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    does anyone know which singer sings “bilvovi mishkan evneh”?



    Bilvavi is a very old song and was sung by Ohr Chodosh.


    thank you 😀 but in case anyone here remembers…i once heard it in a sefira album, if anyone knows which album that is id greatly appreciate it 😀

    Feif Un

    DramaQueen, do you mean Who Am I?


    who am i is a song by abie rotenberg

    Feif Un

    bombmaniac: yes, and it’s on Journeys 3. It’s about special children (and adults), which is why I think that’s what DramaQueen was referring to.


    Davka nafshi is also beautiful. Anything by the Rabbi’s Sons or Dveykus, also makes me cry.

    coffee gal

    bombmaniac: bilvavi is on the sefira album “A Capella Shabbos Treasury”…they have some amazing songs on that cd!


    1) Mama Rochel

    2) Shema Yisroel

    3) My Zeidy

    And tzippi, what you said in your post, especially with the memory of newsreel I saw of soldiers running to the Kosel after the Six Day War, reminded me of my first trip to EY. In those days there weren’t “tv” screens at every seat. Everybody watched the same movie. After the movie, there was some documentary-type thing about EY. There was a scene where they took down the British flag and raised the Israeli flag. Even thinking about that scene makes tears pour down my face.


    There are many great heartfelt songs. I usually enjoy songs more when they have nice, inspiring words to go along with a nice tune. As Abie Rotenberg says in “We’ve Got the Music” (Journeys 3), “One thing we must keep in mind/A Jewish song of any kind/Is only precious if and when/it brings us closer to Hashem.”

    So in no particular order I am going to list a bunch of inspirational songs that I enjoy.

    I’ll start with “Acheinu” from Abie Rotenberg’s album, Lev Vanefesh. This song is a t’filla to Hashem to have mercy on our brothers who are in tzar. I think that he wrote it during one of the Israeli wars. There are a few other beautiful songs in that album including A Jewel and Ki Hinei. I also like Mi Ban Siach and Adon Olam from Lev Vanefesh II.

    Continuing with Abie Rotenberg, although the Marvelous Middos Machine is a kids tape, the Sinas Chinam song is a very nice song which I listen to all the time. The Shalom and T’shuva songs are nice too. The rest of the songs (as well as the stories) are nice, but this is about heartfelt songs so I listed these.

    Then there are the Dveykus albums which are also full of great, heartfelt songs. To list a few from each album:

    Dveykus 1 – Lev Tahor, Tzoma Nafshi, K’ayol, Achas Shoalti, Hinei Yomim…

    Dveykus 2 – Gam Ki Eilech, Kol B’rama, Kol Dodi… In A’vinkeleh is also a very nice song although I don’t really understand Yiddish, but I like Shwekeys new English version.

    Dveykus 3 – Na’ar Hayisi, Hinei Anochi, B’sheim Hashem, Habain Yakir Li…

    Dveykus 4 – Shema Koleinu, Hamalach, Ani Maamin, Shalom Rav, B’Rosh Hashana…

    All of the Abie Rotenberg compositions sung by Shwekey are great. One of my favorite is Eternity from Oorah’s 2006 CD. When I hear this song, I often think of a friend of mine who was sick with cancer at the time that this song came out. I can picture his mother’s pain as she davened for him. I know that they have the same emunah as is described in the song that his neshama is now “soaring high unchained and free”. The concept of eternity is described as “not for a day, a month, a year”. It puts into perspective, how fleeting the tzaros of this world are. Whether they last a day, a month, a year, or even a lifetime, it is still nothing compared to the reward in the next world which is forever. Sometimes we might feel “chained” by our tzaros, but we have to realize that it is only temporary and in the next world our neshamos will be “unchained and free” for all of eternity. (Video link), (Lyrics link)

    Another great song is Carlebach’s Eilecha. It was sung by Pirchei at HASC 2. It is also sung by Shloimy Daskal in his new album Project Relax 2. Although I haven’t heard the whole album yet it sounds like it is very good. I like a lot of the songs there and I like Shloimy Daskal. Back to Eilecha, when the Rosh Yeshiva of my yeshiva, R’ Henach Leibowitz ZT”L was alive, we would often to go to his apartment on Friday nights and sing with him. This was one of the songs we used to sing. It was very inspirational to be sitting with a group of guys singing this song with the Rosh Yeshiva. As we would sing the high part with the words, “shema Hashem v’chaneini” I felt Hashem right there with us listening to our singing and ready to be “ozer li”.

