiraiov”. By this I don’t mean people shouldn’t get vaccinations. To the contrary I believe 99% of people won’t take Rav Shmuel’s advice and he knows that. But , somehow, I firmly believe,his comments will work out for the best for Klal Yisroel.

    And, for the record, I’m a calte litvak.

    stam a deya

    Sam 2-

    Google Alan Keyes (spelling?). It was a big ?????? in the 40s or 50s (maybe earlier don’t remember) when the above surgeon general advocated for veg. fat and villified animal fat. By coincidence Crisco Oil was starting out (again don’t remember all the facts….) and big push for margarine versus animal fat. Again, anything and everything concerning health has to be suspect with greed. Since then, obesity and diabetes etc…skyrocketed. Plenty of info on internet about this. The govt. was forced to backtrack on transfats as i mentioned somewhere….saturated fat is next !!


    stam: You didn’t answer my question. I said studies have been inconclusive about it being bad for you. But no one claims it’s beneficial (except you).


    “All above is my understanding….no first hand interactions with them….”

    So you admit you have zero idea what you talking about.

    stam a deya

    Matan 1. Correct…which is obviously more than you…..



    Wait a second. If you admit that you don’t know what you are talking about, why do you keep on making these claims?


    Shomer Pissayim Hashem. But what about the kids in schools who are Vaccinated – which isn’t foolproof?!?


    “I think ADA is funded by Coca Cola and Nestle if i remember correctly.”

    By dozens of corporate entities across the corporate landscape from the financial, transportation, agricultural and aerospace sectors many of whom do so because it looks good to be a good corporate citizen, not because they have any agenda they wish to push. This is true for just about all non profits.


    Can we go back to “the letter” for a moment? what does it say? does anyone know where one can read the text of this letter? i like reading things for myself. Id rather see for myself what it actually says on the paper that reading what others claim is written on the paper.


    I too would like to read this alleged letter from the gedolim. I find it hard to believe that a gadol would sign to that. But i am open to seeing this letter and to reading the gedolim’s reasoning.

    I am a staunch supporter of vaccinating children. I am so glad that my children are in yeshivos and bais yaakov’s with a nurse from the BOE, who must have documentation about each childs vaccinations.

    During my last pregnancy i found out that i was not immune to Rubella. I got the MMR after my baby was born. Pregnant women are usually notified and advised by their OB’s to get specific vaccines if they are no longer immune or if they are vulnerable to a disease/virus going around like H1N1, Whooping cough, measles, etc.. And why were we instructed to get these additional vaccines? Because of some selfish individuals who will not vaccinate their children and spread the measles, whooping cough, etc..

    One who is vaccinated has the ability to fight off that disease/virus’; this doesn’t mean they don’t get it, it means that its much milder and usually not as extreme as one who is not vaccinated.


    Stam–What is your position on things such as Treacher-Collins Syndrome? Downs Syndrome? Cystic Fibrosis?

    Pneumonia? Tuberculosis? Emphysema? Lupus? Are these all caused by eating incorrectly? Can they all be cured by eating correctly? (you posted the Gra’s position that all illnesses are caused by eating incorrectly, not calling you a liar, but I want to see it inside myself. You posted where it is, so be Beezras HaShem I will have a look at it soon, but the Gra specifically did NOT study pharmacology). If you say they all are caused by food, and can be treated through diet and exercise, good luck. Treacher-Collins for example, Amongst many other things, means that at birth the child could be missing cheekbones, and missing or have malformed ears. The worst case in medical history involved a woman being born missing 40% of her facial bones.


    Was there ever a time in history in which people ate correctly?


    apushatayid -“Can we go back to “the letter” for a moment? what does it say? does anyone know where one can read the text of this letter? i like reading things for myself. Id rather see for myself what it actually says on the paper that reading what others claim is written on the paper.”

    I actually searched around on the web & found the letter from the 3 Rabbis. It was based on the Psak of R’ Chaim. I also found a letter from R’ Dunner, which says the “Vaccinated” kids should be kept out of school! More on this soon.


    I’m Not a Poisek, but when Kanarek asked the Shaila, he left out vital info. I don’t know for sure he left out this info, but this is the way it seems. Acc. to R’ Dunner, the reason of the P’sak was because it’s a remote a possibility. Did Kanarek mention these cases & still R’ Chaim Paskened the way he did? Here are the cases:

    “Update On Measles Outbreak In Frum Community In NYC – See more at: http://www.theyeshivaworld.com/news/general/171304/update-on-measles-outbreak-in-frum-community-in-nyc.html”

    “Study: Mumps Outbreak In Orthodox Community Traced To Face-to-face Schooling”

    “Israel: Health Ministry Bracing to Contain Measles Breakout”

    I don’t think he did. I think the P’sak would be – letting these kids into schools, would be a Sofek of Ritzchecha!

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