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    D’vekus – lama lenetzach – almost every time I listen to it, I cry.

    Shalsheles – Esa ainai

    of course, there are many others that are also excellent. These two are among my favorites.


    lolay soyroscha


    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    Koh Echsof. A great, heartfelt interpretation was done by Andy Statman on “The Hidden Light.”.


    vehachzerainu bitshuva (yakov shweky)

    ten li haor sheyizrach (gad elbaz)



    There once was another child,

    Who smelled this sweet and felt this warm,

    He was taken from before my eyes,

    And only I was left to mourn.

    Yossi Sonnenblick and his harmony still brings out tears, and I’ve listened to it probably more than a hundred times.

    YW Moderator-42

    I always enjoy the classic slow, Mo Oshiv in Hallel. Does anyone know where the tune is from?


    the MBD memories. its the most moving song ive ever heard.


    I love the song, father don’t cry. It brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel closer to hashem.

    Shticky Guy

    42: Which classic slow Mo Oshiv do you mean? Is it the very very very old classic? That’s just traditional. You probably mean the one from the MBD album Hallel?

    Toi: I remember going to an MBD concert as a child only a few months after he lost his mother (he was still in the year) and he said he’s written a new song about her called Memories and he sang it to us for the first time ever. You can bet it was hartzig. He cried as he sang it and many people cried with him.

    It all depends on knowing the background to a song. Eg the famous ani maamin composed in the cattle train to Auschwitz. Or Lo Amus Ki Echye, knowing MBD sang it at the bedside of a kid with cancer.


    One I love is:


    Ani Yehudi…


    You can find it on

    In my opinion BEST SONG EVER! You can find the english easy online I think.


    I think that for hebrew, its kah echsof


    Saved twice from tragedy and Forgiveme and Mama Rochel


    esa einai shalsheles

    Shticky Guy

    2 other songs that give me goosebumps are “A little bird is calling”, and “Al tomar lichishe’efneh eshneh…cause maybe, just maybe, you’ll never have the time…” by Country Yossi


    I can’t choose one in particular but I LOVE the Journeys songs that are about like the Holocaust or the one called “In a one room apartment…”

    I also love singing ani maamin whenever I feel down. It really kept me going when I was struggling a lot in highschool. Now things are much better but I still love singing it. I think the words are so simple yet so meaningful!!


    One of the most heartfelt song sang by MBD is Ezkara (on Yerusholayim is not for sale)

    Avrohom Fried’s most hartzegeh song is Tanya.

    Agav: The highest pitch that I have heard any singer reach is Avrohom Fried when he ends off the English song “The Time is Now”

    Feif Un

    The first time I davened Mussaf for the amud on Yom Kippur, I was talking to my grandmother about it afterward. She asked me what tunes I used, and one of them was the Ani Maamin mentioned a few posts ago. She told me that she clearly remembers sitting in the barracks in Auschwitz, singing that Ani Maamin. I guess someone from that train must have taught it to them – or she mistook it for a different tune.


    Refuah by Baruch Levine- I cannot stop listening to that song. It has touched my heart like no other song ever has.


    V’hu Keyli, By: Baruch Levine


    Plenty of songs…. Not one specifically.

    Been listening to quite a lot of Mizrachi music recently, in particular Zion Golan. He’s good. Wish I could understand more of it though. 🙂


    Little neshomale (journeys) is the first to come to mind.

    YW fan

    Cry No More by Yaakov Shwekey!!!


    The Camp Shalva song about a boy who comes back into this world disabled because he chose that over Gehennom as oinesh for hitting another Yid. It is in Yiddish and hard to listen to unless you are fluent because it lasts over 10 minutes, but it is worth it. I show the title as “Neshume” but I bought my Camp Shalva albums as downloads and some of the titles are truncated in my files.


    i’m with yw fan- cry no more! totally stunning. period.


    Cry no more by Yaakov Shwekey

    The teardrop by Abie Rotenberg

    The piano boy by Boruch Levine

    Music of forever by Yaakov Shwekey


    The Artist – Sheves Achim 2 (Shimon and Moshe Bell)

    Rochel – Simccha Leiner (STUNNING, STUNNING SONG!!)

    Watch Over Me – Lev Tahor 2

    Tefillat Kallah – Kolot (Yaakov Shwekey)

    Another song that made me cry – I’ve only heard it once so I don’t know what it’s called or who sings it, but it made me cry – something like “Aleph, beis, gimmel, daled hey….there was a time when these words I would say…” I think it’s a story about how in Communist Russia, a soldier catches Jewish boys in a secret cheder – he asks the boy what he learned that day and the boy replies “Aleph, beis…” it turns out the soldier is a Jew…and he says to his fellow soldiers there’s nothing here….something along those lines

    Letakein Girl


    I also love The Artist! I found it on YouTube, sung acapella by Ari

    The meaning behind that song is so encouraging!