    One of my favorite kumtzitz songs is Tov L’hodos. I think it was originally from Shalheves Boys Choir. I always liked this song. One time we were singing it at a kumtzitz and it was the end of a long, hard day and I was exhausted, barely able to move, but I had that song in my head as I got up afterward and it inspired me to be able to get through the rest of the day, ignoring the pain and exhaustion. It inspired me to think of how we should always be thanking Hashem, morning and evening just for being able to get through the day.

    Back to the great Abie Rotenberg, he has 2 Aish albums with Shlomo Simcha with some great songs including Ilan Ilan, Mi Adir, M’heira (composed by Baruch Levine), Habeit, and Yedid Nefesh. My favorite songs are Ritzei and Birchas Habayis from Aish 2. The latter was composed by Baruch Levine and is one of my favorite songs. I also really like the original words to the tune from Lost in Lazer Land. (Lyrics link)

    I’m sure I could list many more great, heartfelt songs from Miami Boys Choir, Shalsheles, Shlomo Carlebach, etc. But, I will end with Shalsheles’s Esa Einei and Nochi Krohn’s Vinikaisi and Mah Rabu.

    By the way, if you purchase music from MostlyMusic through any of the links above (or use this link to purchase anything from the site) my yeshiva will get a percentage of the sale.


    I finally got to listen to Project Relax II yesterday. Shloimy Daskal is awesome!

    d a

    Avraham Fried’s “Don’t Hide From Me” is an amazing song!


    the ani ma’amin from jep, but that was before alot of peoples time. i find that slow nigunim really help you to feel what is inside of you.

    d a

    Hi again! Last night, Avraham Fried’s Don’t Hide From Me was stuck in my head. I happen to love all English songs.

    ~ Mama Rochel!

    ~ Shema

    ~ Forever One

    ~ The Time Is Now

    ~ Hold On

    ~ Jerusalem Is Not For Sale

    ~ Neshoma

    The list goes on and on!!!

    d a

    Memories from MBD is a beautiful song. It reminds me of my grandmother.


    window in heaven by shea rubenstein

    the chavrusa breakup song by aryeh kunstler


    Avraham Fried and Shwekey definitely sing in the most heartfelt way – i love Avraham Fried’s singles choshev alechem and aleh katan, and i love most of Shwekey’s slow songs especially eishes chayil from one of the recent albums, whoever liked eternity from the oorah CD i’m with you all the way i love that song! for anyone who likes israeli music Chaim Yisrael has some beautiful songs which mean so much more if you actually understand the words like Ach Sheli, Akevot Bachol, Mah chashuv hayom, and bat shel melech. Baruch Levine is also quite high up there with Ki Hu and a few of his other slow songs.

    d a


    “All of the Abie Rotenberg compositions sung by Shwekey are great. One of my favorite is Eternity from Oorah’s 2006 CD”

    If I remember correctly, Abie Rotenberg’s daughter composed Eternity.

    And yes, it is a beautiful song!


    Even though i am a major Journey’s fan, the most heartfelt song imo is My Little One by Ira Heller.



    Song composed by: Yitzy Waldner and Abie Rotenberg

    Lyrics by: Bella (Rotenberg) Levitan

    Sung by: Yaakov Shwekey

    Choir by: Acheinu/ Shapiro brothers

    Produced by: Yochi Briskman

    Musical arrangements by: Leib Yaakov Rigler

    Music recorded at United studios Ramat Gan Israel

    Vocals recorded and mixed at: Studio X

    Mixed by: Zoha (Baba) Beurger at Studio X

    Special thanks to Abie Rotenberg

    d a

    chofetzchaim: I searched online for the info but couldn’t find it. Thanks!


    anavim anavim

    tomim tihye

    I can’t believe no one mentioned “Torah” by Shmuel Brazil, sung by R’ Abish! It’s about T’shuva and very soul-stirring.

