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    The time has come for me to get reacquainted with my treadmill and sneakers! I need some good,fast Jewish music ideas that I can download into my iPod that will hopefully stir me into action! Any ideas out there,of a cd I can get? I know there are many non Jewish selections out there,but I really would like to get only Jewish music. Any such thing,or am I barking up the wrong tree??


    Itzik Eshel is one of my favorites! he sings israeli style music and usually his songs are pretty fast! he has a cd that is a compalation of all his fastest songs which would probably be perfect for you! its called the beat collection.

    Enjoy! i hope you like it!


    The latest Lipa.


    The “runners” thread may have useful info.

    The following post had several responses that might be helpful:


    brosh hashana – MBD

    Yuchid Imyichud – Yoely Greenfeld

    Boruch Hashem – MBD

    Oif Simchas all of it

    Halayla Haze Hazman – Gad Elbaz

    Omar Rabbi Akiva – MBD

    Rotzoh – Dedi…kind of…not really

    Shenemar – Eli Gerstner

    Yalili – 8th Day

    Yo-Ya – Avner Levy

    Veyochon Am – Ohad

    theres a lot more but thats what i have on my playlist


    Thanks all!


    Lev Tahor has some amazing songs and they’re all really beautiful and mostly fast. Other suggestions would be Shwekey, Dovid Gabay, Michoel Pruzansky. They all have great music selections. You should try those out.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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