    Another one of my fave songs is Higher and Higher, by Yehuda!.

    Also, Ki Hu by Baruh Levine is gorgeous. It brings back such memories for me, cuz I listened to it during a particularly hard time in my life. I cry every time I listen to it.

    Shomer Yisrael, composed by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz and sung by Uziya Tzadok is GORGEOUS!!!!! It was written while the three boys were missing… A real tearjerker.

    Keep climbing is a song that means a lot to me, both cuz of the meaning behind the song and cuz I first heard it right after hearing some really, really bad news and it was like a hug from Hashem.

    I’ll post more songs when I think of them.


    I’ll havta listen to those….I only know Keep Climbing! Yes, I love it – Avraham Fried is my favorite singer (in terms of voice, not necessarily songs, but I love most of his songs. Especially My Fellow Jew and Father Don’t Cry, I think other people have mentioned those already)

    Letakein Girl

    Yaakov shwekey and baruch levine are also amazing singers, but I know what you mean about his voice. He has this way of injecting so much emotion into s song, it’s amazing!


    Don’t worry, I am a HUGE Shwekey fan as well! 🙂

    Letakein Girl

    You know the cutest thing? Nechama Cohen (heartbeat) is Yaakov Shwekey’s niece. Isn’t that heaven?! They’re such a talented family!


    I haven’t really heard her. In general, I don’t really like female singers (with the exception of Chanale, who I love!!!) I also haven’t really heard Yosef Chaim Shwekey, I think he’s also related – my friend has his cd

    Letakein Girl

    You should really check Nechama Cohen out…

    She has several original songs on YouTube-

    – heartbeat

    – forgive me

    – perfectly imperfect (the sound is a bit off, tho)

    – the edge of prayer- released just a few weeks ago!

    They are AMAZING!

    I also love Chanale! She is so talented…

    Yes, yosef chaim shwekey is also related to yaakov. I heard one of his songs recently- his voice is very similar to yaakov’s!


    Yosef Chaim is Yaakov’s brother.


    I would love to check her songs out, but I TRY not to listen to Kol Isha. I guess I could give somethings up for Totty in Heaven! Maybe Yaakov (or Yosef Chaim) can sing her songs for us guys? Would love that!


    LG – my filter doesn’t allow me to access YouTube. Also, I heard samples on Mostly Music. Chanale for me when it comes to female singers 🙂 I heard one of YCS songs, it sounded pretty good, but can’t really say coz only heard it once


    I SOOOO do NOT have time to be here right now…..but letakein girl I wanted to tell you I was thinking of you recently! We had a speaker in school and she handed out a song at the beginning……and it was Higher and Higher 🙂 I was the only one who had heard of it; it’s stunning! And I only know it coz of you… thanx so much for telling me about it! 🙂 If you know any other nice songs please say! (And I’ll look when I have time, prob in like a month 😉 )

    Letakein Girl

    🙂 im so happy you enjoyed that song! It really is beautiful…

    Can’t think of any more like it right now, but I definitely will post if I think of one!


    For Cozimjewish (when she comes back):

    The song about the cheder in Russia is called “Aleph Beis,” and

    it’s on the first volume of Eli Nathan’s Destiny series.


    I love edge of prayer by nechama Cohen and generations of song by yehuda! And forgive me is so amazing!! I love her voice!!! And chanale’s songs are really nice but my new favorite cuz it’s so nice and heartfelt has gotta be FINAL SAY by zevi Kaufman it is AMAZING!!!!! And I also love bring back our boys it is such a gorgeous song


    thanx mitzvahgirl!!! Letakein what happened??? all out of ideas?? 😉 Thank-you randomex! where have u and eftach been? I leave for like a month (as predicted 😉 ) and I come on and find a whole slew of ppl I have to meet still, but u two have disappeared! where’d u go???


    Letakein Girl

    I think I remember Eftach got married recently, no? So she’s doing the same disappearing act that Streekgeek did.

    I dunno about randomex, though.


    the most inspirational song for me is olatz by shalsheles! its really makes me think and cry everytime I hear it. also show me the way my michoel pruzansky is great!


    Hi LG! Nice to see you too!

    Letakein Girl

    Hey sidi!

    You still keeping up that no-nail-biting campaign?



    Machnisei rachamim by Abish brodt

    Letakein Girl

    Hey, shabbos is what counts anyways.

    I think it’s amazing that you lasted so long!

    Wishing you much hatzlachah.


    thanx sidi! thats sweet 🙂

    healthcrazy – thats so funny coz my friends just recently became obsessed with show me the way! Its a really nice song I love it! I dont know why but it reminds me of shwekeys song shema, which I also love 🙂

    I think Dina Storch and Miriam Israeli have the most gorgeous songs (the few that I know, anyway)

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