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    can you please vote for the third picture?


    you only get one vote so vote for the third.

    its so an expectant family friend can get a BRAND NEW, FREE stroller for her baby.


    Thank so much!

    it is a great mitzvah/ chessed!!


    no. I will not so this. I don’t think it’s very honest



    thanks anyway!



    What’s not honest about it?

    If you felt that every yid was really your brother and sister, you would see how honest it IS.

    Something to do over the summer.

    so right

    It got my vote! Completely agree with chesedname.

    nate tg

    to help a jew is good for me



    Got my vote, c’mon everyone it takes a minute and you help out a yid. Definitely a mitzvah.


    I just voted! I hope it helps her get the new stroller she needs.

    jewish girl

    what if someone recognizes the child? is that fear for the family?

    and you got my vote 😉

    thinking jew

    got my vote! good luck


    Now in 3rd place out of 10. Going to need a lot more votes.



    you guys are awesome.


    FTR, no one actually said this is for a Jewish family but even if not, (and I’m assuming it is) I dont see any reason not to vote. (I did)



    oh sorry.

    i thought i mentioned that.

    yeah, its a jewish family


    and thanks so much!!


    I VOTED!! and what place is it up to??


    guys thanksss so much!

    it means alot!

    but we are back down in 5th place.

    and you can vote everyday

    and the third picture!


    HUH? you can vote twice?



    every 24 hours

    so plz keep on voting

    thinking jew

    this post is to bring this topic back to the top of the list! also you should really send out an email to whoever you know asking them to vote and to pass it on to as many people as possible I think that is the best way to get the message to the most people. I will do that too.


    guys. thanks

    but we aren’t gonna win.


    oh well next time


    Whats DISHONEST about it is asking people to vote for YOUR picture. I understand someone asking us to vote for whoever we think is the most deserving of the prize but otherwise you are asking us to lie. midvar sheker tirchak! (stay away from a lie)

    Before anyone tries to argue with me i’ll say this… I’m a programmer and i can easily send hundreds of fake votes to any contestant. Do you think i should do that? And do you think sending 1 vote from 100 fake people isnt the same thing?


    @ 2qwery

    not so sure what you are saying.

    a main point of this contest is to ask people to vote for your entrie. i don’t believe there’s anything dishonest about it, no offense


    how is that the main point of the contest?? do the ppl in charge tell you to do that? i did vote, but yes, i had a sorta -“maybe this isn’t so right feeling” ‘specially after reading popa bar’s post but then i read chesed’s post and i was like, well then, it’s all good, and now i read 2qwerty’s and i’m feeling, hey maybe he’s right.



Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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