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    So finally what are the downsides of living OOT?


    Anyone who says most Chassidises are the same is not Chassidish.


    Melbourne australia


    > So finally what are the downsides of living OOT?

    A need to read YWM to find out what is happening “in town”. Frankly, finding this OOT references a little snobby form people who strictly speaking live on islands off the American continent. Well before Lakewood, Torah often lived “OOT”, far away from Berlin, Paris, Mehoza, Alexandria, Rome, Bavel …


    In frum lingo, the “town” is New York City, Greater Lakewood and Greater Monsey.


    ujm, I know, but it used to be smaller


    Is this the latest trend by chassidim to go to OOT Kollelim?
    (Chicago ×2!! Baltimore LA Toronto Detroit Arizona.)
    What the incentive?


    Montreal has a large Chasidish community. Almost every chasidus has a shul in Montreal.


    Obviously these kollelim are paying very well that someone looking to continue learning can do so comfortably.
    (I heard that the closer ones/ e.g. Baltimore pays in the 1500 range plus covered rent, and the farther ones/chicago in the 2000 range plus rent.
    Also from what I heard, in Chicago they help significantly those who choose to buy a house.)

    The question is that is this really their only option to stay in learning (without their wives working like a chicken without a head.) , or is there some other reason so many chassidishe yungerleit are doing this?


    benignuman: How do you like Montreal?


    Between all these kollelim there must be around 100+ chassidishe yungerleit doing this.
    Sounds a little crazy!
    Is in town so broke in providing for chassidishe bnei Torah that so many people are doing this?

Viewing 11 posts - 51 through 61 (of 61 total)
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