    Also, like oomis mentioned, there are so many gorgeous songs from t’fillos; my particular favorites are Avinu Av Harachamon (not Tatte) and R’tzeh.

    Oh, but there are just sooo many BEAUTIFUL songs out there!

    “There’s nothing like a niggun, it’s music for your soul!”

    I once told R’ Abish (through my husband) “Thanks for giving me a daily mussar seder.” He responded that that’s exactly what a good song is: mussar!


    Nishmas and Vechol Mi Sheoskim by Yehuda Green, most beutiful songs i ever heard



    d a

    Chadyasfun Yisroel (I have no idea how to spell that one!) is a very touching song. Hashem’s love of Klal Yisroel. Wanting us to return to him. Beautiful tune. Inspiring words.

    One thing we must keep in mind, a Jewish song of any kind, is only precious if and when, it brings us closer to Hashem. Abie, you couldn’t of said it better! There’s nothing like a Niggun, it’s music for your soul.


    I think all the songs mentioned are really beautiful. I think though that the song “av harachamim” (I’m not sure by who-maybe the chevra?) and another song I heard but most people don’t know (it was made up by someone I know so it’s not out there) “al zeh haya” are the most touching.


    These are some great songs, maybe someone can make a list here, in order of the amount posted. I believe Rav Hutner came up with the nigun of Bilvavi, but I would have to verify that. My brothers kneighbor is Suky Berry, and he used to write nigunim for Rav Hutner.


    These songs always get to me:

    *Your watching me(pruz)

    *anavim (yossi green)

    *al tira ki yashir…

    *ilon ilon

    *vezakeini legadel(bl)

    *vehoo kaili(bl)

    *vehi sheomda (schwekey)

    ill come back later to think of more…….


    who’s song is al tira ki yashir… It’s also a really great one.


    mbd has a song mizmor ldovid i don’t know if he sings the whole thing, but i remember gam key alich etc

    anyone know the name of the song and which tape it’s on?



    the list is REALLY long but some of them:

    Achas shoalti -really old miami

    k’ayal taarog – i have no clue whose it is


    lo raav lalechem velo tzama lamayim – i think shwekey

    English ones? lots of them were mentioned already!


    Gabby-it says the most heartfelt JEWISH song!

    al tirah on the waterbury CD

    Vechol mi sheoskim and nishmas by yehuda green

    rosh chabura

    Hello are any of you Jewish Music fans?

    by far the most ‘hartzedig’ music comes from no other than the legend Rabbi Baruch Levine shlita. His music has inspired and touched people from all over, by far the most heartful jewish song in the jewish music velt is ‘Viskaynee’ not only a song but a tiffilah as well, also the song is not only sung by R’Baruch but it is composed as well. ( did shwekey compose shema israel?…….does Abie Rottenberg sing Mama Rochel?… thank you very much to one person in the coffee room for giving the waterbury CD a shoutout, just a few Baruch Levine songs to check out, V’hoo kaylee, galie, shema kolanu on his first album and chasson Hatorah, ki hu, vehevai yodaya, on his 2nd album also just released his new english album ‘touched by a niggun’ song 5. ‘the next gadol hador’ will guarante to put tears in your eyes.


    how about ‘One day’ by Matisyahu. truly a beautiful song

    rosh chabura

    just got this list from the apple iTunes store and the following is the top 10 downloaded Jewish songs of all time

    1. ‘Vizakaynee’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    2. ‘kol haberuim’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    3. ‘V’hoo Kaylee’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    4. ‘next gadol hador’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    5. ‘ki hu’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    6. ‘veheivai yodai’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    7. ‘ boiese’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    8. ‘ the piano boy’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    9. ‘samchem’ sung and composed by Rabbi BNaruch Levine

    10. ‘maggids message’ sung and composed by Rabbi Baruch Levine

    shwekey, gaday, abbie did not even make the top 50

    rosh chabura

    Baruch Leevine is the most greatest ‘heartful’ singer,composer and rebbi ( thats right rebbi, does Gabay or shwekey teach yiddeshe kidelach?……..i dont think so) in the world

    d a

    rosh chabura, Boruch Levine is an awesome composer and singer. This does not mean that no one else is good. People have different tastes and like different things.

