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    It’s been quiet here tonight so I decided to open a new thread. Everyone knows there is an inyan to have melava malka, is this an inyan, a mitzvah, a minhag?? And what is included

    in it, mezonos or do I have

    to wash?


    I think its a halachah and the best is to wash for bread, its also a segula for an easy childbirth and for techiat hametim when mashiach comes.


    The entire body is nourished by whatever food is eaten whenever it is eaten.

    Except the LUZ bone.

    The luz bone receives it’s nourishment only from the food eaten at the Melaveh Malkah.

    The luz bone is the bone from which the entire body is reconstituted at Techias HaMesim.

    Good idea to keep it well nourished.


    IS it in the shulchan aruch

    Be Happy

    There is an elderly lady who lives here in England. She was in Aushwitz and worked by the ovens. She miraculously escaped and survived that terrible gehenim. She talks very little about her experiences. She does however impress the importance of eating melavah malkah. She says she could see on the remains of people who ate melavah malkah their luz bone survived.


    wow, i never knew that. definitely makes you think twice before skipping melava malka!


    it started by dovid hamelech, dovid knew he would die on shabbos so after every shabbos he would make a seudah that he didn’t die.i’m pretty sure its in the shulchan aruch


    (Hope I got this one accurately) – I heard that Dovid Hamelech learned on every Shabbos, so that he would not die on the day he knew he was destined to die, because the Malach Hamaves cannot take someone’s neshama while they are leaning Torah. So the Medrash tells us, on Shavuos, which was Shabbos also, he was learning and the M”H became frustrated because he was there to take D”HM’s neshama but he would not stop learning Torah and could not die. Finally, the M”H made a loud noise outside, Dovid was distracted from the learning, and at that moment the M”H took his life.


    Thanks everyone, if u have more to add please do so!



    Maybe its not literally saying that the actual bone will get physically nourished. Maybe its in a spiritual sense.



    So if someone calls you on your silliness, it is considered hypocrisy?

    Do we find that there will bee tchias hameism for the non observant as well gentiles?

    Aha, so it is different, in a metphysical sense.

    Besides, what do you say to anecdotal evidence such as repeated by Estherh, I know you will say it is not proof, but your comment is even less because it is purely supposition.

    BTW, what about frogs, is there tchias hameisim for them, do they believe in it?


    do you need to wash and eat something hot or does any food qualify?


    Ur suppose to wash I don’t think it has to be hot


    also shulesh shidees makes the luz bone stronger….i heard u cud eat a mezoinois and fullfill teh nourishing of the bone


    It IS mentioned in the Shulchan Aruch as something one should do…preferably by washing.

    The Mishna Brurah says it is not an absolute chiyuv like the other 3 seudos of Shabbos, but rather is a “Mitzva B’alma”…..simply a mitzva that is a good thing to do.


    I always thought you had to wash and have something hot.please let me know if u really dont need both.

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