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    Avraham Fried: Alei Katan Sheli

    d a

    When I first heard the song I thought someone wrote an amazing song for Camp Simcha but now that I realize that it was a World Cup song, its not so amazing…


    One Day by Matisyahu. I’m not the biggest fan of his kind of music, but this song happens to be very good.



    One day is great. yedid nefesh is beautiful, I read the translation, gorgeous. And Shwekey’s Eshet Chayil

    d a

    And Shwekey’s Eshet Chayil

    Agree 100%

    Sister Bear

    When I first heard the song I thought someone wrote an amazing song for Camp Simcha but now that I realize that it was a World Cup song, its not so amazing…

    I think it’s still amazing. Many of the words don’t even fit in with the World Cup song i.e. when I get older???? But for Camp Simcha it fits perfectly. So their must be something to it.


    Thanks d a for the lyrics!


    MBD has a song on his 3rd album called “V’ani Tefillati”. It’s so Hartzig. also by the same artist Golus Mitzrayim is awesome. The Rebbes Niggun is so haunting. If only musicians today would produce songs like that, nobody would have problems with music!!!!!


    I think that there are many songs to considere as a hartzege song but we have to limit it to a few my top 3 favourate is

    1- tatenue=avraham fried

    2- yochid v’rabim=avraham fried

    3- lev tahor=abie rotenberg(dveikus)

    there are many more alot from avraham fried and mbd like the song v’anni tefilahti and many more.

    one comment i would like to say is that if people will start to appriciate to oldies then todays music will be on a much better standard todays music and i dont mean every one has gone too far that it came to a piont we cant even listen to it

    my request to the singers are is please bring back to old style music i am really missing it very much…..


    “my request to the singers are is please bring back to old style music”

    I’d like to add to this request. If you are selling a singing talent (mbd, fried, shweky etc) make the singing the ikkar and the music the tafel. Too much of what is sold today features way to much loud music and not enough singing; be it the long, loud and at times obnoxious introductions and too many and too long musical interludes mid-song that simply detract from the singing talent.


    Inspiring. R’ Abish Brodt. Gal Eina and ani yishaina vlibi ur.


    One of my all time favorites- Modeh Ani by Beni Elbaz!!! What a voice, what power, what clarity!!!


    Vezakaini Legadel Banim by Baruch Levine is definitely top on my list right now.

    Also love Hashleich al Hashem Yihavichah by Yosef Chaim Shwekey- it helps me get thru life


    zchor davar leavdecha, traditional tune

    memories by abie rottenberg

    neshamale by abie rottenberg

    who am i by abie rottenberg

    hiney yamim ba’im by abie rottenberg

    b’rosh hashana by abie rottenberg

    belev echad by aryeh kuntsler

    ivdu es Hashem by shelsheles junior

    little kite by abie rottenberg

    aleh katan by avraham fried

    i’m a music freak. i listen to it, play it, write it, breathe it! these are by far not the only ones, i’m blanking out a little. meanwhile, these are some of my top ones.


    noitallmr- it is a very beautiful song. But in case your interested, it’s a non jewish R&B song that was “converted”.

    Sister Bear

    I love Vehi Sheamdah by Shwekey!!!

    baron fritz

    baby shalhevet sung by avraham fried is a heart wrencher


    Chosson- yup I know- but I think he does a better job than the original- much more power if you know what I mean!


    two silver candlesticks, i don’t know who the composer is but it’s a stunning song!


    noitallmr – If you appreciate “converted” songs, then you should check out the album Adaptation by A.K.A.pella, they took beautiful songs and put jewish words into them.


    Chosson- yeah Ive checked it out- is a very well produced and musical CD which had me laughing at the originality at some points (Thriller- Kivinu!!! lol)…but by far and away the nicest was Yafyafisa- blew me away!!!


    You obviously mean, the Breakaway Version?


    Chosson- well obviously 😉 real skill down there on that song!!! The kids are awesome!


    Without a doubt, it is from the 1969 Israel Song Festival album and entitled “Balada LaChovesh” – the ballad of the medic.

    A good friend of mine who was a paratrooper and a veteran of many anti-terrorist raids and the Yom Kippur War (and was wounded in combat several times) still, to this day, cries when he hears this song.