    Does being a Rebbe of Yiddieshe Kinderlach make a person a better composer/singer?

    Every person has his/her job in life. Shwekey does his thing. Gabay does his. And Levine does his. He may be a excellent Rebbe, but that doesn’t make him a better person then the next guy.

    We are not judging people here, the thread is called Most Heartfelt Jewish Song In Your View. Most Heartfelt Jewish Song In Your View. Every person has their own VIEW.

    And by the way, is Boruch Levine your cousin or something? Three posts praising him…

    rosh chabura

    i was not saying anything bad about other singers or composers, it is just that you never find a singer that composes his own music. Baruch Levine is simply unique and multi talented


    My most favorite songs:

    Shluf Mein Kind-Yiddish

    The shul is silent…I don’t know the title. It’s an old song sung by MBD

    Ich hub gevart-also sung quite a number of years ago by MBD and composed by Yom Tov Ehrlich

    Anovim Anovim-if anyone knows the translation, please post, I would appreciate it.

    And my favorite of all favorites Gadol by Shalheves

    rosh chabura

    In my view the most heartful jewish song is any song composed or sang by RABBI BARUCH LEVINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Can anyone can post the source and translation as well as the meaning of the song Anovim as from some of the words I can deduce that is an allegorical posek? That would most appreciated.


    I won’t get involved in the putting other singers down… But, I do agree that baruch levine is completely outstanding. His songs are extremely touching and of quality.

    ☕ DaasYochid ☕

    You’re thinking of MBD’s Bird of Hope from V’chol Ma’aminim. A real OBG!

    Anovim lyrics: (not my translation)

    At the hour that the king moshiach comes, stands on the roof of the beis hamikdosh (holy temple) and he announces to Israel and says:

    Anovim anovim, (modest ones) the time of your redemption has come, and if you dont believe, see my light that shines.


    My Zaidy by Moshe Yess because just like in the song, my granfather was niftar while I was in camp.

    Yerushalaim by Abie Rottenberg always gets me


    Dass Yochid,thank you so much for the Anovim translation.

    I loved the tune and felt a spiritual connection to the words although I didn’t recognize some words and therefore didn’t know the exact meaning of the posek. Now I can truly enjoy this beautiful song.

    I think Yossi Green is a very talented composer. I love most of the songs he created.



    my grandfather was also niftar in the summer, they brought me home from camp, and every time i listened to that song, i cried like a baby.

    that and memories by mbd were great, helped me understand what my parents were going through as i was young.


    With everyone talking about Baruch Levine, i can’t believe no one mentioned his english Lecha Dodi. Its very inspiring. Does anyone know if its true?

    d a

    rosh chabura

    it is just that you never find a singer that composes his own music

    Abie Rotenberg composed many songs that he sang. Look at Journeys. Almost all the songs Abie sings.

    Also, that is how the music industry works. Not all composers are singers. Hashem gave Boruch Levine many talents. One is to compose, one is to sing and one is to teach. Each one can work without the other. If he would not be a composer, would you say his singing is not excellent and inspiring?


    i have to agree with Rosh Chabura!!! I used to be R”L irreligious and one day i happened to walk in to eichlers on coney and they were playing rabbi boruch levines one of many beautiful songs entitled vizakeini. i was poshut inpired on the spot even though at the time i didnt know what the words meant. from that day on i started to wear a yarmalka and i slowly became more and more religious. i now live in the beautiful waterbury community which is so loving and warm with the help of Rabbi Boruch Levines presence here.

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