    If you understand Hebrew and you have a soul, you can NOT hear this song and not cry.


    d a

    “Ten Tikvah Layeled”

    1) “Ze Shir” choir with soloist Leib Yaakov Ringler

    2) Reb S. Weber

    Bais Yaakov maydel

    ohads neshamala

    lev tahors watch over me

    pruzanskys youre watching me

    journeys jow dimaggios card and teardrop

    shwekeys shema yisroel

    jeps ani maamin (realllly old)

    all of MBD!!

    …so many more


    The new song by The King of Israeli Music CHAIM YISROEL called Chomot Shel Tikva, really is a beautiful song


    Dovid Gabay’s “Bein Ha’ulam” is a really beautiful song


    couldn’t agree more that Dovid Gabay’s “Bein Ha’ulam” is a really beautiful song, the first time i heard it i was hooked , the words and the tune are both perfect, it just hits you right smack dead center, and i noticed most of the songs by that composer, r’ Hillel Palei are very very hartzig and good , including “kol haosek” on frieds bein kach, also “al tiksoif” sung by Shwekey on the best of the best vol 2 great song , does anyone know of more songs by this composer? I would love to hear them.


    1.keshoshana by acheinu

    2.adon olam on dovid gabays new album composed by boruch levine

    3.rak tefillah avraham fried-i think


    To matzav chapper I think R hillel paley composed songs for Yeedle,including Shiru L’melech.

    d a

    iluvhashem, I agree with your second one 100%!


    Did all of u listen to the rubashkin unity song?

    it brought me to tears!!

    even just to see all those singers in one room because of one man makes me all emotional!!!

    d a

    musictomyears, it was an amazing production! Very well done and totally full of Unity!


    Heres the link for anyone who didn’t hear it yet. I agree that it was amazing.



    Yeah, the song Unity was done beautifully, but I think that they gave each singer to few lyrics. But not withstanding, it was done very well.


    They could have done away with some of the shtick…


    Most Heartfelt:

    Probably Elokai from Moshe Laufer sung by Dudu Fisher


    daddy come home ybc 5


    Hashem yimloch (dovid stein with ymg)

    it’s up there on top of my list with another million songs that are also my favorite. i don’t think anyone truly wants me to write every song that i consider the most beautiful, hartzig… so just to name a few:

    shwekey: eishes chayil, sameach, mi adir, mi von siach, im eshkochech (not from yedid, but from his wedding album), birshus,bo’ee bshalom

    carlebach: kedusha

    yehuda: v’haer eineinu, lechu neranena,

    tuns of baruch levine and gabay songs too

    that’s enough for now


    how could i forget shwekey’s meheira, and boruch levines birkas habayis (not originally his, but i know he sang it on one of his cd’s and i don’t know original singer)

    eishes chayil (vahavienu)


    Birkas Habayis was composed by Baruch Levine and originally on

    Aish II

    Ken Zayn

    My current most heartfelt song without a doubt:

    Chazek kiryasi… Shabbos hayom laHashem from Gertner’s album Asay Asay! Someone sent me a youtube of him singing it at a chupa to the words of mi bon siach. Phenomenal and hartzig indeed!


    i didn’t realize that, mg613. i thought i heard a much older tape with that song. dunno.

    window in heaven (shea rubinstein) and forever (shwekey)

    oh yeah i also love shwekey’s na al tatzricheinu (might be called something else, not sure. it’s the last words of rachem) from 2nd cd


    i like:

    you’re watching me-michoel pruzansky

    AND Chasdei Hash-m ki lo samnu -Miami!!

    and Rachem-shwekey

    vezakeini legadel- Baruch Levine

    AND A LOT MORE!!!!




    Froever One sung by avraham fried….when he sung it by the hasc concert i think it was the 20th hasc concert he sang it with such emotion it can take you breath away…….really all his songs can……


    EzratHAshem i also Think Aleh Katan from Avraham fried!!! its my best song!!


    I heard the Shalsheles Junior CD on while driving with the family on chol hamoed, and “Yafyafisa” is a fantastic song that the whole family really liked and kept replaying.

    “Raninu” on the same CD is also an excellent song.


    Reb Shlomo Carlebach Nachamu Ami

    Runners up Ana Hashem

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